• Comic: Time Travelin' Pinkie Pie / There's Room for Two / Ballerina Dash

    Oh Pinkie Pie, considering how well you bend the laws of reality I guess it's only obvious that a silly little thing like time would prove to be a minor obstacle for you.

    Click for full as always folks!

  • Music: September // I Think They're at a Gala // Gotta Make 'em all Evil //

    Oooh, storm is threatening-
    my very life today.
    If I don't get some shelter-
    oh, yeah, I'm gonna fade away!

    Two remixes and a vocal track this hour: more Living Tombstone, a Gala mashup, and something about Pokemon.

    1) Psychedelic Brony befriends The Living Tombstone: September
    2) Flaedr - I Think They're at a Gala
    3) Pokémon vs. MLP: FiM - Gotta Make 'em all Evil

  • What If Celebrities Were FiM Characters?

    This is a fun little article.

    Buzzfeed has published a piece on which Friendship is Magic characters certain celebrities might be. I have to admit with deep embarrassment pretty much no shame at all that I don't know anyone on this list, but some of you might find it entertaining!

    Actually, I went back and looked again, and I do recognize Taylor Swift. She sings or something, right? Or is she an actor? I have no idea and I can't be bothered to look it up.

    Buzzfeed: What If Zooey Deschanel And Other Celebs Were My Little Pony Characters?

  • Pinkie Pie invades the Aqua Bats

    It looks like Pinkie Pie has invaded the Aquabats! Today's episode tossed the head of ponyville's party league into the mix.  

    I talked to a few people from The Hub today, and it sounds like the really big shoutout is still on it's way, so keep an eye out for more!
  • Custom Rarity Xbox 360

    Oh, come on. That's just cool as hell. It's minimalistic without even trying. I'll bet you good money it complains pretty loudly if you start losing games too often, though (I still love you, Rarity, even though you've been written badly lately).

    Rarity Xbox 360

  • Story Updates April 14th (Afternoon)

    Story update time, laptop edition.  Hope none of it broke! There should be nine!

  • Livestream Night: Saturday, April 14th | Featuring slifertheskydragon, Tsitra360, and Primogenitor34

    Time for the inaugural Livestream Night! Tonight we have three random artists picked from our eager queue of creators. You can find all the relevant information after the break! Hop in to those streams and support our community artists!

  • New Royal Wedding Ad Featuring Tori Spelling

    The advertising blitz for the Royal Wedding continues with a new commercial spot from the Hub featuring Tori Spelling who, as you may remember, has been hired on to host and promote the upcoming episodes! I'm still amazed that so much effort is being put into this season finale; it's going to be a blast!

    Check out the commercial after the break!

  • Boys Who Like Ponies - An Animated Documentary

    I'm filing this under 'pretty damn neat' until the sun explodes.

    Boys Who Like Ponies is an animation project completed in three weeks by a Norwegian student detailing the brony subculture. Obviously most of the information is completely old hat to anyone reading this, but the animation is cute, well-done, and rendered in an interesting style that both mimics the show's style but adds a touch of the artist's style that I'm really digging a lot.

    You can find the documentary after the break. It is in Norwegian, but there are English subtitles as you can see from the preview.

  • News: Michelle Creber Appearing TODAY on EFR IRC

    Everfree Radio just dropped this in the inbox. Fans of Michelle Creber (Applebloom's voice actress), take note! Here's the email and what you need to know:

    Michelle Creber will be making an appearance in EFR's IRC room during the Equestria Music event livestream while we play the top ten songs for the contest. She is due to arrive at her leisure, but we're told it'll be around halfway through the event.

    http://everfreeradio.com/?p=3560 - Michelle Creber Post
    http://everfreeradio.com/?p=3222 - Equestria Music Post

    The event will start at 7:00PM Central, which is half an hour from now.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #394

    An abbreviated Drawfriend today, because Seth is off being important and having fun without me somewhere in Nevada. If you want more ponies, just look at yesterday's Drawfriend again.

    Source 1

  • MLP Piano Tutorials: Hush Now, Quiet Now | A Circle of Friends / The Heart Carol

    In case art tutorials aren't your thing, I also have for you today some piano tutorials from DrSentenial. In these well put-together tutorials he walks you through the songs step by step with annotations and hand movements laid out nicely.

    Give them a look, even if you don't play the piano. They're pretty neat! You can find both embedded after the break.

  • Reddit Pony Drawing Guide

    Since the vector art creation tutorial was mildly popular, I feel pretty good about posting this up. This is a step-by-step, illustrated guide to drawing ponies that was posted on reddit. Lots of helpful descriptions and large images help even the newest artist through their first foray into marshmallow pony creation. From the email:
    Over on Reddit in r/mlpdrawingschool, there are a bunch of guides, mostly on more advanced or narrow parts of how to draw ponies. But today IDrawPoniesSometimes has posted a guide to help absolute beginners break into learning how to draw ponies well. It's got good explanations and explorations of pitfalls, no special software required, plenty of encouragement, and is easy to follow. It is the guide I wish I had when I started drawing ponies, and could help a lot of people learn how to put a pony together.

    Reddit Pony Drawing Guide
  • Story: Derpy's Diary

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Obselescence
    Description:  "Really secret. Please don't read. :X"

    -Derpy Hooves.
    Derpy's Diary

    Additional Tags: Derpy Hooves' Super Secret Diary
  • Music: Cranky Doodle Lover // I'm Brony and I Know It // A Thousand Years In One Tear //

    I see a red door,
    and I want it painted black.
    No colors anymore,
    I want them to turn black.

    A regular-ish music post this hour: today we have two vocal tracks, one by ClutterVix and one by Cheerbrony, and one instrumental for Luna.

    1) Cranky Doodle Lover
    2) I'm Brony and I Know It - Koroshi Ya (Lyrics by Laurence Reilly - Cheerbrony)
    3) A Thousand Years In One Tear

  • Comic: A Change of Heart / Technical Difficulties

    Click for Full

    Why do fillies have to be so cute? I swear one day they are just going to kill me in some sort of cute induced fit. Check above for some of that filly cuteness while down below we have gamer Luna trying to deal with her Xbox (I know your pain Luna).

    Click for Full
  • Remix Music: Sweet Plastic Acres // DISCORD // Octavia's Overture //

    Take a look, to the sky-
    just before you die!
    It's the last time you will!

    Remixes this hour: a followup to Discord Days, some bagpipes, and a Tombstone remix.

    1) Sweet Plastic Acres
    2) Bagpipe Brony VS Tombstone and Eurobeat Brony DISCORD
    3) Octavia's Overture - TheLivingTombstone (Blaze Remix)

  • Derpy Makes Muffins!

    Muffins for all!

    Check it out after the break.