• Papercraft Gilda /

    We have a few new papercraft toys for all of your collections out there.  No ponies this time around, but we do have a certain obnoxious griffon, as well as the Super Squeezy Cider machine from the new episode.  Have some links:

    Guilds Template
    Gilda Tutorial

    Super Squeezy Template

  • Comic: I Hate Drawing hands / New Horizon


    Honestly I like the ridiculous "wants to be a human" Lyra way more than the "wife of bonbon" Lyra.  We also have aClockwork Orange teaser below.  Ponies just fit into everything.

  • Tara Strong Speaks At SacAnime 2012

    What the title says!

    Tara Strong recently spoke at the SacAnime 2012 voice actor panel, and a member of the audience captured all two hours of the panel. Most of it is non-pony, but there are a few choice segments of pony-related things if you dig through the Youtube comments a little bit- one of my favorites was a comment by her about 'sicing my bronies on this guy'. Both videos can be found after the break!

  • Everfree Radio Episode 11

    Everfree Radio released another episode the other day! Check out the synopsis below, and the copy paste right under it!

    Everfree Radio Episode 11

    Hey everyone, EverFree Radio is here again with another episode release, Episode 11: Ah Didn't Learn Anythin'!. This podcast features a review of the newest episode, The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy, and an interview with the community artist Garrett Gilchrist. We'd also like to remind you all of our 80's week coming up by mid February, so stay tuned for that and continue submitting 80's content!
  • Comic: Just a Normal Day / Flarestar

    Lazy ponies are awesome.  The comic above is proof of that.

    And we also have the first four parts of a multi-parter below! Hit up the links below the image and be sure to check back at their deviant art page if it peaks your interest!

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
  • Music: Student of Celestia

    Yeah, that's a nine minute Green Day pony parody.  Mando Pony never ceases to amaze, that's for sure! It's awesome too, so just go listen to it.

    After the break as always.

  • Story: Elysian Fields (Update Part 4!)

    [Sad] [Grimdark]

    Author: Bullets
    Description: The Hearth's Warming story tells the tale of how Equestria came to be. It does not however tell of the dark secrets that followed. Find out about the true history, and dark secrets of Equestria's forgotten past.

    Elysian Fields (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: War, R.E.A., Hearth's Warming, Luna, Celestia
  • Reddit and IMDB Pony Groups Seeking Assistance

    A few pony communities are trying win various competitions, but need assistance to do it!

    First off we have the My Little Pony Reddit page.  From what multiple people (Including their moderators) have told me, they got shafted on a "Best Community of 2011" poll, and ended up in the "Large Community" section against stuff that completely decimates their numbers.  They are asking for your help!

    Head on over to this page, register for an account, and hit the upvote arrow to cast your vote for /r/mylittlepony. 

    And on the other side of the pond, or series of tubes, we have the IMDB Friendship is Magic page.  Right now they are sitting at 8.9 with ~4,700 ratings.  In order to hit the top TV show list, they need at least 5,000, and if they want to be the best of the best of all time, they need around 25k.

    Hit up this page to vote! You will need an account, but IMDB is pretty useful anyway so might as well get one!
  • Story Updates January 31st (Evening)

    Determination! Truly Sweetie Belle is a force to be reckoned with.

    Have some story updates!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #320


    Or drawfriend time.  I'm going to party anyway.  Have some art!

    Source 1

    And our new Filly filled banner is from Maddermike! Thanks dood! 
  • Music: FlutterHouse By Nix_Spark // H8_Seed - Neverending Strife (Aviators Remix) // [Power Metal] Winter Wrap Up //

    It's mix time!  We have a Fluttershy House song, a Power Metal Winter Wrap Up, and another remix of the Neverending Strife song. Check them out below!

    1) FlutterHouse By Nix_Spark
    2) H8_Seed - Neverending Strife (Aviators Remix)
    3) [Power Metal] Winter Wrap Up

  • Doctor Whoof Actually Was a Reference

    Image removed as requested! You will have to take our word on this one.

    In the recent Super Speedy Cider Squeezy episode, Doctor Whooves is the one controlling the hourglass for the competition.  I think most of us assumed it was a reference, but we never know for sure.  This right here officially confirms it.  Apparently he was used on purpose.

