• Nightly Roundup #290

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    Balder's Gate Soundset

    There's a pony soundset for Baulder's Gate 2! Check it out here!

    Bronies Appear in ANOTHER Newspaper

     Check it out, guys! They wanted me to include a list of people in the article:
    Joseph Kim (Wrote the Article!)
    Cole Nelson
    Nathan Libertowski
    Eden Racket
    Justin Williams
    Phillip D'asarro
    Austen Price


    Legends of Equestria

    As per a special 24-hour event, the Legends of Equestria development team will be attempting to build the entire Everfree Forest from the ground up, all in one day! The event will span from 2:00 P.M. EDT on Saturday, April 14, and last until 2:00 P.M. on Sunday, April 15. During this time, you will have the opportunity to watch many of the processes involved with the production of a video game, as well as take part in staff interviews, which will be broadcasted periodically throughout the event.

    So, for those of you who need to get your fix of pony-based entertainment during the off-week of Friendship is Magic, we welcome you to drop in and show your support while we take on this ambitious 24-hour challenge!

    Please tune in via www.livestream.com/legendsofequestria if you’re interested.

     Brohoof Podcast

    This week, InternetDave can't spell, Littledogs13 interrupts everyone, Jteeth pays too much for shipping, and Aonee has nothing to say.
    Madponies Podcast

    Hey, guys. Hawk here, from Friendship is MADNESS.

    We're going to be doing what we call a "Transrape" during tomorrow's episode, since there won't be a new episode to talk about. A Transrape is where we take a document (this one being a transcript of the first Dr. Whooves and Assistant episode) and send it through Google Docs translator about ten times... then turn it back to english and read the utter gibberish that comes out. Our broadcast time is 7:30 PM EST.


    Thanks, guys! 
    Radio Free Equestria
     Radio Free Equestria returns with a fifth (or eighth, depending on how one counts) episode!

    The ponies don't know nearly as much about Dragons as they probably should. Spike had a childhood marred by the influence of magic. Where do Dragons really fit into this world, and what, pray tell, is their deal?


    Successful Meetups

    -------------------------------------------------------------- -

    Greetings Everypony!
    On March 31st, we gathered at Real Plaza (Centro CĂ­vico). We had the total of 15 people for our first meeting and it was a blast! We shared a pizza, introduced ourselves, searched for pony merchandise at the retail stores as well as doing a raffle where one lucky guy won a brushable pony! We hit the arcade as well and we gathered to sing a little and do multiple brohoofs.
    Many thanks for all the people who came around! And for those who couldn't come, don't worry! We will have another meetup at the day of the Royal Wedding! Information about it will be posted soon.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More


    hey guys if you live in the flagstaff area your in luck, the bronies
    of phoenix are looking to establish themselves in
    flagstaff so the bronies in Northern Arizona can meetup some time.
    sign up here and contact Puzzle
    Plate if your intrested in being the Northern Phoenix organizer 

    Attention fans in the Albuquerque area: the ABQBronies group has secured a location for the Royal Wedding.  Ares Wargames near Carlisle and Menaul has agreed to host our viewing party on twin 55-inch TVs.  This Friendly Local Game Shop also has snacks and drinks for sale.  Afterward, pizza will be had nearby, or stay at Ares for boardgames, RPGs, and miniatures wargames!  For more detail, see our post on The Rainbow Dash Network.  Here's a map.  Here's a picture Derpy took.  Here are static images in case your computer doesn't like Google Maps.  The manager is SO AWESOME!  

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Applebloom Quilt
    Fluttershy Pillow

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here