• Pony Trading Cards : Sneak Peek #6 - Day Spa

    Including the trend of different themed cards, we have a location this time around.  I've been told there is a pretty awesome little plug in the description on this card for us, but it looks like it's covered up!  I'm looking forward to seeing what all these say at release.

    And now with a quote:

    First off, this is an example of a sweepstakes card. Each has a unique code to enter online to see if you've won, with prizes like complete sets of the cards or cards autographed by the voice talent! As for the content of the Location cards, each one has a list of residents, the ponies and other folks that you would most likely see there. For the Day Spa this list is Rarity, Fluttershy, and the two spa ponies. And what does the card say you can get at the Day Spa? A mud rub, a seaweed wrap, a pony-pedi... and a "Lotus & Aloe" herbal soak? Eeyup!