• Instrumental Music: Rainboom Flight / Flutter-Bomb / Royal Imprisonment

    I'm not really sure what genre the first one is, it's pretty neat though! We also have some dubstep and orchestral stuff to follow it up.  Enjoy! 

    1.) Rainboom Flight
    2.) Flutter-Bomb - dubstep
    3.) Royal Imprisonment

  • BroNYCon Charity Auctions

    Another crazy charity auction has been fired up!  Purple Tinker will lead with some copy paste:

    BroNYCon is running a very special series of charity auctions to benefit Toys for Tots. The following items are presently available on eBay, and fans of Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy would be especially lucky to win these items, as they feature the signatures of Ms. Ashleigh Ball and Ms. Andrea Libman!

    • An official BroNYCon January 2012 poster featuring Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack plus Princess Celestia, Cheerilee, and a few well-known OCs, designed by John Joseco (logo by Wendy E.) and signed by Ms. Ashleigh Ball and Ms. Andrea Libman: Here

    • An official BroNYCon January 2012 poster featuring Rainbow Dash and Applejack, designed by John Joseco (logo by Wendy E.) and signed by Ms. Ashleigh Ball: Here

    • An official BroNYCon January 2012 poster featuring Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, designed by SpeccySY and signed by Ms. Libman: Here
  • Friendship is STILL Magic

    Remember Friendship is Magic Bitch?  Well, part two is out.  I'm sure I don't need to tell you all it's not the most safe for work video on the planet.  Watching poor Nightmare Moon slowly fall into insanity sure is fun though!

    Check it out here!

    Or Youtube after the break!
  • Custom Compilation #40

    Celestia had the spotlight for the latest plush compilation so it's only fair that Luna gets some time in the spotlight too!

    Check out the rest of the customs after the break!

    Source 1

  • Mr. Hooves Instrumental Compilation

    Fans of instrumental/symphonic stuff will probably find something to enjoy here!

    1.) Lament for Twilight Sparkle
    2.) Discord's Waltz
    3.) Flight Over The Everfree Forest
    4.) Luna's Nocturne

  • Artist Training Grounds: Postponed until Jan 18

    I'm sorry that it's coming to this, everypony. But my equipment has flat out had enough of the abuse I've been putting it through, and it's not taking my crap anymore. My poor little phone has nothing left to give, and the amount of time I can squeeze out of a public wifi network in a given day really isn't enough for me to be able to do this event justice. So after much consulting with my trusty advisers, I have come to the conclusion that the best thing I can do for the event is to put it on hold until internet is installed in my apartment. Thanks so much, Time Warner.

    That's not very exciting, I know. You wanted to draw ponies, and believe me, you will. But we're going to do this right. Trust me, when we finally get a Day 2 gallery and hand out the Day 3 theme, it's going to be so cool. Thanks for sticking with me, folks. I promise it will all be worth it.
  • Comic Hey Applebloom! / Starting Out

    Click for Full
    Remember when cartoons were good?  I'm glad FiM brought that back.  Have some Hey Arnold, followed by Derpy being... Derpy.
    Click for Full
  • Comic: Art History 101 / Zap Apple Jam

    Click for Full

    Cereal swears these ponies look like normal horses.  I swear I like them because they don't look like real horses.  Twilight Sparkle has the right idea I think!

    And some Zap Apple Jam below!

    Click for Full
  • Wallpaper Compilation #32


    Revolution! Throw down the oppressors! Sack the palace, burn the farms, and salt the earth!

    Oh, sorry. Wallpapers.

  • Music: Super Ponybeat -- Find a Pet (Euro Mix) / Scootaloo's Adulthood / Lunar Republic~Resolution mix

    It's remix time! First off we have Eurobeat Brony's new "Find a Pet" remix. You probably know what to expect there!

    We also have a Cutie Mark Crusaders piano Scootaloo piece. I have been told that "this is in fact the way a piano composition should work".

    And finally another remix of "For the Lunar Replublic", because we can't remix it enough or something!

    1.) Super Ponybeat -- Find a Pet (Euro Mix)
    2.) Scootaloo's Adulthood (Piano Improvisation) MLP FIM
    3.) For The New Lunar Republic~Resolution mix

  • Story Updates January 12 (Evening)

    Just a short list today! Three total to be exact.  Have some story updates.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #302

    Salvador Dali edition!  Because Octavia melting isn't creepy at all.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • PMV: I Love Everything / Rhythm is Magic: Foal In One / I Will Not Bow, Celestia!

