• Animation: Pipsqueak's Thunder Plunder - The Pretend Game / Go Weegee Go

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    This time around, we have a Mushroom Kingdom/Pony crossover, with Luigi as the star.  Watch as he teams up with each of the mane 6 to defeat bowser and save Luna!  It's pretty basic, but also an interesting crossover to watch.

    And in slot two, someone has made a mock animation of that Pipsqueaks Thunder Plunder game from a while back.  It might look like a gameplay video, but he actually animated it.  (Either that or he is lying and has played this game way too much to be that good at it!)

    And finally, Sonic the Hedgehog races Rainbow Dash, with the demise of the majority of those "friends" that were added in later installments.  It's got a bit of the juvenile humor going, but its pretty impressive for just one guy doing it!

    Check those 2 out below!