• Nightly Roundup #270

    I was afraid I'd have to do a double roundup tomorrow.  That would have been horrible.  Lyra is celebrating the return of Blogger.

    Have some news!

    Pinkie Pie Eats Batman

    Ponies invade Spoils

    The card game, The Spoils, apparently has a pony reference! I kind of recognize these!  Find more info on the game here!

    Paperback Pony Compilation Book

    Copy Paste:

    Hello fellow bronies! I'm making a pony compolation book, compiling
    fanfics, comics and other things in one giant cheap book. PM me to
    submit your suggestions (NOTE: I cannot accept items without consent
    from their original arthor) It will not only be on paperback, It'll
    also be availble for the Iphone and Ipad touch. I'll even record a
    fanfic reading ALL the fanfics in one .zip file. So send your fics
    today! It'll be $12.19 USD if we keep to 41-80 pages Volume 1's theme
    is Twilight Sparkle
    All submissions must follow Equestria Daily guidlines for submissions.

    Please Submit to [email protected]

    Gala Con Needs Help
    Copy Paste:
    Gala Con needs a helping hoof

    Folk of Equestria,

    because our team works as hard as Applejack to make the Gala Con fun for everypony who will attend, we need your help at one point.

    As you can see at our homepage is not as great as the Gala would be, so we are currently searching for a web designer who will be responsible for the complete design of our homepage.

    Of course you will work not for nothing. As a part of the team you will get a free entrance, free overnight stay and free food.

    If you want to work with us on a great Gala then send us your own design until April 1st to [email protected]

    But there are some requirements. The Design must be in form of a HTML website (not only a layout) and should be useable with Joomla 2.5
    And it must be all done by your own.


    Derpy History and Controversy in 60 seconds!

    Or kind of 60 seconds.  Derp!


    Eqbeats Winter Wrap Off Competition

    A Winter Wrap off recently went down on Eqbeats, and they need some voting. Find the songs below, and the voting page here!

    Automatic Jack
    Mysterious Spoon

    Equestria Music Competition

    Copy Paste:
    Over the past 2 weeks we have been holding a month long event called 'EMC 2012', which stands for 'Equestria Music Contest 2012,' and since we announced it, it has sky-rocketed.
    The contest is, people have until the 24th March to submit a maximum of 3 songs that they have composed, these songs are then judged by an online panel which will feature:
    -Me (Harby/Harbisis)
    -My Little Dashie
    -Michelle Creber
    The winner will then go on to working on a collab with Omnipony.

    The rules
    -3 songs maximum.
    -All songs submitted MUST be your own.
    -Songs must be pony related.
    -PMVs are not allowed.

    Songs are to be submitted to: [email protected]


    Successful Meetups

    London/Watford/Hertfordshire Meetup


    Abilene, TX Meetup

    Where: Scarborough Park
    When: Saturday, March 24, 2012 , 2:00-10:00pm

    Confirmed event is an all out nerf war so please bring one gun and a melee weapon from n-strike.
    There will also be a DJ there and a lot of different food.
    Those of you who are helping set up meet at the park at least 4 hours beforehand in order to set everything up.

    Remember have a derpy day and have fun.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Taiwanese Group


    Biker Group


    Military Group


    LVPA Meetup

    Date: Saturday March 17th

    Time: Noon - 4pm

    Place: 159 Hartzell Hall
    3835 Greenpond Road
    Bethlehem, PA 18020


    Roleplaying Group on Goodreads


    Tekkoshocon Meetup

    no copy paste here!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Derpy Magnets
    Twilight Sparkle Mousepad
    Inkie PLushie
    Derpy Watercolor Illustration

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here