• Vocal Music: Atomizer (The Living Tombstone's Remix) / Summer Flight Camp

    We have some late night music for all you people that can't seem to fall asleep. Have some rap music from Living Tombstone and Ibeabronyrapper, followed by Scarlett Peace and ESPPony after the break!

    1.) FIAB (Renard) - Atomizer (The Living Tombstone's Remix) feat. Ibeabronyrapper
    2.) Summer Flight Camp - Original MLP Song by ESPPony & Scarlett Peace

  • Bronycon Documentary Nears 300,000

    It looks like the end of the Bronycon Documentary is in sight!  With just half a day remaining on the clock, we have amassed a huge chunk of change to make sure it is as high quality as possible.  I don't know of many other fandoms out there that can pull something like that off.. 

    If you want to follow the progress of it's final hours, or toss your last donations into the mix, hit the page up here!
  • Instrumental Music: Luna Waited / Shatter / To The Birds / AppleJack, Country Jam! / Glide

    We have a whole bunch of instrumental stuff for you all tonight! Check them out below, with genres listed next to them.

    1.) Replacer - Luna Waited (Orchestral/Piano)
    2.) Shatter (Curse of Pinkamina) (Metal/Hardstyle/Sample Mixing)
    3.) Codeum - To The Birds (Dubstep)
    4.) AppleJack, Country Jam! (Country)
    5.) DongleKumquat - Glide (Chill/Sample Mixing)

  • Music Remix: Season 2 8 bit medly / SpmSL - Giggle at the Ghostly Remix / Love Is In Bloom (post rock cover)

    We have all of season 2 in 8bit style, followed by some Giggle at the Ghostly and Love is in bloom remixes. Check them all out below!

    1.) MLP Season 2 8 bit medly
    2.) SpmSL - Giggle at the Ghostly Remix
    3.) Love Is In Bloom (post rock cover)

  • Background Pony Creator Is Live, Awesome

    We've had flash-based pony creations tools pop up before, and they did a pretty good job of emulating the show's art style while still fulfilling that need to see your personal ponies rendered in pleasing pixelated... I don't know, I was just using a lot of P words.

    For those who are interested in that sort of thing, we now have access to a 3D pony creator that was created by the Ponykart team lead, Hoppip. It's very easy to use, though I had some problems with it accepting my cutie mark via the image picker. I had to override the cutie mark that loaded by default to get it to show. It's probably a problem on my end, as no one else had this issue. I think filly Cereal!pony came out well anyway!

    You can grab the creator here.

  • Poll/Discussion: What Kind of Interview Do You prefer?

    As ponydom expands and things become more complex, interviews and general media evolves right along with it.  Considering the EQD team is all new to the media scene and still learning the ropes, I figured I'd ask you guys this directly. What kind of interviews do you prefer?

    We have discussed it pretty heavily internally.  I have always favored text based, so I can skip around to questions that interest me.  It's difficult to find an hour to really sit down and listen to a full audio one. My fellow EQD peers on the other hand prefer the more personalized experience of an audio interview, and actually hearing the person's voice along with the banter that goes along with it. 

    We have also discussed different interview styles, things like roundtable and direct Q&A.  It's all stuff we would like to experiment with as we keep doing them. 

    So which type do you all prefer? Drop your response in the comments below!
  • Anthony Bourdain Talks about Ponies on the Jimmy Fallon Show

    Looks like all you crazy Twitter people left a mark on the guy. During his recent appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Anthony Bourdain dropped a short minute long discussion about Rainbow Dash and bronies. Check it out after the break! The quality is a little low, but I think you will live.

    And thanks to Brendon for sending it!

  • PMV/YTPMV: Equestrian Time

    Lazy unicorns not using magic.

    This isn't really 100% a PMV, or 100% a YTPMV.  It sort of falls in between.  It's still really well edited regardless though! Check it out below. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #472

    Diablo... I sure did burn out of that game quick.

    Have some art!

    Source 1

  • Comic: Foal-Sitter Cadance / Bubble Gum / Benefits and Drawbacks

    I can't get enough of these three and it isn't because of filly Twilight (All right, maybe a little).

    Comic time everyone. Click for full!

  • Music Remix: Awoken (Steampunk) / This Day Aria - StormWolf Remix / Cider Squeezy 6000 (Sim Gretina Remix)

    Steampunk Awoken? I never thought I'd see that!  Have some remixes.

    1.) Awoken (Steampunk)
    2.) This Day Aria - StormWolf Remix
    3.) Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (Sim Gretina Remix)

  • Vocal Music: Lost In The Everfree / She Leads Us / Sweet Apple Acres (Lightnin' Cover)

    I heard you guys wanted more vocal music. Unfortunately I have no control over that! Luckily we have three more for you all, including some country music for those that are into that. We don't see much outside of rock and electronic!

    1.) Lost In The Everfree - Blaze, MysteriousSpoon & TheShadowRusher
    2.) Hirosashii - She Leads Us
    3.) Sweet Apple Acres (Lightnin' Cover)

  • Comic: Friendship Update / Pinkie, this doesn't count as science' / My Baby Sister

    Comic time! The first and second are actually multi-part comics.  Start with the linked pages and continue by following the continue links in the descriptions.  We also have a oneshot by Veggie.  Click for full!

  • Animation: X-PONY / Wild Fire found an Ariel Atom V8 / I'm Derpylicious

    now with 100% more link!

    Yes, that is Rarity with a magine gun on her back.  Kind of reminds me of that dog from Jet Force Gemini! I really wish they would revamp that game... I miss killing giant bugs.  We also have two short bonus ones below, because I wasn't sure where else to put them!

  • Animated Galacon Promo

    Remember that crazy MrPoniator guy? Well, it looks like he has been busy now that the season is out and he isn't obligated to drop episode parodies every week! Over on his Youtube Page, a fully animated promo for the upcoming Galacon in Germany has been released.  I have to admit, this kanni pony is growing on me.  That may be due to the BRILLIANT face I can't get enough of.

    Anyway, check out the video after the break!

  • Hasbro's Ad for the Las Vegas Licensing Expo

    It looks like Hasbro has fully embraced the pony! In the recent edition of Licensemag, Hasbro's ad for the upcoming Licensing Expo happening on the 12th of June in Vegas definitely has a bit of love for the best cartoon ever. 

    Company-wide domination anyone? Now we just need that movie!

    Thanks to Jordy for pointing it out! 
  • Nightly Roundup #344

    Ah, finally the weekend! It's been another busy week so it's good to finally just be able to sit back and relax a little bit. Hopefully you all have some good plans ahead and nice weather as well.

    Ready for some news?