• Music Remix: Love Is In Bloom (Archie Remix) / BBBFF Speed Punk Cover

    We got some epic music today, so why not finish it off with some epic remixes?

    First off is a new Love is in Bloom Remix by Archive V.  This dude has some serious skills, no wonder he got signed! 

    We also have a kick ass punk cover of Big Brother Best Friend Forever from Forest Rain and Poni1Kenobi.  Both tracks are amazing, and you need to listen to them.

    Check them both out after the break!

  • John De Lancie at Vancouver Fan Expo

    Poor John de Lancie got invaded by pony questions yet again at the Vancouver Fan Expo, and answered some really neat ones, including his upcoming role. Apparently its a "major story piece".  Check it out above!
  • Comic: Squeezin It Burp / Stupid Silver Lining / You've Got Opportunity

    The Squeezin it series returns with Discord once again picking the wrong individual to be squeezing. You'd think he'd learn his lesson after some of his other failed attempts.

    Down below we have some more young Soarin and Spitfire cuteness mixed with some mischievous Sweetie Belle.

    Click for full as always!

  • Plushie Compilation #55

    Got to say, that episode blew away all of my expectations! It'd be a crime if this compilation didn't have a header dedicated to it. Otherwise I'd be thrown in the laundry room with PK as punishment and he doesn't like to share his limited food supply.

    Time for some plushie ponies everyone! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1

  • Livestream Night: Saturday, April 21st | Featuring Tetrapony, Cybertoaster, and Toxic-Mario

    Livestream Night ahoy!

    You guys know the drill by now. All the featured artists are after the break and waiting for an audience. I know you're gonna find someone you like in this list!

  • Vocal Music: Stuck in Time / Gilda's Final Goodbye / Fluttershy (A Birthday Song)

    Time for some vocal music now that the episode hype has died down a bit.  I'm totally going to watch it another 10 times once iTunes updates though. 

    1.) Stuck in Time [The Living Tombstone and Bronyfied]
    2.) Gilda's Final Goodbye (Ft. GaugeN)
    3.) Fluttershy (A Birthday Song)

  • Comic: Party Cannon

    Pixelkitties is at it again with yet another epic comic dedicated to the new episode! She even threw some felt ponies in there. Anyway, click the image for full!
  • Wallpaper Compilation #48


    There wasn't a Rarity to be seen in the wallpaper folder this time, and I don't even care. I'd say that this is probably the best lineup of pony wallpaper goodness I've seen in many, many cycles of this compilation. Seriously. If you don't find something you like behind the break, you're color-blind.

    Sidenote- EKFMikoyaN, the creator of the above wallpaper- your typography is absolutely delicious and I want to high-five you in like six different ways. Take that as you will. I don't usually gush about these- this is gushing.

    Enjoy, ponies.

  • Fan Animation: MrPoniator's Grrrudge on Friendship Express

    It's that time once again for some animation shenanigans from MrPoniator! Hopefully we can keep fan projects like these going through the summer, but considering last summer and now today's one kick flank finale I don't think we'll have a problem.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #401

    Why do people always draw Trixie so epic?! I was totally all over Cadence for best pony today, then this showed up!

    Wallpaper all the devices!  (And computer if 1920x1080 pops up)

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Epic Cake on The Hub

    Woah, The Hub has an epic kitchen! And check out dat cake!  It puts the MMMmmmmm to shame!

    Image from The Hub's Twitter page.
  • Season Finale Information from Staffers (Spoilers after the break!)

    I was going to save this stuff for the episode followup tomorrow, but I figured a few of you could use it now.  Everything will be after the break though, so don't click it if you haven't watched the episode! 

    Note: This is not an episode followup, expect the usually goofyness/digging tomorrow!  This is just two quick messages from the DHX Staff on episode related stuff.

  • MADMAN DVD Dubbed "The Brony Box"

    For all you lucky people over in Australia with access to the upcoming Friendship is Magic box set, it looks like they really are switching their focus over to you.  The box that includes the first disc has been dubbed "The Brony Box", and is marketed specifically at our demographic. 

    We really have made a huge impact in the last year and a half, haven't we? My little pony marketed at adult males? What a weird world this has become.

    You should probably go pre-order it too!

    Thanks to Shaky for the images! 
  • A Canterlot Wedding - Discussions

    Have we really done 25 of these now? I can't believe it. Today's episodes are definitely going to round out the season with a bang and I can say that I'm proud to be around for it. Thanks for being awesome, all of you.

  • Nightly Roundup #297

    Just a few short hours away from the season finale if season two.  It's pretty crazy how fast this year went!

    Have some stuff to hold you over while we wait. It's a short one tonight!