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  • Artist Training Grounds: Mock War, Day 2 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

    Greetings, recruits! It's been a rough road to start, but I'm glad to see you're all still with me. Despite a large number of setbacks, we've  no fewer than 560(!!!?!!) armored entrants for today's marching orders. Considering you guys didn't have functional submission guidelines to go off of, that's quite the accomplishment. Well done, all of you. 

    For today, as I'm sure you all have noticed,  the submission script we had been using is no longer functional. We're currently seeking alternative solutions, but for now what we were planning on doing is taking your entries via e-mail. However! There's a problem with this. I have just moved into a new apartment. This apartment does not have internet service. I cannot possibly manage all of this on my phone, and the solution I used today is now no longer an option. And you guys are so full of pictures it hurts. So here's what I'm doing. I'm getting as many pictures up in tonight's gallery as possible. What I can't get to, I'll release in a sub-gallery tomorrow. I'm giving you Day 2's theme now, but DO NOT SUBMIT!!! You're getting bonus time to think of neat ways to do it. I will let you know when I can manage to run this event in a way that's fair to all of you. I let you down, and I'm sorry.

    Day 2: You're In the Army Now
    After taking some time to get adjusted to your new life, you finally feel ready to turn up for basic training. Like your bunkmate keeps saying, no point in marching off to war without knowing how to fight, right? The sun is shining painfully bright above you, as the drill instructor barks orders at pair of fencing unicorns. 
    "No. Guard up, damn you! Up! Riposte! Why aren't you...? Ugh. Just... just take five, everypony."
    Now, she turns to you, and the rest of the newbie class, gesturing to the foam swords sitting in front of you.
    "Pick those up and find a partner."
    It doesn't take long for you to learn you're not cut out for this. It's impossible to get a grip, and all you can manage to occasionally take a clumsy horizontal slash at your sparring partner. You're rewarded for your efforts with a disapproving thwack from the instructor's own foam blade.
    "Nmph. Yuh hbth to hrd rt lrrk thth!"
    "Thth! Lrrk thth!" She gestures wildly, but does nothing further to communicate her... uh... point. 
    "Whr mrshf..." Ptooi. "Why would anypony even make weapons like this in a country without hands?"
    High above on a tower balcony, Princess Celestia stifles a giggle.
     Assignment: Draw a pony in training
  • Story Updates January 11th (Evening)

    I kind of want to play some Majora's Mask now.

    Have some stories!

  • Story: Rainbow Dash's Big Adventure (Update Part 2!)

    [Normal/Slice of Life]

    Author: the dobermans
    Description: Rainbow Dash's weather management position at the Weather Factory is eliminated. Through the generosity of Princess Celestia, she is provided with a chance to enroll in Equestria University. What will befall her in the strange world of Academia?
    Rainbow Dash's Big Adventure Part 1
    Rainbow Dash's Big Adventure Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Full blown Rainbow Dash epic
  • Plushie Compilation #35

    Celestia edition tonight because she deserves it after being so trounced in the Top Five Pony poll. Look how crestfallen she is! Don't you just want to give her a good home and a hug?

    Check out more plushie pony goodness after the break!

    Source 1

  • Game: Scootaloo's Scooter Scooting

    That's a lot of scoot right there.  This is a pretty simple one, all you need to do is dodge hay bayles and collect cupcakes.  Easy right? You even get a short hover with her tiny little wings.

    Check it out here!
  • Clarification From Hasbro About Regional DVD Sales and Episode Releases

    For a very long time, we've all wanted Hasbro to release episodes outside of the United States in a legal fashion so that more people could support them.

    As it turns out, citing a recent email from a Hasbro representative, Hasbro releasing episodes before they are aired on the respective country's television networks infringes on the deals made with those networks. There is a holdback period as well- a period in which a network can bar sales of DVDs and other downloads of the episode for a while after it has been aired.

    You can find the full text of the email below the break, names removed.

    This goes a long way to explaining why legal downloads of the show are scarce outside the United States. Unfortunately it also means that we just have to be patient. Legal systems are picky, finicky things, especially when they have to work together.

    For the meantime, we'll need to stick to Youtube. It's not ideal, but so far it's worked fairly well.

