• Nightly Roundup #257

    I have to admit, I really like that Budding Friendship pony.   Pretty good music too! You can find their new update after the break along with all the other fun roundup news.

    My Little Dashie Teaser #2

    Oh lawdy, I bet a bunch of you will be all over this one. Check out the website here.

    My Little Pony: Budding Friendships Music

    The Budding Friendships guys sent a few of their new music tracks over for the upcoming Harvest Moon style game.  Have some copy paste, and the tracks!
    "Hello everyone! I am here today to share with you some music from the Harvest Moon-style pony fan game, Budding Friendships. Our team is hard at work making a great game in which you will be able to live as a newcomer in the town of Ponyville working to raise up a farm. You will meet and befriend the characters from the show, visit familiar places in the town and the surrounding environs, and maybe even learn what your special talent is. My contribution will be as a composer, and here you can listen to a small sampling of the music that will help to bring the world of Equestria to life. Please enjoy! And do let us know what you think. We greatly appreciate the support and interest we receive.
    Song 1
    Song 2
    Song 3

    Friendship is MADNESS Animated Series Seeks Help!

    Copy Paste:
    Our podcast (Friendship is MADNESS) is actually working on our own animated series. Not a series of shorts, mind you, but a full on 22-minute episode series based around our characters, with original characters from the community as the minor characters and background characters. We've already finished the scripts for the first two episodes, and are currently working on storyboard art. We already have a couple people working with us, including Yudhaikeledai (Thinking with Portals series), Welsh_Monkey (deviant Artist), and even BronyToons have agreed to help us out whenever they can. However, we need more help making this show come to the community a little faster.

    We need animators, character artists, background artists, and music creators. We're willing to give the original characters of those who help us out a place on the show (within reason - no alicorns or monsters). If that character proves popular enough, they'll become minor characters on the show, with voices and everything. Not only that, but their names will be written into the credits of every episode they help us with, and we'll happily provide any links they have to the community.

    If you think you can help us out, then please contact me at [email protected].

    Bronystate 2.0 Launch Event

    The banners above explains it all!  Looks like Bronystate has some stuff goin on this weekend!

    Gender Bender Event...?

    Preeety crazy. You guys might have fun with it!


    That One Bronyshow Episode 8



    Babble at the Bronies Episode 9

    Copy Paste:
    Hello all!

    We had such a fun time talking about conspiracy theories last episode, we are going to continue it!

    Join us as we discuss even more far-fetched ideas about MLP.

    We will be broadcasting at a special time this week, Sunday March 4th at 3:00 (1500 hrs) pm CST. (UTC-6)

    Hope to see you there!


    Successful Meetups

    Oahu Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    "The most recent Oahu brony meet up, with a headcount of about 18 ponies (one of them being SonicRainboom93), was held at the Bellows beach park. Thanks to the generous contributions of Ian, Andrew, and Jayce, we were able to grill food under the covered lanai which was so graciously rented for us as well. (It cost an awful lot!) Talking, eating, and enjoying the beach were how we spent most of the day with a few sand burials and pin the tail on Rarity thrown in for good measure. While it was really windy the entire time we were there, making it a bit cold, it didn't stop us all from having tons of fun. If you live on Oahu, feel free to join us at our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/groups/262457417154087/ so you're in the loop when we have our next one!"

    I need to go move to Hawaii...

    Disneyland Meetup 

     24 hours of disney? I'd go crazy
    Copy Paste:
    On February 29th, the SoCal Bronies met up to celebrate Disneyland's Annual 24-hour event. Over the course of the night we had as many as 28 bronies join us, and gave out our info to many more that we met. We held a competition on the Astro Blasters ride, with the prize being a blind bag pony. The high score was 135,000 and the recipient lucked out with Twilight Sparkle! The rest of the night was spend running around  in smaller groups riding anything we would bear to wait for.  By the time the park was closing at 6 am, we still had 15 bronies crazy enough to stay with us!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    South Australia Meetup

    Location: The North Terrace gates to the botanic garden.

    Date and Time: Saturday 17th of March at 11am



    Anime Boston Cosplay Meetup

    Anime Boston (April 6-8) pony cosplayers will be meeting up at some point, here is the forum post for more information. All pony cosplayers are welcome.


    Leeds Metropolitan University


    Chicago Group

    Hey everypony.
    Any of you every wondered, 'Hey, why isnt there a CHICAGO Brony meetup?' I had, and here's my answer. I'm starting a Bronies Of UIC meetup. You don't have to go to the University to join, but I hope you can get there. I've started a google group, found right here.

    Riverside, CA meetup

    Date: Friday, March 9th, 2012
    Time: about 1PM
    Location: 2242 University Ave Riverside, CA 92507


    WoW Guild

    Server: Darkspear
    Guild Name:
    Purpose: Working on 10 man raid progression.
    Please Contact: Steelhooves, Whiteasnight, Balmungx, Homage, or Ninjaknightx.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Twilight Sparkle Framed Pic
    Commissions to save her house! Go get some pony art!
    Derpy/Dinky Plushies

    Lots of Customs
    Derpy Plush
    Scratch Blanket
    Soap of HARMONY