• Zecora: Now In GMod

    I'm pretty sure we now have every pony imaginable in GMod (including mine).

    This is the result of a collaboration between four ponies and I must say, the result looks pretty nice. If you're a fan of Zecora and have GMod and like to pretend to brush virtual manes you should probably check this out. Also, I'm pretty sure that Zecora is standing in an Ocarina of Time BSP. That's awesome.

    Find her on DeviantArt here.
  • Vocal/Remix Music: Don't Know About Me / Toi et moi / Fluttershy's Spell

    We have a vocal dedicated to Spike, another song sung in French, and a remix of Hush Now Quiet Now. Enjoy!

    1.) Don't Know About Me (Vocal) - the Phony Brony
    2.) [NewFrenchArtist] Toi et moi , Spike and Twilight tribute
    3.) Fluttershy's Spell - Blaze

  • Story: Rorschach in Equestria (Update Part 18!)


    Author: Ex-Nihilos
    Description: Instead of being killed in the cold Antarctic by Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach finds himself rematerialized in a strange new, pony filled world. He finds himself drawn into the lives of the ponies of Ponyville but some ponies fear that this sociopath will bring danger and darkness to an otherwise peaceful existence. Will the mane 6 help Walter Kovac find peace within himself or will he bring them all down with him in his cold views of reality and existence?
    Rorschach in Equestria (New Part 18!)

    Additional Tags: Redemption, introspection, violent, mercy, dark humor
  • Comic: The CMC Play Trauma Center / Twilight X Trixie / In the Tub

    Comic time! We have the CMC being ridiculous above, Twixie on the left, and Dinky on the right.  Click for full as always.

  • New Blindbag Identification Numbers

    We used to have an identification chart for blindbag ponies, but it looks like they have actually updated the numbers a bit.  For those that have seen a new shipment and been completely perplexed, Joseph from the Gulf Coast Brony group has bought a set with the new numbers.  These can be found in the usual location, as shown below. 

    Source: Sarah G

    Check out the entire set of updated numbers after the break!

    And for those asking where these are sold, they tend to be stocked at Walmart and Toys R' Us, though they usually sell out pretty quick.

    If you just want to dump the money on a full set, check the Hasbro Toy Shop

  • Instrumental Music: Isabel / Ponyville House Mafia / Octavia. Dead and Unforgiven / Future Overture / Flutter Smack (Flutter Bomb Remix)

    Instrumental time! As is the norm for this fandom, its primarily electronic stuff.  We did sneak one orchestral in there though! Check them out below.

    1.) Isabel - Taps (Electronic/Trance)
    2.) Ponyville House Mafia - ByCelestiasBeard (House/Electronic)
    3.) Octavia. Dead and Unforgiven. (Orchestral/Strings)
    4.) Dipi11 - Future Overture (Drums and Bass / Dub)
    5.) Riff Track- Flutter Smack (Flutter Bomb Remix) (Electronic)

  • Discussion: You Have Been Teleported to Equestria!

    Twilight Sparkle screwed up a spell, and you find yourself randomly in Applejack's barn with a bag of 1000 bits.  Nopony is around, and it looks like it's mid-day.  Twilight herself is completely unaware of the accidental space-time tearing, so it's up to you to introduce yourself!

    How do you go about incorporating yourself into Equestrian society?

    Note: You are not a pony.
  • Mare-A-Thons Tonight!

    A new episode airs tomorrow morning! As always, we have a few mare-a-thons happening tonight.  Check out the links below!

  • Story: Shipping Goggles

    [Unwanted Shipping][Comedy][Random]

    Author: AbsoluteAnonymous
    Description: Maybe that glance lasted just a little too long, or maybe a certain conversation could be interpreted as innuendo. Whatever it is, sometimes we see only what we want to see, and sometimes our fantasies get the best of us. Rarity is no exception.
    Shipping Goggles

    Additional Tags: Shipping is serious business, guys
  • Story Updates March 23rd (Evening)

    Story update time! We have five of them this time around.  Chaarge!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #371

    Sisterly Bonding edition! (Not Shipping™)

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Tara Strong Interviewed on Rob Paulson's Podcast

    Fellow Media Juggernaut Rop Paulson did an interview with Tara Strong dedicated to the toon biz over on his podcast site. Fans of both animation and ponies will find something to love here, as the entire process is explained and talked about pretty extensively.

    Hit up this page to listen in for yourself!
  • Royal Wedding Preview

    Buried deep within the bowels of a random OnDemand service, someone found a Royal Wedding (Season finale) preview.  Sadly, he has a really old camera, but you can at least get the gist of it!

    My task for you all: Go dig into your ondemands and get us a recording! Apparently it was attached to Dragon Quest, so that should help narrow it down some.

    And then The Hub sent us one!
  • Story: Harmonic Chaos

    [Shipping] [Sad]

    Author: Kurbz
    Description: For years, Pinkie Pie has visited one place every week, regardless of what is going on. For a few hours, she talks without interruption, until one fateful day when she is talked back to.

    Harmonic Chaos

    Additional Tags: Statues aren't supposed to listen
  • Custom Pony Compilation #55

    I wonder if we will ever see Fleur De Lis again? This was actually one of those McDonalds toys modified.  They do tend to have some really neat poses, you guys should take advantage of that!

    Have some custom ponies.

    Source 1
  • Plushie Compilation #49

    This fandom needs more Spitfire.  She better have an episode in season three!

    Have some plushie ponies.
  • Comics: Dash Academy Chapter 3 / Winter Mess Up / Rainbow's Apology

    Comic time! First off, Dash Academy has had all sorts of updates since we last reported on it.  For those that haven't touched the series at all, you can find the very first chapter here! For everyone that hasn't hit it since the end of part two, click the image above and follow the nexts' in the description.

    And after that, we have Derpy being ridiculous twice.  

  • Story: Resolution


    Author: I_Post_Ponies
    Description: Shiny Beam is stuck in a rut. He's lost the fire that once made him a great writer. All is not normal in Ponyville, however, as a strange anomaly thrusts him far, far into the future, where no trace of ponies are left on Equestria... except for one survivor. This long-secluded pony recants the tale of his life and the end of Equestria.


    Additional Tags: learning, introspective, bittersweet, speculative, future
  • Story Updates March 23rd (Morning)

    Some super late story updates! At least the morning tag actually fits!

  • Story: Tales from the Staff Canteen (Update Part 15-19!)

    [Comedy] [Random] [Puissant]

    Author: Everypony
    Description: These are the voyages of the... wait, wrong cue card... Ahem. Yes. These are a collection of silly, off-the-hoof stories written whilst bored as a kind of self-hazing experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong.
    Tales From The Staff Canteen (New 15-19!)

    Additional Tags: Sethisto doesn't know I'm posting this
  • Pre-Reader One Year Anniversary

    One year ago, Cereal Velocity freaked out at how many fanfics I was sending him to review, and after exploding from the overflow, a new organization arose from his ashes to judge every story submitted to the site!  With the massive influx of them constantly bombarding the EQD email castle, these guys are real troopers.  I once saw one of them take on twelve "Rainbow Dash loses her wings" stories with just a cheap iron dagger and a broken table leg.  It was a glorious sight!

    Check out their strikethrough filled speech after the break, and the new banner created by one of the more artsy ones!