• Traveling Pony Museum Post-Bronycon Update

    The Traveling Pony Museum (See eqd banner, courtesy of Purple Tinker) had it's big debut at Bronycon, showcasing all sorts of amazing customs, art, and plushies that the fandom has created.  Walking through their display room, it really is impressive what we have accomplished so far.

    They have a whole mess of new updates for you all.  Head on down past the break to check it all out!

    Hey there, everypony!

    We're pleased to announce the successful debut of the Traveling Pony Museum during BurnyCon, we mean BRONYcon. :P

    Everything went amazingly well. The museum room was never empty and I'm pretty sure that nearly all 4000 attendees came in to check it out.

    For those artists who graciously allowed us to make prints for the museum store, the posters were a huge hit. We sold out of pretty much everything on the first day. To anyone who wishes to continue to allow us to make prints for sales at the con, we will still be offering the % back on every poster sold! Great opportunity for those who can't make it to the cons or want some spare cash. We're also open to selling non-print artwork such as plushies, sculptures and random pony-ness as well at our convention tables.

    And good news! Because of the massive success at BronyCon, we'll be bumping up the % back on poster sales from 25% to 30% for TrotCon and Everfree NW! That means if you let us make prints for BronyCon and made 25% back on each poster sold, if you stick with us and let us print for TrotCon and Everfree NW, you'll get 30% back on sales! The museum is glad that we can continue to help out our artists more and more in any way that we can since you all have been so wonderful to us and to the museum by allowing us to take your pieces on an adventure across the states. This offer is open to any other current print artists within the museum as well as new artists who join the museum team!

    The museum has already welcomed 5 new artists since BronyCon's end. We're excited that more people have become interested in the project and can't wait to see who sends us an email next. Don't forget, you can send examples of your work to [email protected] You can send us something made just for the museum, or let us pick from amongst your work! Just make sure to specify what piece or pieces you’re okay with being displayed or printed to avoid confusion!

    We are also working on and planning a website revamp. All new artists will continue being added along with blurbs as usual! However, editing our current code is tedious so we're working on finding a simpler, easier entry solution. Let us know if you have any programming skills and would like to help us out!

    For those of you keeping up with the livestreams, the letters to Princess Celestia were hand delivered to Lauren Faust during her panel. She was thrilled and taken by surprise that so many of you had written to her personally. This project has been so amazing to put together and the museum hopes to be able to put together another project like this soon.

    On a last note, a generous BroNYCon attendee has donated a piece of the burnt plastic from the light fixture that the fire nation had attacked. The museum is now 20% hotter.

    We can’t wait to see you all at TrotCon, Everfree, and hopefully CG!

    -Inky and Hoity of The Traveling Pony Museum Team