• Comic Con Day 1 - Sold Out Edition! + Video of Pony Booth

    As many of you have probably noticed by now, Comic Con is currently under way.  The lines are massive, and the big names plentiful.  I snuck in with Tetra during preview night (using our short sizes to jump into the closed Hasbro line without anyone noticing while the convention was kicking people out, don't tell anyone!) and grabbed some Derpy. Unfortunately Zecora is at an entirely different booth, and their registers were closed. 

    Onward to day two! We have posted a whole pile of images of the My Little Pony booth, but I figured I'd give you guys a video.  It's simple, done with Windows Movie Maker, and not the highest quality ever, but I had to make due with what I could on this amazing 4G cell phone internet.  They don't really have much in terms of new stuff, outside of the tablet case and comic we announced earlier. 

    (video and more Comic Con pony stuff after the break!)

    By 11:00 AM, Zecora was completely sold out.  Looking at the board they used to announce items that were no longer available at the Entertainment Earth booth, our favorite zebra was the only one that had been completely emptied.  Either they didn't plan on many people buying her and had low stock to begin with, or she really did wipe the floor with all of these:

    Doctor Who and Adventure Time ain't got nothin on Zecora

    Either way, she was incredibly popular.

    So was Derpy for that matter.  When I arrived to film the video found above, the Hasbro rep hanging out by the pony toys told everyone that asked to come back tomorrow for the next wave of stock if they wanted her. Keep in mind, this was an hour after the doors opened.

    And for those wondering, the giant Derpy will not be going on sale.  I asked :p

    Twilight Sparkle Guards the Bathroom

    I walked over to the Hub occupied "Broken Yolk" restaurant to see what exactly they were doing there.  A few TV's were set up, one displaying Friendship is Magic, the other playing other shows.  All of the tables were decked out in their various IP's, and they had wall clings of all the characters plastered everywhere.  I filmed a quick run through, but it was so crowded with people, It didn't turn out too well.  I might edit it down and fix it up when I get back, but Movie Maker and my laptop have their limits!

    Ghetto screencap from the Broken Yolk film I mentioned above
    Tomorrow is the pony panel and voice actor signing. I'm sure recordings of it will be up on Youtube within the hour, but if not, I'll have it filmed and posted when I return home later that night.