    Did I ever say how much I love the team behind this show? Because I love the team behind this show.

  • Plush Compilation #39

    Time for a Great and Powerful Trixie edition! Why? Because she's Great and Powerful of course!

    Check out some more plush ponies after the break.

    Source 1

  • Story: The Masks We Wear

    [Normal] [Friendshipping]

    Author: Rokas
    Description: Rainbow Dash has a secret, one she doesn't want anypony to know. Yet a surprise visit from Twilight Sparkle is about to blow the secret wide open, and reveal a hidden past the cyan pegasus has attempted to put behind her.

    The Masks We Wear

    Additional Tags: Not-clop, Inbeforeread'emandweep, friendship, anime, NERDS
  • BGM: Flim Flam Bros. Song // Applejack's Speech // Searching for Applejack

    More BGMS For you all to enjoy from Infinity Dash. Check them out below!

    1) MLP:FiM BGM: Flim Flam Bros. Song (Instrumental+Backing Vocals)
    2) MLP:FiM BGM: Applejack's Speech
    3) MLP:FiM BGM: Searching for Applejack

  • Music: Leaving Dodge // Ozzwald ft. TuXe - Pinkie Promise // MusicalPony - Dreams of Colour

    Instrumental time! Are you ready for no words in your pony music? Cause you're not getting words in it today! Or at least not in this post.

    *This post created by Cereal's new post creator app.

    1) Leaving Dodge
    2) Ozzwald ft. TuXe - Pinkie Promise
    3) MusicalPony - Dreams of Colour

  • More Random Merch: Watches, Purses, Cards, and Towels

    So I heard you guys were lacking pink in your life? Lucky for you, more pony merch has popped up! Lounge at the beach with your new Pinkie Pie towel, or deck your your empty wrist with a brand new pony watch. You don't even have to know how to read a classic clock, its digital!

    And if you really want to get in touch with your femanine side, check out the self-made pony purse!  Customize it with more hearts and rainbows for maximum effect. 

    And finally, some Rainbow Cards.  I don't know exactly what they are, but from the image, it looks like you lace string through holes in them.  It's pony merch, so who cares! Get it anyway! 

    Thanks to Natalie for all the images! These particular products were found at Safeway and Big W in Australia.  They also apparently have FiM torches at Coles, but she didn't get a chance to take a picture of those. 
  • Cathy Weseluck (Spike) to appear on the Dennis Daniel Show

    Spike doesn't get nearly enough love! Apparently out favorite little dragon's voice actress, Cathy Weseluck, will be appearing on the Dennis Daniel show on the 3rd of February.  Clearly she needs to be tossed a ton of support, so hit the website up when it airs! I'll toss a reminder out on the day of. 
  • Story Updates January 31st (Morning)

    Time for some fics! Check them all out below.

  • Nightly Roundup #230

    I should just call this roundup the meetup edition, It took forever, but that's pretty much all we got!

    Check that, and some karaoke out after the break!

  • Blindbags Invading Australia

    Hey, you guys might actually be awake for this!  Australia has had the 4 pack for a while, but it looks like full fledged blindbags are showing up now.  These particular ones were found at a store called David Jones, apparently at the checkout lines in the toy department.

    So go buy some ponies?

    Thanks to Jaco for the image!

    And be sure to use the guide if you want specific ones. 
  • Addendum to Derpy Hooves

    Image removed as requested! You will have to take our word on this one

    As some of you just recently discovered in the earlier post, a supposed "uprising" of angry anti-derpy people popped up.  We never reported on it, because the messages in the EQD inbox were pretty mixed on the subject. A few were saying it was a small section of people, while others blew it out of proportion.  The disappearance of the iTunes episode did point to this actually being relevant, but.... someone sent this screenshot of an email they sent to DHX.  Apparently they haven't been effected at all by this.  It sounds like Derpy is here to stay, and all fears should be sent TO THE MOON.

    Now onward to more derp! 

    Note: We have been deleting emails about the original screenshot for quite a while now.  So thanks to everyone that sent it regardless of it's legitimacy.