• TetraPony's Art Request Challenge!

    You guys may have heard about of a little artist going by the name of Tetrapony.  He regularly follows us around to whatever game we are all playing at the time, and it always ends in a pile of art about whatever went on. 

    Pic related but completely ridiculous
    Well, the kid is bored, and he wants to draw YOU, or your requests at least!

    For the next hour or however long he lasts, he will be taking requests in his Livestream channel.  Want your OC pony to finally escape the clutches of pony creator? Or do you just want to see Trixie drawn as a warlock from Diablo?  Tetra is where it's at! 

    Head on over to his page here to go bug him to draw things for the next hour.  We are thinking of making this an annual show, so don't fret if you aren't able to get your request done today!