• Instrumental Music: Reliving the Nightmare / Ruffled Feathers / Ordered Chaos / Bass is Hard to Hold

    Instrumental time! Genres can be found next to their names.

    1.) Radiarc - Reliving the Nightmare (Orchestral Battle Music)
    2.) DasDeer - Ruffled Feathers (Electronic)
    3.) Wintergreen - Ordered Chaos (Trance)
    4.) These Darned Hooves - Bass is Hard to Hold (Dubstep)

  • Music: Love Poison / One Pony / Cheerilee's Special Somepony

    We have some new F3nning vocal stuff this time around to start us off

    Followed by a song that will make half of you go into a blind rage, and the other half laugh at the parody.

    And we finish with a semi-remix of the Perfect Stallion song, drums and bass style.

    1.) F3nning befriends Mallard - Love Poison
    2.) One Thing PARODY - "One Pony" HD
    3.) Cheerilee's Special Somepony (DnB)

  • Story Updates February 19th (Evening)

    Yeep, this update totally has some Fallout in it.  You guys can stop emailing me now!

    Have some stories.

  • Doctor Whooves Adventures

    Considering how high Doctor Whooves is over on that poll on the side bar, it looks like this is something a ton of you will be all over! Doctor Whooves Adventures is a radio play, something the real airwaves are sadly lacking these days. 

    So sit back, open up the Youtube page, (Or check after the break) and bury yourself in the land of time traveling and crazyness.

    Have some copy paste:

    The first episode of the the Doctor Whooves Adventures, a radio play by Ponyinaboxproductions, is up and ready for listening and download- A strange Box crashes into the library, and an even stranger stallion pops out....what's going on? Listen to find out! And tune in to Celestia Radio next week on Febuary 25th at 6pm EST to see what happens next time!

  • Comic: Snow Globe (Madmax)

    Click for Full
    Madmax out with a new comic based around this weekend's episode! It certainly was clever of the animators to hide Derpy in the snow globe this time around, I never would have found her without others pointing her out!
  • Story: Ode to Friendship


    Author: Cloudy Skies
    Description: Where the world was once her stage, the stage is now her world, and Octavia feels trapped. Will the appearance of a certain pink pony stop her descent, or will she get to mope in peace? Will Octavia get to eat her cucumber roll while she's at it?
    The answer to the last question is probably "no". 
    Ode to Friendship

    Additional Tags: Pinkie Pie Objects To Moping, Friendshipping
  • Small Reference to Ponies in the Upcoming Cleveland Show

    A completely random off the wall source has told us that there is a small pony reference in The Cleveland show that airs at 7:30 PM Pacific today.   He even gave us a picture for it!

    Feel free to go try to find it.  By small, I mean really small,  so you will have to pay close attention for it (And it has nothing to do with Derpy)  This was done way back when the fandom was new (That's how long these things take to create!), so it's pretty minor, but this could be fun for some of you!

    Now go find us some pony!

    Spoiler now after the break.

  • Album: Smarty Pants

    Yelling at Cats has released a new album over on Bandcamp, primarily focusing on rap.  I know a ton of you like the genre, and it's growing on me pretty heavily, so this is definitely one to check out!

    And because he's awesome, you can get it for free, but real bro's pay five bucks on bandcamp for it.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #338

    Pinkie Pie is best sidekick! The heavy's only weakness is lack of sneakyness and slow speed, so what better to have than a crazy distracting companion!?

    Source 1
  • Addendum to Create a Side Series + New Poll!

    From a few of the emails I got, it sounds like some people thought the earlier discussion was more than just a hypothetical question thing!  I probably should have clarified a bit more.  Hasbro did not contact us to create a side series, it's just for fun. 

    We did also get a bunch of requests for a poll, so lets roll with it!

    I can't add every response (There are way too many), but I've grabbed a few that I saw a few times, and combined a couple of others.
  • Story: Eternal (Update Story 2!)


