• Story Updates June 15th (Almost Midnight)

    Seven stories this time, including some Applejack.  Check them out below!

  • Pinkie Pie Invading Aquabats Tomorrow

    It sounds like Pinkie Pie is once again invading Aquabats tomorrow for the season finale.  She has had a few plugs in past episodes so far, and The Hub decided to toss her in to end the season with a bang!

    Check it out at 8:00 AM PST.  All we know is that the actual sighting is pretty hidden!
  • Pony Hooves: Explained

    Suddenly everything just makes... sense.

    Video after the break!
  • Harry Potter Re-enacted by Ponies

    Rainbow Dash is now Harry Potter? I think I'm find with this actually.   Yet another movie has been re-enacted by ponies, and it's a long one! Check ti out after the break.
  • Blast from the Past #7

    Another week, another Blast from the Past heading at you all! As always, thank you all for your suggestions. I couldn't do this without input from all of you out there!

    If you have any suggestions for videos, music, games, ect. to feature in future Blast from the Past posts, you can send them to my shiny new email at calpain@equestriadaily.com.

    First Video - PONIES The Anthology

    First up is one heck of a video! Many of you suggested this one and with good reason, it's pretty much the vid that kicked pony summer into high gear after season one drew to a close. Posted on Youtube in late May 2011, The Anthology combined the talents of many different artists to make what is still one of the best pony videos out there. It clocks in close to 30 minutes so grab some snacks and enjoy!
    Word of Caution: Video does contain some harsh language

  • Convention Compilation - June 15th

    We have a smaller update this time around, and even a brand new convention for you all to invade if you are around the west coast.  Whoever designed their website is a genius!

    And as a reminder for anyone looking to submit convention information; please include a headline, press release, image, and submit it a day in advance.  Convention compilations are every Friday night, so don't be late! And a small addition for those that haven't noticed it; Voice Actors, Writers, or any DHX/Hub staff split off. 

    Headlines below, press releases after the break. 
    • More BUCK guests, Competition, and Vendor Flier
    • Equestria LA Online Registraion OPEN
    • Traveling Pony Museum Updates
    • Your last chance to get into the Tara/John/Lauren MeetGreet!
  • Meghan McCarthy Invades Bronycon!

    Meghan McCarthy, ace writer of fan favorite episodes such as Lesson Zero and A Canterlot Wedding (and owner of one of the best OC ponies around!) has just been added to Bronycon's already star-studded guest list!
    MEGHAN MCCARTHY, long-time episode writer and showrunner of the upcoming season 3, will be joining us at BronyCon Summer 2012! Not only has she written many of our favorite episodes of Friendship is Magic ("Dragonshy", "Lesson Zero", and "A Canterlot Wedding", to name a few), but also the lyrics to some of the best songs ("Becoming Popular", "The Perfect Stallion", and Pinkie's "Cupcake Song", to name but another few!) Join her for a perfect day alongside her fellow writers Amy Keating Rogers and Lauren Faust -- and all the other great guests coming to BronyCon!

    Find out more at http://www.bronycon.org/ or email info@bronycon.org with any questions. Hope to see you there!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #477

    It has been at least ten days two days since the last Trixie header, so it's time for some Trixie being badass edition.

    Have some art! 

    Source 1
  • Trailers/Openings: Pony Eleven Go - Soccer is Magic / My Little Jackass 2 / The Ballad of Rainbow Dash

    Trailers and openings time, also Daring Do. 

    1.) Pony Eleven Go - Soccer is Magic [PMV]
    2.) My Little Jackass 2 - Official Trailer
    3.) The Ballad of Rainbow Dash

  • Story: The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog (Update Sequel Part 18!)

    [Comedy] [Dark] [Adventure]

    Author: Rust
    Description: After a deal gone awry, a human is thrust into Equestria with the body of a Diamond Dog. Eschewing the usual "Hey, I'm going to Ponyville!" shtick, he sets off on an epic around-the-world voyage of discovery, friendship, and adventure, all the time learning what it means to be one of Equestria's more frowned upon species. He struggles to overcome racial prejudices from everyday ponies as he encounters fearsome creatures, the natural wonders of the world, egotistical villains, and a wisecracking draconequus who loves obscure pop-culture references. This would all be so much easier were it not for the fact that he's mute.
    The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog

    The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog Sequel  (New Part 18!)

    Additional Tags: Magic, Science, Reality, Exploration, Racism
  • Story: Synchronicity (New 5!)


    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust
    Description: While at a slumber party telling spooky stories, Twilight learns of one story that is supposedly true, and just has to investigate...
    Synchronicity (Update 5!)

    Additional Tags: haunted houses, urban legends, metaphors
  • Friendship is Magic: The Gathering - Shards of Equestria

    Six Months of work down, and the MTG FiM set is looking for some feedback on balance before release! There are 270 cards total, including artifacts, lands, all of the main colors, and hybrids.   Hopefully they get the set uploaded to Lacky or something once you guys are done bugging them about balance. 

    Head on over to the Shards of Equestria website and check out the card list!
  • PMV: 8-bit Smiles / [PMV] Eurobeat Brony - Discord / Anthem Of Our Dying Day

    Pinkie Pie needs more love.  She is fading guys... fading.  You know what happens to her when she doesn't get enough attention. 

    1.) 8-bit Smiles
    2.) [PMV] Eurobeat Brony - Discord (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
    3.) Anthem Of Our Dying Day [PMV]

  • Instrumental Music: Fluttershy's Vacation / Running of the Leaves / Spitfire's Journey

    Time for some instrumental tracks for you all to dig into! We have Vocal splicing, Acoustic, and Trance.  Hopefully that covers most of your preferences.  Check them out below.

    1.) 3ight8it [music] Fluttershy's Vacation (Vocal Splicing/Piano)
    2.) Running of the Leaves - LeafRunner (Acoustic)
    3.) AgileDash - Spitfire's Journey~ (Trance)

  • Humble Brony Bundle Wins -Notch Defeated Yet Again!

    In the last 30 minutes of the Humble Indie Bundle's life, the Brony Bundle armada dropped a tactical nuke on the Minecraft overlord's volcano lair, claiming yet another victory for equines and griffons everywhere. 

    With an excellent lineup of games, this bundle also managed to hit the all time record for most money earned for charity.  Good stuff guys!

    I wonder how they plan on topping it in the next round?  It's going to be hard to beat!
  • Mad Mares

    Suddenly I want to give this series a shot.  If only it really was ponies.

    Check out this awesome ponified opening after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #350

    Old Canterlot edtion!  This is yet another jam-packed Nightly Roundup, so be sure to not miss it. 

    And for those that submit a poster for the Documentary Art Contest, feel free to send them over to the EQD box for a drawfriend, though as always, its pretty strict!

    Now go check out a bunch of random pony stuff.