• Nightly Roundup #379

    I think I've been liking Fluttershy more and more lately. She's just so cute! I guess Seth is starting to rub off on me and soon I'll have a favorite pony every day of the week.

    Short roundup tonight guys! Guess you all were busy doing something else.

    Pony Woodburnings

    Our good friend Chrisco has provided us with some more pony wood burning artwork. I swear, ponies have been done in every media possible!

    Let Them Eat Cake!

    8-Bit Adventure Pony Tourney Results!

    Remember the 8-Bit pony game from the Hub, well, a tourney for it has already finished with over 200 participants playing for the top spot! I'm amazing just how quick this fandom is with such things. Just out the results below:

    We had over 200 ponies involved in the tournament! They had 24 hours
    to get a high score to qualify for the lightening round! Below are the
    global high scores of Adventure Pony!

    1. Gilbert S. - 124,534
    2. Sapare - 123,770
    3. Guy N. - 123,737
    4. Alvraera - 123,729
    5. SwordmasterKratos - 123,704
    6. FirelanderX - 123,645
    7. Drstupid962 - 123,618
    8. Indiesplice - 123,616
    9. Doval - 123,612
    10. Videocrazy - 123,577

    We then had a lightening round where these top ten people would have
    to get as many points as they can just within ten minutes! Here are
    the top three from that!

    1. Doval - 122,714
    2. Gilbert S. - 116,761
    3. Alvraera - 82,612

    Many of the ponies spent hours trying to get high scores so
    congratulations to all who participated! There is also a Youtube video
    Gilbert S. made that shows what happened at the lightening round! That
    video is http://derpy.me/Le6oU


    Ponyinabox Mini: The Best

    Stuff of the Week - Episode 21

    Sainted Bronies - Pony Crossovers
    It's the Bronies that have been Sainted here talking about crossovers. I talk about Jude Law, and Mac talks about Dinosaurs and asking about dinosaurs in season three, only to get removed by security.


    Successful Meetups

    Portland Area Bronies

    Copy Paste:
    So I decided to have a Meet up at my house of about 20 people on the 4th, and we had a blast. We had a big BBQ, Fireworks, Ponies (of course), Sing along, Dance Dance Revolution, and much much more. we just talked played games and had fun one of our best meet's so far if you ask me.

    Picture Gallery 
    Santa Cruz Beach Bash

    Copy Paste:
    A year in the making, this meetup was a great success!

    Summer time is upon us, and the bronies decided to hit Twin Lakes beach in Santa Cruz!
    We had more than 45 bronies at best, we played a lot of frisbee, football, buried each other in the sand, made bonfires, told embarrassing/funny/ghost stories
    and had an awesome time!

    One of our biggest and most successful meetups ever, everyone had a great time. Awesome way to celebrate summer!
    Picture gallery:


    BONC website:

    Phoenix Meetup
    This last Saturday the 14th, the Bronies of Phoenix held a meetup at Stratum Laser Tag.  Forty Five members attended in total and everyone had an awesome time as we celebrated the birthday of our group leader, Puzzle Plate!  While laser tagging was the main event, others proceeded to debate best pony, play card games, and generally hang out and have a great time.  One member even made headbands for everyone to wear featuring Luna's cutie mark on the front of them.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Steam Community - Pony Alliance

    Steam Community Page
    York, Pennsylvania

    Facebook Group Page

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