• Bronies React to Teens React to My Little Pony

    I Lol'd a bunch.
  • DHX Employees Confirmed for Badass


    See that guy up there? That's Will freakin' Anderson, and he works at DHX Media. You know, the place where ponies are made. Tell me you've seen a cooler, more badass setup than that. Stop your clicky little keyboards right there, because if you were typing anything just now, you're wrong. This man is so awesome it hurts to even type it.

    In case you already knew all that, I have some news about the finale of Season Two straight from this guy:

    • The finale is confirmed to be a two-parter.
    • The finale will have a song.
    • Will Anderson is awesome.

    I think I may be repeating myself. I will show myself the door.

    Good evening, ponies.

  • And Now, a Word From the Pre-Readers

    Good evening, fillies and gentlecolts. How’s your day going so far? Good? Glad to hear it.

    Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why some guy you’ve never heard of is asking you about your day on the internet’s most popular My Little Pony fansite. Is there a new blogpony? Is this some type of incredibly polite hacking attempt? Has Seth given control of the site to Nigerian princes to use as collateral during a multi-million dollar cash transaction?

    Temporarily, no, and not yet.

    I’m here on behalf of the EqD fanfiction pre-readers. For the past few weeks we’ve been dealing with a huge influx of fanfic that doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon. A good chunk of these are stories that have been resubmitted after being sent back for revisions. Unfortunately, many of these resubmissions have had very few changes made from their original drafts, which requires us to read them (again), make a list of problems (which is often strikingly similar to the previous list), and send these back to the author, after which the process will likely repeat itself.

    This really jams up our queue and makes things take much longer than they normally should. After bouncing some ideas around, we have come up with a system that will hopefully solve the problem: a three-strike policy.

    Here’s the short version: Stories can be sent back for revision three times before we stop looking at that story, barring special circumstances (for example, if a story is very close to being accepted but needs just one more round of editing, we’ll give it a free pass).

    Now, I know that sounds rough. “But Daff,” you may be thinking, “isn’t it the pre-reader’s job to help me fix my work so I can get it on EqD?” Alas, dear reader, it isn’t. I wish we had enough time to sit down with every author and help edit their work to perfection, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Our job is to vet stories for quality and content, nothing more. But don’t give up just yet. There is still hope. The editors over on Ponychan’s /fic/ board do some incredible work, and would be more than willing to help any would-be author bring their story as close to perfect as possible (assuming said author reads the sticky at the top of the page before posting). Additionally, we pre-readers have our own thread where we’re happy to answer any questions related to submissions, content, or writing in general.

    Between these two resources, I think any author is capable of getting their story up to snuff in under three submissions. We don’t like rejecting stories, but this is a necessary step to make life easier for all involved.

    Keep on being awesome, EqD.
  • Story: Core of the Apple


    Author: outlaw4rc
    Description: Losing a family member is never easy but Applejack makes it look like it. However, her friends and family can see through the facade and it takes something special for the cow pony to open up.
    Core of the Apple

    Core of the Apple (Alternate)

    Additional Tags: Family, Tearjerker, Uplifting, Death
  • Comic: Fire then Ire / Incognito

    Click for Full

    I would kill for a house like Twilight's original library.  Who needs that old tree thing anyway?

    Also some SCOOTANINJA below!

    Click for Full
  • Music: The Ballad of Applejack's Last Round Up

    We get a ton of dubstep, techno, rock, and rap, but rarely we do we visit the classics.  What better pony to do it with than Applejack? Have some good old fashioned bluegrass!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #335

    If ponykart pulls this off as a boss fight or something, I'll go crazy.

    Have some art! 

    Source 1
  • Story Updates February 15th (Evening)

    Another game that needs to happen.  You aren't here for games though, grab some story updates after the break.

  • Story: An Unexpected Development


    Author: Ace2401
    Description: After recovering from the love poison the troublesome Cutie Mark Crusaders gave them, Cheerilee and Big Macintosh were surprisingly unfazed by the strange situation. After a cordial evening together, the two got along just as well as they ever have, despite the awkwardness of their day.

    However, weeks later, Cheerilee finds herself strangely ill...
    An Unexpected Development

    An Unexpected Development (Alternate)

    Additional Tags: Unintended Consequences, Hearts and Hooves Day Sequel
  • Welovefine Nouveau Shirt Giveaway

    Our bros over at Welovefine have a new Tee-shirt giveaway going on.  Literally all you need to do is pick your favorite social media site in the list below and share/tweet/reblog their announcement to be entered.

    Pretty simple right?  Now go pick a link!

  • YTPMV: Pony Village / Blinded by Ponies

    The quality on these just keeps going up. I admit, I had a YTPMV fallout for a while, blindly posting them without enjoying it, but they are finally doing new stuff!

    1.) Pony Village
    2.) YTPMV - Blinded by Ponies

  • "Sauce" Meme Compilation!

    So... many.  Seriously, we have received 20 of these in the past few days every since Twilight Sauce was tossed into the roundup.   Luckily someone created a playlist! No embeds this time around, hit up the Youtube page here.

    (Note, these are all SFW for the most part!)
  • Story: The Library Club


    Author: Inky Swirl
    Description: Spike is getting increasingly worried about Twilight's computer addiction - and becoming downright disturbed by the amount of time she spends in the basement. In an attempt to discover what's happening to his best friend, he find that the rest of the Mane Six are entrapped in the spell of their computers as well. In a valiant attempt to free his friends, Spike enters the library basement, which Twilight has forbidden him access to... and uncovers a revelation so shocking that not even Celestia herself could handle the obscure truth.
    The Library Club

    Additional Tags: Humorous, Satiric, Random, Thoughtful, Derpy
  • Music: Her Darker Side / IM NOT THE PONY YOU KNOW / Evil Enchantress

    Vocal time! We have some much darker stuff from Aviators, a reverse of Rarity's popularity song, and some rap to finish it off!

    1.) Aviators - Her Darker Side
    2.) IM NOT THE PONY YOU KNOW - Taps ft. Cyril
    3.) Evil Enchantress [Winter Rap Off]

  • Story: Hackers with Hooves


    Author: Remus Shepherd
    Description: In this cyberpunk spin-off series for teenagers,
    Spark Runner and his friends detect that a powerful magic has come to
    Fillydelphia. They meet a bewildering pink pony that every criminal in
    the city seems to be after. Will they discover her secrets before the
    pony mafia or the terrorists do?
    Hackers with Hooves

    Additional Tags: Spin-off, cyberpunk, Fillydelphia, cameos, comedy.
  • Valentines Comic: Love Potion / Hearts and w-Hooves Day /

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    I had a folder dedicated to Valentines stuff, but comics didn't make it into it for some reason, so have them a day late!

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  • Untitled

    Valentines day is boring.  We need a cooler holiday next year.

    Think of something epic. 
  • Story Updates February 15th (Not really Morning but whatever! )

    Crazy Vagabond and it's massive 30 page chapters! If you ever wanted a huge series to get buried in, that's probably one of your best bets!

    Have some story updates.

  • Nightly Roundup #241

    I actually had a few people request firehose Trixie for the image tonight.  I guess it was a hit with some of you.  Celestia is way cooler though, sorry!

    Have some news.  It's a short one tonight, but there are a few neat videos to check out.