• Nightly Roundup #361

    I got this game a few days ago and as soon as the professor started talking I started picturing this.
  • Dota 2 Pony Courier

    Oh hey! Stuff to post!  Someone has modded Dota 2 to replace the little courier pet that delivers items with a much cuter pony. Currently it resides up on the Steam Workshop, so for those of you lucky enough to be in the current beta test, it might be a fun one to try out. 

    And the upgrade has wings! All we need now is a unicorn version. 

    Check it out here!

  • PMV: Winter (Gilda) / Appledash - Alone in Heaven

    Not a whole lot coming in today to post, so have some PMV's while I think of something to do tonight other than play video games!

    Ib4 swarm of oc ponies asking to be posted!

    1.) Winter (Gilda)
    2.) Appledash - Alone in Heaven

  • Discussion: What Would You Like To See Ponies Crossed Over With Most?

    The year is 2020.  The 7th Friendship is Magic movie is currently in progress after the astounding success of the last six.  Hasbro used the money to purchase every entertainment license out there, and have brought YOU on to decide on what the next movie will include! Pinkie Pie opened one of her crazy portals, and the mane 6 have been jettisoned to another world. 

    You have complete creative freedom.  Maybe you want Jedi ponies and a Knights of the Old Republic style setting?  Or perhaps Twilight Sparkle's school days at Hogwarts School for Gifted Unicorns?   We can even skip that cheezy love thing that happened in the last book!

    Anyway, decide in the comments below!
  • Vocal Music: Rarity-MLP FIM- Pearl Jam Parody / Luna Waited (Vocal Cover) - Coconeru / They Want Food (They're So Hungry)

    We have a Pearl Jam parody, A vocal update for Replacer's "Luna Waited", and 9 minutes of Beatles. Check them out below!

    1.) Rarity-MLP FIM- Pearl Jam Parody
    2.) Replacer - Luna Waited (Vocal Cover) - Coconeru
    3.) They Want Food (They're So Hungry) [I Want You (She's So Heavy)]

  • Ponies Around the World Returns!

    It's that time again! For those that missed it the first time around, we ran a Ponies Around the World event, where people took their pony figures and snapped pictures of them at various landmarks/major buildings/cities/exotic locales around the world.

    So how does it work?

    Take your favorite pony toy (Blindbag, Brushable, Plushie, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Whatever) and a camera, and snap a picture of your pony hangin out at whatever land mark/well known location is nearby, or you visited during a vacation.  Anything from the Great Pyramids to Uncle Sams Famous Buffalo Wings and Chips is fair game. 


    We aren't taking actual submissions yet.  This is just a call to go get some cool images ready!  We will open it up after Bronycon, with a completely new submitter designed by Elite pony fandom coder Knighty.

    What are the Rules? 

    It's pretty simple:
    • No Photoshop images
    • You must visit the location yourself
    • Nothing that breaks the normal porn/gore policies on EQD
    • Castles give bonus points for an unnamed award that will be announced in 2090
    • There has to be some form of landmark, be it a lake, famous town restaurant, monument, ect. 
    • You can include yourself in the image, but do so with caution!
    Easy right? Now go get your ponies photographed!  Details on how exactly to send the images in will be announced after Bronycon.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #486

    Filly Twily edition, because Twily is now canon.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Story: Thrown Abroad (Update Sequel 2 Part 6!)


    Author: Niaeruzu
    Description: A single changeling is blamed for making Chrysalis' plan to take over Equestria fail. He's banished and thrown out of the hive, ending up somewhere far away.

    Luckily, he ends up not too far from a certain well-known village, where he can feed to his heart's content.

    Needless to say, not everything goes according to plan.
    Thrown Abroad
    My Little Changeling - Friendship is Weird
    Travelers Exile (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Cynical changeling is best changeling
  • Welovefine - More New Shirts!

    It has been a while since we last had a Welovefine shirt post!  It looks like they have a whole bunch of new ones up though, including some Twixie! I'm gonna have to get my hands on that one.