    Suddenly I really want to try this Rhythm is Magic game. Rarity golfing is amazing.

    1.) I Love Everything ( My Little Pony PMV ) [ Fluttershy & JackleApp Tribute]
    2.) Rhythm is Magic: Foal In One
    3.) MLP PMV - I Will Not Bow, Celestia!

  • Spotlight: Ask Pia Ikea

    Guys, I think I have a crush on IKEA pony.

    Look at her, she's so cute.

    In what may or may not become a regular thing, I'm going to highlight a pretty awesome ask-a-pony Tumblr account- and as the title suggests, this one is called Ask Pia Ikea. I just call her IKEA pony. I'm sure that's incorrect.

    You can find this Tumblr here. Spam them with questions so they'll keep going!
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotlights: Cheerilee and Berry Punch

    The Governator is HOT FOR TEACHA, with his new Cheerilee, and Berry Punch spotlight, because this artist made me like standing ponies for some reason.   I wonder why we don't have any official canon ponies with pigtails? It seems to work out really well!

    1.) Pony Spotlight 19#: Cheerilee
    2.) Pony Spotlight 20#: Berry Punch

  • Story: The Spark to Light a Candle


    Author: SPark
    Description: A half-remembered dream leads Twilight Sparkle to test a new "window" spell by looking at an alternate Equestria. What she sees there will lead her and her friend Princess Luna into adventures they had never imagined possible.
    The Spark to Light a Candle

    Additional Tags: Hopping universes on purrpose for personal growth and shipping
  • Music: 20 Percent Kazooler / Something to Believe In / Mumble Finds a Pet


    I have no clue what is going on.  The first one is the most ridiculous remix I have ever heard...ever.  Truly Kazoos are the greatest invention ever or something.

    We also have some serious music though! The second one is a pretty cool vocal song, reminiscent of something out of Toy Story.

    And General Mumble Finds a pet, because he lost his old one.

    1.) 20 Percent Kazooler *WARNING, REALLY LOUD*
    2.) MLP FIM Something to Believe In
    3.) General Mumble - Mumble Finds a Pet

  • Twilight Sparkle Pinata

    Wait... Who could hit Twilight sparkle?  I couldn't swing a bat at that in a million years!  I have to admit, I don't know anything about building a pinata, but if it's anything like plushies, I'm sure its a massive pain in the flank. 

    Apparently they actually made this for a customer.  Which one of you was it?
  • Nightly Roundup #213 + 100 Million Hits Closure Post!

    Wow Trixie, you were such a dork in school.

    I guess this closes off our big 100,000,000 hits day.  Thanks to everyone that participated!   And thanks again to all of the people in this community that make EQD awesome! We wouldn't be here without the creative STORM that constantly shakes the very foundations of the internet twenty four hours a day.  This fandom continues to break all sorts of ground in terms of innovating what exactly an online community is capable of.  Barely a year old and we already have multiple conventions, hundreds of meetups all across the world, and millions of pieces of fan content invading just about every corner of both real life and cyberspace. 

    Not to mention the kick ass staff over at The Hub, Hasbro, Studio B, Top Draw, and everywhere else that brought us this crazy show that sparked it all.  I doubt any of them thought it would grow to the scale it has, but I'm glad they threw caution to the wind and put their all into making this amazing cartoon!

    I'm going to stop blabbering and give you guys some roundup news though! It's a pretty big one tonight, so I hope you are in the mood for some reading/video watching!

    Also one last reminder for those wondering where the comment box went - Blogger added a really obnoxious commenting system that doesn't work for a site with our traffic, and the only way to lose it was to remove the embedded box.  You can click "Post a Comment" right above where it used to be at the bottom to comment via popup.  Hopefully this is just temporary!

  • Simple PMV Compilation #4

    Time for some simple PMV's! It's just ponies with music, and a few extras.

    Check them all out below.

    1.) Hello Ponies!-PMV (Rock N Roll-Skrillex)
    2.) Fluttershy's Paradise
    3.) [PMV] Anxiety - Angels & Airwaves
    4.) Tough (Applejack Tribute)
    5.) "Balloons In My Basket" Music Video