• Comic: Trixie - Consulting Unicorn: A Problem in Canterlot

    The Great and Powerful Consulting unicorn? This is going to be amazing, in fact, it's already amazing.

    I'm not biased!

    Click for full.
  • Pinkie Pie and Lyra Say Goodnight

    Another week means another message from our favorite pink pony! She's brought along Lyra to help this time around so make sure to wish her a good evening as well. Click above for the message.
  • The Traveling Pony Museum's Charity Raffle

    Lyra and Bon Bon are watching me type, but when they're done with that they'll trot right off to enter this raffle. What kind of raffle, I can hear you asking through the magic of forced interactions. Why, the very best kind of raffle, fillies and gentlecolts: the kind that could get you to Bronycon or Everfree Northwest! This summer is going to be full of convention-related awesomeness on both sides of the country, and the Traveling Pony Museum is looking to pay one lucky pony's way to the convention of their choice! If you take nothing else away from this post, make it that. But if you'd like to know just what the heck a traveling pony museum is (hint: exactly what it sounds like), or how this raffle is going to help you help others, then check below the page break for a statement by Inky Notebook:

  • Story: Good Timing


    Author: Silver Cloud
    Description: There are some things in life that really shouldn't be messed with: an angry Ursa Major for example, or Granny Smith's naptime. But Big Macintosh has always preferred to write his own rules, and when you have the kind of secret that he has, that's probably a good thing...

    Good Timing

    Additional Tags: Short, Silly, Simple, Scenario, Science?
  • Wallpaper Compilation #41

    I don't think Rainbow Dash has had a Wallpaper compilation header yet, so have one dedicated to those awesome sunglasses. 

    More after the break as always!

  • Comic: Trixie's Origins / Lyra's Wish / Metal Gear Pony 4 / I Forgive You

    Lots of Trixie comics lately, not that I'm complaining.  We have a mix of sad, ridiculous, and even more ridiculous this time around. There is also a metal gear one that only metal gear fans will understand!  Click them for full as always.

  • Dr. Adorkable - Twilight's Freeze Ray

    I don't think you all understand how much I love Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Twilight. I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THIS.
  • Another Dragon Quest Clip!

    The Hub has released another Dragon Quest clip over on their Facebook page, complete with all sorts of spoilers for those that want to go into an episode knowing absolutely nothing at all.  Check it out after the break!

  • Awesome PMV: She Reads All Day

    We all know Twilight Sparkle loves books.  We also know she wants you to read books.  After watching this, you are guaranteed to want to read a book.  Go read a book.

  • Mare-a-Thons Tonight!

    Lots of mare-a-thons tonight! Check them out below.

    It's also really long, so I'm tossing a page break in!

  • Expanded "Ponyville Confidential" Synopsis

    It's that time of the week again! U-verse has released another expanded synopsis for an upcoming episode.  Check out the expanded synopsis for Ponyville Confidential after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #364

    Avengers ponies anyone? I can't wait for this movie, and I've never even touched the comics.

    Have some art!

    Source 1

  • Story Updates March 16th (Evening)

    Yeesh, this one is going to need a new comment thread soon!

    Have some story updates, three of them.

  • Thinking with Portals: Trust and Cooperation

    Time for more "Thinking with Portals", this time starring Celestia and Luna's classic sibling rivalry.  It seems to be the official fanon perspective at this point for these two.  I for one welcome it whole heartedly!

    Click the image for the flash.
  • Music: Planes and Pegasi / Fluttershy Inc / Love Crusaders

    It's music time! Two vocals and a remix of the Stallion song this time around.  Check them all out below.

    1.) Planes and Pegasi [MLPwn + All Levels At Once]
    2.) Fluttershy Inc (Gorillaz Pony Parody)
    3.) Love Crusaders

  • Comic: Reschedule / Twilight vs Technology / Bon Bon's Bonbons

    We've got a variety of comics for you all this time! Watch out Twilight, it's best not to break a Pinkie Promise unless you want to experience the wrath of our pink party pony.

    Down below have some more Twilight with a side of Lyra and Bonbon

    Click the pics for full view!

  • Story: Hands (New Part 2!)

    [Comedy][Random] A self insert that made it past the pre-readers!? That just doesn't happen!

    Author: Andrew Joshua Talon
    Description: A slightly more realistic take on the "Human in Equestria" story concept.
    Hands (New Part 2!)

    Additional Tags: Human in Equestria, Self Insert, Satire, Hands
  • Comic: Appreciation / Squeezin' It Denied / Gilda's Revenge

    I've always liked the Royal Sisters and I've been a little disappointed that we haven't seen much of either of them as the second season has gone on. Hopefully we will see more of them next season!

    For those who have are fans of MickeyMonster's tickling series, we have two new ones to share with you today that you can check out below!

    Click for full as always.

  • Music: Prance through a Field of Awesome // Luna (Nightlife Jazz Mode) // Love Crusaders //

    I'm always thrilled when I can find a good Scratch for a music post.

    Speaking of which, have some remixes! Some electro-swing, an alternative mix for a Super Ponybeat song, and some CMC!

    1) DongleKumquat - Prance through a Field of Awesome
    2) Super Ponybeat (Alt Mixes) — Luna (Nightlife Jazz Mode)
    3) Love Crusaders

  • Story: Fallout Equestria: Heroes (Update Chapter 35!)


    Normally these side-stories hang out on their own, but at 177k+ words, this one hired some muscle to hang around outside the EqD office talking about fire insurance until we got the hint.

    There's also fanart after the break!

    Author: No One
    Description:  Inspired by the heroics of the mysterious mare known as the Stable Dweller, Silver Storm, a guard of the town of Marefort, decides to go on a daring mission to rescue her captured brother. Of course things rarely go as planned and her attempts at heroism drags her into a tangled web of plots and conspiracies as warring factions vie for control over the last great city: Dise.
    Fallout Equestria: Heroes (New Chapter 35!)

    Additional Tags: Silver Storm, Hired Gun, Serenity, Flare, Fo:E spinoff, Post-apocalyptic, Long
  • Friendship is Magic from the Japanese Perspective

    This was actually in the roundup where a good majority of analysis style articles go, but I figured I'd split it off. It is pretty enlightening to see how exactly Friendship is Magic is forseen in Japanese culture.

    Fluttershy for example is apparently battling the top three positions with Cheerilee and Big Mac as best ponies. I don't think those two have ever come close to any of the mane cast in the USA/Western polls.

    Anyway, go read it here, because its awesome.
  • Nightly Roundup #270

    I was afraid I'd have to do a double roundup tomorrow.  That would have been horrible.  Lyra is celebrating the return of Blogger.

    Have some news!