• Blast from the Past #7

    Another week, another Blast from the Past heading at you all! As always, thank you all for your suggestions. I couldn't do this without input from all of you out there!

    If you have any suggestions for videos, music, games, ect. to feature in future Blast from the Past posts, you can send them to my shiny new email at [email protected].

    First Video - PONIES The Anthology

    First up is one heck of a video! Many of you suggested this one and with good reason, it's pretty much the vid that kicked pony summer into high gear after season one drew to a close. Posted on Youtube in late May 2011, The Anthology combined the talents of many different artists to make what is still one of the best pony videos out there. It clocks in close to 30 minutes so grab some snacks and enjoy!
    Word of Caution: Video does contain some harsh language

     Rarity-Kesha Mashup

    As some of you may have noticed, a few kind people pointed me in the direction of this video in the comments of one of the prior Blast from the Past posts. Appearing in September 2010, this pony video predates the show itself and appears to be constructed from footage released in promos and is more than likely the first MLP:FiM PMV ever made.

    Doctor Whooves Animation

    One of the first Doctor Whooves animations to make it into the pony scene came to us back in June 2011. While short and sketchy, the animation was filled with life and very fluid movement combined with well done lip syncing. The animation even caught on with Doctor Who fans and helped introduce some new people to the pony phenomenon. Check it out above and check out the colored version here.

    Spike Pilgrim Vs. The World

    We always remind Seth that he sounds like Michael Cera so it was just inevitable that this would end up in one of the Blast from the Past posts. Released in April 2011, this pony movie trailer became one of the more popular trailers released at the time and even gained the attention of the Scott Pilgrim Facebook page. Give it a look!

    Camaraderie is Supernatural

    What originally started as an April Fools joke last April by Sonic Paradox, known for their abridged Sonic videos, eventually gained enough popularity to start its own short series. Ironically, it was also one of the first good abridged pony videos to hit the scene, followed by later series such as Friendship is Witchcraft.

    Friendship is Witchcraft - The Perfect Swarm

    Speaking of Friendship is Witchcraft, the one year anniversary of the first episode is tomorrow! First released in June 2011, this abridged series introduced us to a brand new world of ponies where Pinkie knows gypsy magic, ponies fear robots, and that Sweetie Bot is best robot. Filled with catchy original songs, clever dialogue, and crazy stories this series has grown much since it's humble beginnings and even has it's own BronyCon panel! 

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