• Nightly Roundup #380

    How about a Zecora edition because the zebras out there need love too. Hope we see more of her or even other zebras in season 3!

    News time guys and this one happens to be a bit longer than last night! Ready for it?

  • Story Updates July 18th (Midnight)


    Have some story updates.

  • Story: The Final Quest of Star Swirl the Bearded (Update Complete!)


    Author: John Perry
    Description: Today he is known as the most important conjurer of the pre-classical era, the inventor of many a useful spell and the mentor to one of the most important figures in history. But for all his magical and scholarly achievements, there is another side to Star Swirl the Bearded, a political ideology that many of his contemporaries sought to bury and forget. This is the tale of the last journey of one of ponykind’s most unusual figures and the role he played in the events that led to the founding of a nation.

    The Final Quest of Star Swirl the Bearded (New Part 15!)

    Additional Tags: The Hobbit ponified, pre-classical era
  • Military Bronies invade the Military Times

    Apparently this image comes from EQD!

    Over on the Military Times, a new article has popped up about pony enthusiasts in uniform, and surprisingly enough it stays neutral to positive. I can't imagine it's easy to Friendship is Magic in an environment like that, but they are making it work! Check the article out here!
  • MLP Cast/Crew interviewed on MTV

    For those of you (like myself) who weren't able to make San Diego Comic Con this year, there have been plenty of interviews, news reports, and EqD posts to show how much of a presence Pony had. This interview with MTV is no exception. As you would expect, it's a really fun interview that puts pony and bronies in a positive light.

    Video embed and link after the break!

  • Comic: Flutter Quest / Cheering Up My Friends / We Are...

    The first comic brings up a good point, what was Fluttershy doing when the others went to make sure Spike would be ok? Whatever it was I think I can live with this particular interpretation.

    Even more comics coming your way! Click for full as always.

  • Story: The Good Ship Lifestyle

    [Comedy] "Short. Sweet. Hilarious." -Prereader E

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust
    Description: Why won't everypony leave Cheerilee alone about being single?!

    The Good Ship Lifestyle

    Additional Tags: Ship ALL of the ponies!
  • Ponies Invade Tahiti

    You look a little stressed.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy ponies in Tahiti.  Suddenly I want to go on a vacation to somewhere other than a convention.

  • Story: Eternal Lament

    [Dark] "This story is like watching a blind and deaf person wander onto a train track with an oncoming train moments away; the looming tragedy is plain to see, yet it's impossible to tear your eyes away. A haunting tale through and through." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Bronius Maximus
    Description: I can't remember how long I've been alive. I can't remember my birthday. I don't even know my own name. I'd like to think I had a family...but I'm not sure. All these things are meant to be important to me, things I was never supposed to forget, and yet, I have. I have taken shelter in an old castle, in a forgotten city. I do not know why I'm writing this. I suppose just to keep myself sane, but perhaps keeping a record of my activities will help me piece together what happened to the world.

    Eternal Lament

    Additional Tags:
    ten thousand years of solitude
  • Ponies Around the World Submission Post - Day 1

    Ponies Around the World has come to a close! We got a whole pile of entries, so it will be a two post thing.

    It's really amazing how spread out we are.  I think every single major monument, and hundreds of small ones were hit at least once each.  We have everything from the Coliseum, to the Great Wall of China. 

    Suddenly I really want to travel...

    Anyway, check the first half out after the break!  I'll toss part two up with the rest of them tomorrow once we finish processing them all.

    (Note: The people that did not include a source link may see a bug if you click your name.  It's something we are working on for the next competition, along with less random spaces! )

  • Comic: From the Sky / Run CMC - Trot This Way / Good Intentions

    It's not too often we get a comic like the one above! An animated Pony/Portal crossover comic, From the Sky is off to a great start I must say and I eagerly look forward to more.

    More comics as usual everyone, click for full!

  • Chris Savino (FiM Writer) Joins Twitter Cast

    See that badass unicorn up there? The one that can summon raging thunderstorms out of thin air? Who can harness the power of light and attack ponies with prismatic rainbow beams?  Who single hoofedly said she defeated an Ursa Major?

    Well, Chris Savino, the guy who wrote her episode, has joined the rest of the staff on the Twitter train.  He needs followers though!  You can't be Great and Powerful with just 500.  Go follow him!
  • Simple PMV: Lone Star Applejack // My Little A-Team // The Captain of the Guard's Wife's Lament //

    Honk! Time for Simple PMVs!

    This hour we have some Lone Star Applejack, followed by some pony A-Team, and finishing with... well, something. It has Cadance in it!

    1) Lone Star Applejack [PMV}
    2) My Little A-Team
    3) The Captain of the Guard's Wife's Lament

  • Hasbro Studios President Stephen Davis Comic Con Interview

    Stephen Davis, president of Hasbro Studios, was recently cornered at Comic Con for a quick interview on all the ip's they are currently running. Friendship is Magic came up first, with a few questions about the fandom as a whole, as well as why he personally thinks it's so successful. 

    Sadly, the Collider pulled the whole "Google pony and grab something old" thing, so we have old ponies as the banner.  Hopefully they read this and update it! Friendship is Magic guys!

    Check the interview out here!
  • Calgary Pony Costumes Updated

    Last year at Calgary Stampede, they had a live action pony show for all the kiddies out there.  Obviously this isn't something that many of us would find enticing, but I know if I was 7 I'd get a kick out of it.

    Up above you can see the update costumes they have for this year's event, as well as a schedule on their main website.  It looks like these guys are traveling all over Canada.  They even opened up a Youtube page with a few videos of the ponies. 

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for all these crazy links as always!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #506

    Trotcon is coming up on the 21st, and their mascot is pretty amazing, so have a Trotcon header!

    And more art below. 

    Source 1
    Trotcon Print- Peanut Bucker and Surprise

    And lemonhearts Banner by Shadestepwarrior!
  • Access Hasbro - A Look At MLP Comic-Con

    Couldn't make it to Comic-Con to check out all the action? Well, Hasbro has you covered with this really nice highlight reel featuring the VAs from the show, Meghan McCarthy who is the show's story editor and snippets from various fans.

    It's an entertaining little clip so make sure to check it out below!

    Access Hasbro Comic-Con Clip
  • Music: Applejacks Day Off // Love is in bloom (Whoovian Ballad) // Sorceress Girl //

    Clams, clams, clams! Er, I mean, music.

    To wake you up this morning, we have an instrumental track to wash the sleep out of your brain, and then two remix tracks to simulate coffee. Unless you already have coffee, which in that case ew coffee.

    1) Resonantwaves - Applejacks Day Off
    2) Love is in bloom (Whoovian Ballad)
    3) Sorceress Girl (SGAP Cover)