• Important Message to the Community From Hasbro

    Markarian, the Co-Chair at Everfree Northwest, recently gained an audience from one of the higher ups at Hasbro. Their general message about us is extremely positive overall. If you have been worried about their stance on us, this is definitely something to pick up and listen to. Some of the bigger names in the community (Myself included) completely back this.

    Please note that Derpy wasn't actually addressed in Markarian's conversation with Hasbro, but we can try to take this news as a positive step toward eventually securing her place in the show.

    Check the video out after the break, or hit the link up here.
  • Instrumental Music: Pipsqueak the Pirate - [Big Dave] // Flaedr - Daring-Do // Bronyfied - PINKIE'S GOT A SHOTGUN //

    Instrumental time! Today we have Pipsqueak being a pirate, Pinkie having a shotgun, and some Daring Do! Listen with your ears!

    1) Pipsqueak the Pirate - [Big Dave]
    2) Flaedr - Daring-Do
    3) Bronyfied - PINKIE'S GOT A SHOTGUN (OH GOD, RUN!!)

  • Music: TheDumplingz - I Wish I was a Tree 2 - (Rap) // Just Like You // Scootaloo's Wings //

    Vocal mix time! Today we have some Scootaloo rap and a song about a Fluttershy.

    Pretty sure I got those right.

    1) TheDumplingz - I Wish I was a Tree 2 - (Rap)
    2) Just Like You
    3) Scootaloo's Wings

  • Story: The Promises We Keep

    [Normal] [Sad] [Light Shipping]

    Author: Pascoite
    Description: Big Macintosh has fallen hard for the pretty mailmare. When she is forced into a fight for her life, he sticks by her faithfully, but can he keep the promises he's made? The plot is in honor of my mother-in-law, who wasn't so lucky, and I suspect wouldn't actually appreciate inspiring a story about ponies.

    The Promises We Keep
    Alternate Link

    Additional Tags: Love endures, Optimistic ending
  • Read it and Weep Was Originally "Reading Rainbow"

    One of the storyboard artists over on Deviant Art recently dropped this comment on their page.  Apparently "Read it and Weep" was actually "Reading Rainbow" before it's full development cycle was completed.

    And the quote:
    I have seen a lot of funny fandom comments about how the title should have been "Reading Rainbow". Apparently that actually WAS the working title early on--don't know why they didn't keep it but I assume it has something to do with the rights to the actual show.

    Confound this legal nonsense!  That would have been glorious!

    At least they have us to PMV the hell out of it.  I've seen at least 10 "Reading Rainbow" videos since the new episode, and a few before it!
  • Story Updates February 6th (Evening)

    Story update time! Lots of awesome ones this time around. Check it all out after the break.

  • Drawfriend #326

    Ponies make everything better edition! 

    I would totally be all over this game, and I burned out on Battlefield 3 a month and a half ago!

    Source 1
  • Animation: I'm a Pony / Blame it on the Ponies

    Rainbow Dash shipping: the animation?! That's a new one!  I think you may be mis-reading poor spitfire though Dashie.  Hit it up after the break!

    We also have a Blame it on the Ponies flash, starring pretty much everyone. Check that out here!

  • The Brony Show Episode 38 - Mic the Microphone

    This is a pretty massive copy paste! So I'm tossing it after the break.  For those that never read it anyway, just hit the page up here for the show!

  • Pony Jigsaw Puzzles

    I hope you guys are in the mood for some brain bending, because Dr. Yukon over on Deviant Art has created a whole mess of jigsaw puzzles to solve.  Overall their are....

    21 Non-Rotating Puzzles
    24 Rotating Puzzles

    If you decide to try the more challenging rotating ones, just hit r to spin the pieces.

    Now go burn some hours!
  • We ❤ Ponies Mare-A-Thon Video From Saturday's Stream

    This was actually pinned on to the end of the Read it and Weep episode Xyro uploaded, but it looks like that has been sent... TO THE MOON, so have it separated!

    It has a four second clip from the upcoming Hearts and Hooves Day for those that didn't bother watching the credits. Nothing groundbreaking, but I'm sure you all can theorize something out of it.
  • Plushie Compilation #40

    Derpy edition because who doesn't love a muffin munching mail mare?

    Time for some plushie ponies everyone! Check them all out after the break.

    Source 1

  • Comic: The Winter blues / Book Buddy / Derpy's World

    We have Lyra and Bonbon above, Rainbow Dash being ridiculous on the left, and Derpy on the right.  Click for full!

  • Comic: Always Remember / Derpy's Ingenious Plan / Rainbow Dash Realizes

    Comic time! We have a My Little Dashie one up above, Derpy being ridiculous on the bottom left, and Rainbow Dash admitting things on the bottom right.  Click them all for full!

  • Story: Spitfire's Day Off

    [Normal] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Artimae
    Description: Being the captain of Equestria's most renowned aerobatics team is a stressful, and sometimes thankless, job. Her joints ache; her muscles are taut; her mind reels from the sheer responsibility. But, like any professional, Spitfire takes it all in stride with a grin. That is, until a certain rainbow-maned mare started mouthing off. Being accused of 'Camera Hogging' was the final straw. Spitfire finally lost her temper, dumping every ounce of that responsibility on an unwitting rookie and leaving for a single day of respite. This story details her day of (mostly) relaxation.

    Spitfire's Day Off

    Additional Tags: Spitfire goes to the Spa
  • (Rumor?) Derpy Is Here To Stay

    Oh god, the poor EQD mailbox.   Quite a few people sent this over to us.  Apparently someone in the UK division of Hasbro has confirmed that Derpy is here to stay, via e-mail.  It is a bit odd that we would find out this way (we have dug around everywhere without any luck, we seriously only have this screenshot to go off of), so this is going to roll with a rumor tag until we have something more concrete than random_UK_Hasbro employee.

    Until then though, I guess we can celebrate! Hooray for Derpy.

    Thanks to everyone that submit it! I wont be able to respond to all of these, but we love you anyway. 
  • PMV: Hay Devil (PMV) // Horse, M.D. // [PMV] Say Goodbye //

    Ninja Dash is best Dash. In the interim where we have to go without more Ninja Dash, have some PMVs! I heard they're almost as good.

    Yes, I'm a Dash fan now.

    1) Hay Devil (PMV)
    2) Horse, M.D.
    3) [PMV] Say Goodbye

  • Wallpaper Compilation #35


    Sorry, Rarity! No interesting wallpapers of you this time around for the spotlight. Well, not as interesting as Daring Do up there. She sure is something.

    Lots of cool ones this time! Check em out!

  • Music: Promises / Replacer - A Pony Like Me

    We got two awesome vocal tracks last night! My poor playlist can't keep up anymore!

    1.) PrinceWhateverer - Promises (1000-sub song for Scootaloo)
    2.) Replacer - A Pony Like Me

  • Equestria Inquirer Issue #24

    It's time for another issue of the Equestria Inquirer, this time in fancy newspaper format on DeviantArt or in convenient video form on Youtube! Shouldn't be long before this is an actual tabloid. Someone, get on that. I'd buy it.

  • Story Updates February 6th (Morning)

    Story update time! ATTACK!

  • Nightly Roundup #234

    Who said Scratch and Octavia were the only musicians? They all got it!

    A heads up to most fanfic writers - The queues are huge.  We have received 30+ stories in the past day and a half.  It's probably going to take a while to get something through right now! Go take it somewhere for editing, I think around 90% of these are sent to the moon for it anyway!

    Inb4 roundup bad grammar comments.

    Have some news!