    All of them can be found after the break, or by simply searching for new pony shirts

    And go buy some EQD shirts while you are at it!

     More after the break. 

  • The Brony Show #57: Sand Josieph

    The Brony Show is at it again with their weekly podcast! Check out the official release for this week's episode after the break!

  • Comic: Imponyation Pt 3 / Trollestia Strikes Again / Not Alone

    Got a grab-bag of different comics for you guys today. Above we have the continuation of Subjectnumber's Imponyation series while down below we have Celestia trolling poor Rainbow Dash, and a sad comic with Cadance.

    Click for full as always!

  • Trailers and Openings: My Little Deadman: Friendship in Wonderland / Element of Bravey (Brave Trailer Ponified) / Princess Celestia: Vampire Hunter

    Anime and movies, the two most mindless forms of entertainment if I do say so myself, and something I partake in way too much! I actually just watched Deadman Wonderland too... Good stuff.

    Have some trailers and openings.

    1.) My Little Deadman: Friendship in Wonderland
    2.) Element of Bravey (Brave Trailer Ponified)
    3.) Princess Celestia: Vampire Hunter

  • Pony Trading Cards : Sneak Peek #6 - Day Spa

    Including the trend of different themed cards, we have a location this time around.  I've been told there is a pretty awesome little plug in the description on this card for us, but it looks like it's covered up!  I'm looking forward to seeing what all these say at release.

    And now with a quote:

    First off, this is an example of a sweepstakes card. Each has a unique code to enter online to see if you've won, with prizes like complete sets of the cards or cards autographed by the voice talent! As for the content of the Location cards, each one has a list of residents, the ponies and other folks that you would most likely see there. For the Day Spa this list is Rarity, Fluttershy, and the two spa ponies. And what does the card say you can get at the Day Spa? A mud rub, a seaweed wrap, a pony-pedi... and a "Lotus & Aloe" herbal soak? Eeyup!
  • PMV: Dash and Pinkie are in love with a sexy lady / Don't You Want Me, Pony / Inside the Fire: A PMV

    Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie make the best duo.  It was just meant to be! Minus the chainsaw. 

    Have some PMV's

    1.) Dash and Pinkie are in love with a sexy lady
    2.) PMV - Don't You Want Me, Pony (The Equine League)
    3.) Inside the Fire: A PMV

  • Music: And Powerful Resolve // You Can Run // OCTAVIA TAKES THE BUS //

    He's gonna get you in the end!
    Then he'll be your only friend!
    There's nothing that'll save your soul!
    All you need is alcohol!

    Three instrumentals for you this morning: one for the cutie mark crusaders, one with a Chrysalis in it, and one for Octavia. Fresh from the proverbial internet oven. Enjoy!

    1) Facexplodie - Of Days To Come Part II: And Powerful Resolve
    2) Korw - You Can Run (but you can't hide)
    3) IP - OCTAVIA TAKES THE BUS (cello concerto 1st mvt.)

  • Disney PMV's: Princess and the Frog

    It wasn't the most critically acclaimed Disney movie ever, but we can't complete the Disney PMV collection without it!

    Links instead of embeds as always for these posts, check them out below:

    Down in New Orleans
    Almost There
    Friends on the Other Side
    When We're Human
    Gonna Take You There
    Ma Belle Evangeline
    Dig a Little Deeper
  • Tara Strong Interviewed on Fat Man on BatMan

    It looks like Tara Strong has been hit by yet another interview! Kevin Smith from the Fat Man on Batman show grabbed her and asked her all sorts of questions about her career as a voice actor, right from the beginning all the way to the now.  I'm at about 75% so far, and it's definitely the best one i've heard so far.   The pony is light so far, but it sounds like its being saved for the end. 

    Check it out here! There is a bit of adult language, so those with ears that can't handle it might want to skip it!
  • Untitled

  • Nightly Roundup #360


    So that's why the EQD Cookie jar is always empty! I guess we can let PK out of the laundry room again.

  • Story Updates June 25th (Morning)

    Story updates and Mountains, its late, but you need to read!