• Season Finale Information from Staffers (Spoilers after the break!)

    I was going to save this stuff for the episode followup tomorrow, but I figured a few of you could use it now.  Everything will be after the break though, so don't click it if you haven't watched the episode! 

    Note: This is not an episode followup, expect the usually goofyness/digging tomorrow!  This is just two quick messages from the DHX Staff on episode related stuff.

    So, you have a youtube version of the new song, or a fanfic in progress with the new villian,  but aren't sure what to call them? Luckily we have MLP Staffers on duty to dispel any rumors and misinformation before it begins!

    From Daniel Ingram, the official song names:

    So there you have it!
    • "B.B.B.F.F." for the Twilight/Brother song
    • "This Day Aria" for the Cadence villian song
    • "Love is In Bloom" for the final song!
    Now get those remixes coming!  I told you guys this episode was like a mini Disney movie.  The music alone qualifies it!

    And from Nayuki on Allspark, the go-to layout artist for all things names:

    Queen Chrysalis? I can roll with that! Those things were straight up creepy. 

    Jayson's reaction to our reaction!

    If anything else pops up, I'll toss it in here.  Expect Cereal's followup to hit all the actual in-episode stuff tomorrow morning!