• Addendum to Derpy Hooves

    Image removed as requested! You will have to take our word on this one

    As some of you just recently discovered in the earlier post, a supposed "uprising" of angry anti-derpy people popped up.  We never reported on it, because the messages in the EQD inbox were pretty mixed on the subject. A few were saying it was a small section of people, while others blew it out of proportion.  The disappearance of the iTunes episode did point to this actually being relevant, but.... someone sent this screenshot of an email they sent to DHX.  Apparently they haven't been effected at all by this.  It sounds like Derpy is here to stay, and all fears should be sent TO THE MOON.

    Now onward to more derp! 

    Note: We have been deleting emails about the original screenshot for quite a while now.  So thanks to everyone that sent it regardless of it's legitimacy.