• Story Updates March 3rd (Midnight)

    Story updates way earlier than normal.  I figured I'd get this crazyness done early tonight! Five of them below, including a certain apocalyptic wastelandy story I'm sure a bunch of you will flip over.

  • Comics: Granny's Rule / Comfort

    Click for full

    Today's comics are brought to you by Brony Cola. Because it's the only thing I can ever think of when I make a post and it needs to be sponsored by something.

    Those who don't like shipping should steer clear of the first one and just look at the second one! It may make you sad though. There's two parts so check the description.

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  • Simple PMV: Twilight's Song // Promises - A song for Scootaloo // Rescue Me - Zebrahead //

    Simple PMVs are still PMVs!

    There's some Portal in here, as well as a chicken and some Zebrahead! I remember that band. Vaguely.

    1) Twilight's Song- (Wheatly's Song PMV)
    2) PMV - Promises - A song for Scootaloo by PrinceWhateverer HD
    3) MLP:FiM [PMV] Rescue Me - Zebrahead

  • Plushie Compilation #45

    Considering all the love generated by Derpy Day, how about a Derpy plush edition as well?

    It's plush time everyone! Check out more after the break.

    Source 1

  • Derpy's Bestest Day Ever: The Galleria of Derp

    Hey there, everypony! Are you ready for a special treat? On March 1st, I asked you to give our favorite mailpony a reason to smile, and 329 of you answered the call. It's a super happy, muffintastic Derpyriffic gallery nonpareil! She's grinning from ear to ear, which is so much harder to do when you're a pony, and it's all because she knows that you love her. If you've been having a bad day, or just want a little bit of extra sunshine in your life, I suggest you check out the images below this page break. Derpy training grounds are best training grounds.

    Word of warning, bring a snack. There's... uh... a lot of muffins.
  • Story: Heartstrings and Gumdrops


    Author: CoffeeGrunt
    Description: Lyra is an artist without inspiration, a sail without wind, and - in her employer's eyes - a cash cow without the udders. An impromptu trip to Ponyville is planned, her mission simple. Find a source of inspiration in the natural beauty beyond the hustle and bustle of Canterlot, and use it to salvage her ailing career.

    However, sources of inspiration can vary wildly..
    Heartstrings and Gumdrops

    Additional Tags: Bronies. No takey serious, okay?
  • Story Updates March 3rd (Evening)

    Shes tired! Leave her alone!

    Have some stories to distract you while she takes a nap.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #351

    Fluttershy finally had an episode! So lets double it and give her a drawfriend too!

    I was going to make a banner dedicated to her, but this took forever.

    Have some art!

    As always with post-episode drawfriend, expect some spoilers.

    Source 1

  • Comic: You Shall Not Pass (Madmax) / Size Matters

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    With lightning speed Madmax has a new comic out based on the new episode! That Iron Will sure is an extreme salesman, I'll give that.

    Down below we have Veggie's newest dealing with the problem of different sized hooves. Poor Big Macintosh.

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  • YTPMV: a / God knows when winter will warp up / Air Pony / Luna's Dark Prison

    YTPMV Time! We even have some autotuned ponies singing winter wrap up in this little compilation here.  Check them out below.

    1.) Ballad of the Windpony
    2.) God knows when winter will warp up
    3.) Air Pony
    4.) Luna's Dark Prison

  • McDonalds Pony Toys Ring Demonstration

    Just in case you guys were wondering how exactly the ring attatchments work this time around, it looks like those plastic dongles on their heads really are permanent fixtures.   It's a bot obnoxious to be honest, but I'm sure they snap right off. 

    Thanks to Peter for the images again!

  • Comic: Time Off - Uplifting

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    So I hear you guys like epic comics, right? The Time Off series continues with Pinkie Pie being the latest addition to this fantastic set of comics! Now stop listening to me and go check it out. You won't regret it!
  • Story: Unlikely Scenario

    [Normal][Slice of Life]

    Author: Bronius Maximus
    Description: Twilight finds all this studying of magic rarely lends itself an opportunity to use it. Until a certain arrogant unicorn shows up to tout her abilities. It's the perfect opportunity to show the town her magical prowess...almost too perfect.
    Unlikely Scenario

    Additional Tags: Trixie Twilight secret spell book, Alternate Timeline
  • Papercraft: Pinkie Pie's Welcome Wagon / Massive Template Project

    We sure do have a ton of papercraft stuff out there.  One of you needs to do all of them and send an image of the entire collection!

    If you need a party wagon, check out the template for it here!

    And speaking of template, someone has put togeather a huge "construct your own" pony project.  Since all of these ponies are the same model, this lets you build yours based on who is your favorite, starting with the base, and following the various packs listed below to finish it off.  This one isn't a walk in the part by any means.  If you are looking for a challenge, you will probably find one here.

    Twilight Pack
    Rarity Pack
    Applejack Pak
    Pinkie Pie Pack

    (The rest are coming soon)
  • Music: Family Ways / The V-Scratch Sessions / Just for you Derpy Hooves

    Vocal time! We have some Applejack, some Orchestral, and a sad Derpy song, because you guys still wont embrace her happy! Check them out below.

    1.) And The Rainfall - Family Ways
    2.) Tsyolin Befriends MandoPony - The V-Scratch Sessions (Orchestral/Experimental Cover)
    3.) MLP FIM "Sad Eyes" Just for you Derpy Hooves

  • Putting Your Hoof Down - Discussion

    Don't forget, today's episode starts a new schedule that has the episodes airing three (3) hours later than normal (that's 11AM blogtime)! Also, have some context-appropriate Fluttershy being assertive.

  • Episode Announcement: Ponyville Confidential

    Looks like we have some CMC on the way! Synopsis after the break.

  • Nightly Roundup #257

    I have to admit, I really like that Budding Friendship pony.   Pretty good music too! You can find their new update after the break along with all the other fun roundup news.

  • Story Updates March 3rd (Really Early Morning Technically)

    Awww, our little upheaval has grown up and released a story two.  How cute! I remember when it was just a tiny 10 chapter story!

    Have some updates.

  • Twilight Sparkle is a Box

    I'll be honest guys, this didn't sell me a happy meal at all.

    Check it out after the break...