• Story Updates February 15th (Evening)

    Another game that needs to happen.  You aren't here for games though, grab some story updates after the break.

    Story: An Earth Pony's Guide to Magic (Update Part 2!)


    Author: Sereg
    Description: As a descendant of the greatest conjurer of the pre-classical era, Star Swirl wishes to live up to her namesake’s reputation and their shared cutie mark. But how can she emulate a powerful unicorn when she is an earth pony? Taking the advice of her psychologist, she heads off to Ponyville to try and find out.
    An Earth Pony's Guide to Magic

    Story: My Little Alicorn (Update Part 12!)

    [Normal] [Random]

    Author: InsertAuthorHere
    Description: At long last, Luna has found the perfect prank to outdo Celestia: turn her into a filly and stage a fake takeover of Equestria! That is, it would have been perfect were it not for that pesky fine print..
    My Little Alicorn

    Story: Apple Branches (Update Story 9!)

    [M/M Shipping]

    Author: Cogs
    Description: Caramel likes Big Macintosh.  Big Macintosh doesn't know.  Rainbow Dash and Applejack are romantically involved.  And just how much does Caramel admitting his crush change all their lives?
    Apple Branches

    Additional Tags: Caramel's Question Makes a Difference"  

    Story: Countdown to Destruction (Update Part 3!)

    [Crossover] [Adventure]

    Author: Cyron
    Description: Crossover between My Little Pony: FiM and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The Great and Powerful Trixie is back. The first item on her agenda: revenge on Ponyville and Twilight Sparkle.
    Countdown to Destruction

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