    Author: Device Heretic
    Description: Many years after sending her beloved protege to Ponyville, unease sits heavily on the heart of Equestria's Sun Princess, as her relationship with Twilight Sparkle seems to have cooled despite all they've accomplished together. On the advice of her sister, Celestia sets out to investigate and resolve the lost connection with her most faithful student. A look at Twilight, Luna, and Celestia as Twilight gets older.
    Eternal (New Chapter 8!) 

    Additional Tags: Bittersweet, Long, Drama, Philosophical, Redemption

    Description: An old story reminds Princess Luna of the dark times a thousand years earlier, when Discord ran free. In their time of need, the princesses found a loyal ally in the headstrong unicorn knight, Starlight Chaser, whose waywardness was second only to her nobility and courage. But one loyal knight may not be enough to save Luna as the Princess of the Moon is set adrift on a sea of war, politics, and her own desire to be as beloved as Celestia.
    The Wayward Knight

    Additional Tags: Adventure, Sad, Bittersweet, History, Tragedy

  • Where's Pinkie Pie?

    Source for sound!

  • Story: Sticks and Stones

    [Random] [Shipping] [Comedy] Even rocks and trees need love sometimes.

    Author: Nine
    Description: Every culture has its own story of romance blossoming under the most unlikely of circumstances. The wild west is no exception. In a little town called Appleloosa, the one of the strangest love stories of all time is about to unfold. That is, unless Braeburn has anything to say about it...
    Sticks and Stones

    Additional Tags: More implausible ships have happened
  • Simple PMV: Discord is Bliss / Planet of women / Mini-Madness S2 E18 / Bow Chika Wow Wow Wow / Imagine

    Simple PMV Time! All sorts of good stuff in this compilation. 

    1.) Discord is Bliss
    2.) Pmv -Planet of women2.wmv
    3.) PMV Mini-Madness S2 E18
    4.) "Bow Chika Wow Wow Wow" - Jeff Williams (PMV)
    5.) [MLP:FiM] Imagine (PMV)

  • Discussion: Create a side series!

    Once again, Hasbro has come to YOU for advice on their new pony side series that specifically focuses on a single pony.  They want it to target the younger male demographic this time around, so hearts and hugging may be something to avoid!

    Do you expand upon Daring Do?  Exploring ancient temples littered with traps while being chased down by Nazis? (Please no aliens...)

    Or maybe you want to follow one of the mane cast on an epic adventure across Equestria?

    The choice is yours!   Choose a pony, and summarize your idea.
  • Episode Followup: A Friend In Deed

    It's episode roundup time, where we dig way too far into absolutely every single aspect of an episode with a whole bunch of images.

    This was by far the most 4th wall breaking, insane Pinkie ever.  They really took her to a whole new level.

    Continue on after the break!

  • Music: I'll Make a Brony out of You / Snortle At the Jazzy / The Truth Of Trixie

    Music time! We have two vocals and a Jazz remix.  Enjoy!

    1.) I'll Make a Brony out of You [Mulan Parody]
    2.) Psychedelic Brony: Snortle At the Jazzy
    3.) The Truth Of Trixie (original pony song)

  • Random Merch: New Hot Topic Shirt / G4 Gummies / Blind Bags Return!

    Credit: Shrp Shooter

    Remember those fruit snacks with the misleading label?  The hidden g3 nonsense in the box? It looks like they have finally updated them with actually G4 pony snacks.  You can now devour your favorite ponies instead of those monstrosities that were originally included. 

    Credit: Lobster
    We also have a new Hot Topic shirt for all of you that don't like buying from online stores.   Unlike most of their shirts, I haven't seen this one elsewhere, so I guess it's exclusive!

    Click for Buying Page!

    And finally, Blindbags have popped up at Toywiz.  It looks like you can buy singles here, as opposed to a full box.  The Hasbro Toy Shop also has them back in stock for those that missed the first wave. Go buy some pony I guess!
  • Story Updates February 19th (Morning)

    Now I'm in the same boat as you guys.  I don't read many fics, but when I do, I prefer magic tournaments!

    Have some updates while I wait for more Moonstone Cup :x

  • Nightly Roundup #245

    Suddenly I want to play Okami!

    Have some news!