• Simple PMV: Sunflower for Twilight / Double Trouble / My Little Phantom of the Opera: Down Once More/Point of No Return

    Double Trouble? I remember listening to that 2.b.a.master album on the bus going to school. I was such a badass.

    1.) Sunflower for Twilight
    2.) PMV - Double Trouble (Team Rocket Theme) (Discord X Chrysalis X Trixie)
    3.) My Little Phantom of the Opera: Down Once More/Point of No Return

  • Music Albums: Tree Of Delusion / Pony Related / Taps Vol. 1 / The Ultimate Mandopony Collection

    We have a bunch of albums coming out this summer from various musicians in the fandom.  You guys have probably listened to at least one of these guys at some point, so why not toss them your support? Each one comes packed with music both new and old.  Click the images for full!

    I've also tossed those that sent demo videos after the break.  

  • Story: Excerpts from a Filthy Diary

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: SR Foxley
    Description: You'd think life would be all caviar and high society luncheons if you were born into Equestria's wealthy elite. But that might not be the case if you also grew up in Ponyville, if your parents named you "Filthy," and if you had a grandfather who had some very odd notions about how rich ponies are supposed to behave.

    This is a story about growing up in the time of Applejack's parents' generation. It's also about the Apple and Rich families, what happened with them, and why Diamond Tiara is such a mean little filly—especially to Apple Bloom. But mostly, this story is about learning to be rich, trying to truly love and be loved, and whether it's really possible to have both in different take on Ponyville's richest citizen.
    Excerpts from a Filthy Diary

    Additional Tags: Bittersweet, romance, history, wealth, giving
  • Music Remix/Vocal: Love Is In Bloom / I'm An Earth Pony / Season 1-2 Medley

    We have a remix of Love Is In Bloom, a folk song dedicated to Earth ponies, and a medley of a all the season 1-2 song! Find them all below!

    1.) Love Is In Bloom (d.notive remix)
    2.) I'm An Earth Pony - Hergest Ridge
    3.) MLP:FiM Season 1-2 Medley

  • Story Updates May 27th (Evening)

    Story updates sure do happen frequently over the summer.  Have some!

  • Custom Compilation #67

    Since summer is now almost here it's time to get ready to have some summer adventures! And who else would you call on for crazy adventures than the CMC?

    Hope your Memorial Day weekend is going well everyone! I've been trying to make my most of it (Yay! Avengers!) so I hope you've all been having fun. In the meantime though, how about some customs? You can check out what I have for you after the break!

    Source 1

  • Drawfriend Stuff #459

    Name one zebra better than Zecora.

    That's right, you can't.

    Have some art!

    Source 1

  • Wired Article: 'In Defense Of Bronies'

    Over at Wired's GeekMom section there lies a new article written by Rebecca Angel, who, as professed in the article, appears to be on the other side of the double standard that exists with gender-typed media. She enjoys and participates in the sort of stuff that would typically be aimed at the average male demographic and saw the irony that while she wasn't ridiculed for her interests that the pony fans seemed to be. A discussion with her friends (all mothers themselves) sparked the article, which is an interesting read from a side of the spectrum we don't often get to see.

    You can find it here.

    As always, if you consider commenting on the article itself, be thoughtful and mindful of how you say things. People can only judge you by your words.
  • Bronycon Livestream Updates - Tara Strong and Lauren Faust added to the Documentary Staff

    Looks like the Bronycon Documentary just got even more epic!  Lauren Faust and Tara Strong have both joined John de Lancie as executive producers! Can this thing get anymore epic?

    To help fund the new addition, the documentary kickstarter page has been bumped up to a goal of $200,000.  Considering we dominated the beginning of it, this probably isn't too far off.  They have a ton of really amazing stuff planned, but need you guys to help it get off the ground!

    They are also offering to have Lauren Faust herself draw your OC pony if you hit the 3000 donation mark.  Considering her auctions usually go for incredible amounts, I'd say this is pretty huge.  

    Check out the livestream going on right now (as of 2:48 Pacific time), and go support the documentary here!

    (so get in here!)

    And check out Tara Strong's Charity project here!
  • Animation: Magic

    Someone finally animated Trixie!  This is wonderful news! The same artist that brought us Daddy Dscord has released a new one for you all to check out, this time dedicated to The Living Tombstone's "Magic".

    Also Trixie.  Check it out after the break!

    (I'm still not biased even if my pony looks really happy, its awesome,)
  • Instrumental Music: Twilight Sparkle's Theme Song / Mountain Gem Hunt / Electro Shy

    Have more techno, because you guys never get tired of it, right?

    1.) Twilight Sparkle's Theme Song - the Phony Brony (Trance)
    2.) IXITHELEGEND-Mountain Gem Hunt
    3.) Counterwise - Electro Shy (Trance)

  • PMV: You Always Make Me Smile / Shining Armor - MandoPony

    Pinkie Pie being ridiculously happy, and Mandopony being PMV'd.  Find them both below.

    1.) [PMV] You Always Make Me Smile
    2.) [PMV] Shining Armor - MandoPony

  • Music Remix/Vocal: In Wonder (NewWorldMare Remix) / Trixie's Aftermath / Obsolete - Michael A. Hands Up Remix

    We have a remix of Aviators In Wonder, some Trixie rap, and an electronic version of Obsolete. Find them all below!

    1.) Aviators - In Wonder (NewWorldMare Remix)
    2.) Trixie's Aftermath
    3.) Obsolete - Michael A. Hands Up Remix

  • Comic: You Wouldn't Download a Dinosaur / Robot / Love You For Who You Are / Diamonds

    You may be wondering why the above image is cut in half.  There are actually two comics there. 

    We also have Lyra being ridiculous, and Rarity playing video games below.  Click them all for full!

  • Instrumental Music: FlutterHope / Desire / Were-Luna

    I have no clue why Twilight Sparkle has a rifle. 

    Have some instrumental music while I figure that out.

    1.) Jastrian - FlutterHope (Ambient)
    2.) Archie - Desire (Radio Edit) (Electronic/Trance)
    3.) GaugeN - Were-Luna (Dubstep)

  • Story Updates May 27th (Morning)

    It seems like all the story update posts at 3:00 AM star sleepy ponies. 

    Have some fanfiction.

  • Nightly Roundup #331

    Don't go to sleep!  The Slendermare will get you!

    There are plenty of things to listen to in here to keep you awake for the night.  That section is overflowing! 

  • Tara Strong Invades Star Wars Panel

    This has been floating around for a while now, but for those that missed it, Tara Strong and a bunch of other big names in voice acting recently jumped on a Star Wars radio play at Emerald City Comic Con. It's not completely pony related, but Twilight Sparkle does make an appearance at 58:40 to 1:02:00.

    They also tossed another video up pretty recently! Check out both after the break!