• Bronycon Livestream Updates - Tara Strong and Lauren Faust added to the Documentary Staff

    Looks like the Bronycon Documentary just got even more epic!  Lauren Faust and Tara Strong have both joined John de Lancie as executive producers! Can this thing get anymore epic?

    To help fund the new addition, the documentary kickstarter page has been bumped up to a goal of $200,000.  Considering we dominated the beginning of it, this probably isn't too far off.  They have a ton of really amazing stuff planned, but need you guys to help it get off the ground!

    They are also offering to have Lauren Faust herself draw your OC pony if you hit the 3000 donation mark.  Considering her auctions usually go for incredible amounts, I'd say this is pretty huge.  

    Check out the livestream going on right now (as of 2:48 Pacific time), and go support the documentary here!

    (so get in here!)

    And check out Tara Strong's Charity project here!