• Nightly Roundup #344

    Ah, finally the weekend! It's been another busy week so it's good to finally just be able to sit back and relax a little bit. Hopefully you all have some good plans ahead and nice weather as well.

    Ready for some news?

    Ponies at the Calgary Stampede... Again

    Some of you may remember last summer when the Calgary Stampede had the live MLP show, right? Well, it looks like they are at it again with more showing of the live action MLP show at this year's Calgary Stampede.

    Scheduled showings are in the Big Four Building at:
    July 14 @ 12:45
    July 14 @ 1:30
    July 14 @ 3:30

    There will also be real ponies there for those who like horses:
    July 6 @ 2:pm, Welsh Pony Demo

    Check out more details here.

    High Society Romance Contest
    Some copy paste:

    High Society Romance

    Hello Everypony!

    Over the next month, you're All invited to take part in a bit of High Society Romance.

    So, what's the occasion you ask?

    Well, with the second season over, we thought it was a good time to encourage all you fanfic authors out there to show what makes this community so fantastic.

    The goal of the contest:
    1: Write a story focused on Romance. (But don't be afraid to branch out into adventure, comedy, or any other role you feel comfortable in.)
    2: The story Must ship either Celestia or Luna. Only the Highest in the High Society are of interest here.
    3: The story need to end at approximately 10.000 words, or more.
    4: The story must follow the general guidelines on fanfiction that can get posted to EQD.

    For the winners, there's around $250 in prizes, with the first prize alone totalling $150 in cash.
    The final day to submit your story is the 8th of July.

    Additional information, and a FAQ, can be found here:

    Cloudsdale Out of Beta!

    The social networking app, Cloudsdale, has left beta and is open for everyone to use. Check out the copy paste below.

    Cloudsdale has just left beta and is now publicly available for everypony to use. The application is a unique take on the social network, designed specifically for the Brony community. While most sites created with this purpose in mind have been clones of other popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others, Cloudsdale takes a different route and offers a completely different experience, wrapped up in a beautiful package. Cloudsdale uses the very latest web technologies and is built with  a combination of the the powerful Ruby on Rails & Node.js frameworks to ensure that it's users get the best experience possible, with new features being added on a regular basis.

    We offer features like

    A beautiful, easy to understand design.
    Support for mobile, with native iOS and Android apps coming soon.
    Live chatting with other users.
    Different "Clouds" for discussion of various topics.
    Built with the latest and greatest web technologies.
    And much more.

    The Brony Chronicles Documentary Casting Call

    The Brony Chronicles Documentary recently reached their funding goal and are currently looking for people to help them out as they get this documentary underway! Check out what they have to say below.

    The Brony Chronicles is a fan-made documentary about Bronies, who we are, what we do and exploring different parts of our community. This project will feature original interviews, art and musical scores to accompany it as well! At the moment, we are looking for some animators who might be interested working with us in the project. We are also looking for some art submissions for the artists portion of the documentary. Please contact us at [email protected] or visit our site at TheBronyChronicles.com. Thanks again! 

    Past Sins Coming to Print!

    Past Sins, I remember when this was released last summer and I watched how many people became completely enamored with it, clamoring for every chapter that was released. When apparently it is coming out in print! Check out the details below.

    On July 18th 2011, Past Sins first appeared on the front page of
    Equestria Daily. It wasn’t known then, but soon enough this story about
    a cute little alicorn would become one of the most contested, popular,
    and well known stories ever created by this fandom. And now, after the
    second season of Friendship has wrapped up, the story is coming back. In
    honor of the second season of Friendship is Magic, and to incorporate
    the numerous revelations to the MLP universe, Pen Stroke is currently in
    the process of revising the story.  And to sweeten the deal, he has
    agreed to do one more thing. Make the story available in print for the
    first time.

    The Print Past Sins Book Group has been hard at work over the past five
    months working on a professional format and the time has nearly arrived
    to share the fruits of that labor with the rest of the fandom. The
    chapters are being proofed; the format finalized; and the chapter art
    drawn. As a bonus to all the fans out there that have created artwork
    dedicated to this story, the best of the best will be included in a
    special fan art section, right along with the original concept sketches
    for Nyx by Valcron, in this printed special edition.

    In addition to the above inclusion of fan art, as a little bonus, this
    edition will also include an initially exclusive short story sequel to
    Past Sins. What’s that nonsense about initially exclusive? Well it means
    that for at least a couple of months after this print run is finished,
    the story will only be available in the printed pages of Past Sins.
    What’s the story about? We’ve been Pinkie Promised to secrecy! In order
    to find out, you’ll have to sign up for a copy.

    Don’t fret though. We wouldn’t dare leave you with only the image of
    Twilight about to face the hangmare’s noose. Instead, we shall leave you
    with the following images of what has yet to come…


    For more details on how to obtain a copy of Past Sins, as well as sign
    up for a copy of the book, please go to
    (Even though the deadline says May 31st you can STILL SIGN UP - we will
    expand it)

    The (more or less) up-to-date main pad can be found here:

    Chess Piece Brony with an Update

    Our resident chess piece brony is back with an update! Apparently he has been painting the pieces we've been showcasing over the past weeks and has returned with photos of his efforts. Follow the links below to see his progress!

    Here's everything I've done so far:

    Fully Painted Pieces:

    Vinyl Scratch Tapes Episode 4 Teaser and Contest

    Android Game - Cherry Sorter

    All sorts of pony games are coming! This one being a cherry sorting game for Android phones and tablets. Check it out here.


    DrawPonies Livestream

    A Livestream channel has popped up that accepts challenges to draw not only requests of the main six, but OC requests as well. They will air every Saturday between 3-6pm EST (except this Saturday, they will instead air on Sunday at the same time). For more info, check below!

    Video Explaining Livestream
    Livestream Channel
    Youtube where previous Livestreams are posted
    dA Account
    Australian Podcast - Plushie Special

    Going to look and comment on what plushies we like and what not. Throw in some artwork, maybe a comp for a background and icon don't know but we always have fun.

    Hoping to talk with one Plushie artist if we have any. So I'm calling on this wonderful community to come and join the fun seeing as we'll be taking calls and question's through out the livestream if anyone is interested in talking about why they love MLP FiM, fave pony, fave episode, what got you into watching MLP FiM, music and everything else.

    Also what you do wish to see in Season 3 of MLP FiM.

    Livestream Channel: http://www.livestream.com/australian_bronycast

    Email: [email protected]com

    Skype contact: Lightninghoof

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Connecticut Bronies Looking for More



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    My Little Pony Collection (This collection is filled with unique MLP toys and is being auctioned to help the owner with bills related to cancer treatment.)
    Rarity Plush
    Mousepads (Last chance at pre-orders!)