  • Comic: The Curse of the Zap Apples / Zap Apple Delights

    Click for Full
    Got a delivery of fresh picked Zap Apple comics for you guys. Check them out before they spoil!

    Above we have Pinkie, well, acting like her usual awesome self and below we have a parody by Niban-Destikim. Simpsons in my pony? It's more likely than you think!

    Click for Full
  • Music: Octavia Giggles at the Ghosties / Psychedelic Brony: Winter Wrap-Up / A Journey of Friendship

    It's remix time! First off, we have some Octavia style strings Giggle at the Ghosties, followed by Psychadelic Brony's rendition of Winter Wrap Up, and finishing off with a huge seven minute Hearthwarming track. Enjoy!

    1.) Octavia Giggles at the Ghosties
    2.) Psychedelic Brony: Winter Wrap-Up
    3.) Brony MACH - A Journey of Friendship

  • Top Five Pony Results!

    A few days ago,  we threw a "top five pony" discussion up.  With a whopping 969 replies, it was obviously pretty popular!

    I bet you all wondered who the winners were though.  Thankfully, someone going by the name of Fluttertroll compiled everything for us.   That's some seriously hard work right there!

    Check out his emoticon filled copy paste after the break for a full results summary!

    UPDATE: Or check out the google doc for advanced information! 

  • EQLA Announces Tara Strong

    I think Tara must have found a way to clone herself or something.   It looks like Equestria LA has brought her on for November.  How she manages to do all of these is beyond me, but LA is a pretty massive entertainment hub, so I bet a ton of you will be all over this one! 

    Check out the press release below!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #300

    I am going to hire an author to extend books for Twilight Sparkle, just so she never has to feel this again.

    Poor Twi...

    Have some art. 

    Source 1

    *Update* Uhh, with bronycon we apparently got drawfriend numbers wrong, so this is #300! 
  • Comic: Guy-Ra / Pinkied Pie

    Click for Full!
    Indeed Bon Bon, I'm confused too.

    And some Pinkie Pie below! Also confusing

    I'm so confused today.

  • Instrumental Music: Rarity Piano Improvisation / Nicolas Dominique - Rise the Sun / Archie.V - Christmas In Equestria

    We have some really good stuff this time around. First off is an amazing piano composer who needs at least 600 more subscribers. Go invade his channel!

    We also have some Celestia music, and an Archie V. Christmas song! Charge!

    1.) Rarity Piano Improvisation MLP FIM (Also check out his Winter Wrap Up song!)
    2.) Nicolas Dominique - Rise the Sun
    3.) Archie.V - Christmas In Equestria

  • Story: Ponitics


    Author: Midli
    Description: The future lives of Twilight Sparkle, her friends, and her fellow office workers of the "Ministry of Friendship". A department tasked with promoting tolerance and love across equestria. A socio-political themed story about finding oneself in the world, finding romance, friendship, kinship and general life alliances no matter where you are in life.
    Ponitics Part 1
    Ponitics Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Socio-Political, Finding oneself, Equality, Friendship, World Issues
  • Pony Platformer Game: Winter Update

    I don't know what it is about Trixie, but seeing her randomly on top of this tree giving out powerups was amazing. 

    The Pony Platforming Game has had a whole bunch of neat additions added.  For those that missed it the first time, be prepared for one of the more impressive FiM fan games out there.  For those that played it before, have some snow and Trixie!

    Check out the game here.

    And the ponychan thread here.
  • BroNYcon 2012 Musicians' Panel in HD

    Hot on the heels of the Voice Actress Panel, we have the first panel of Bronycon up in full HD for your viewing pleasure. Find it after the break!

  • Comic: Right / I'm Hungry

    Click for Full!
    We have some filly comics this time! Or maybe Trollestia stuff? Click and find out I guess!

    Click for Full!
  • Simple PMV: Open Your Heart // Dziwne Zachowania // We Ran Out of CD Space

    Yeah, I think I like this pony. Why all the hate for her, again?

    1.) Open Your Heart
    2.) Dziwne Zachowania
    3.) We Ran Out of CD Space

  • Story Updates January 10th (Morning)

    I for one welcome our new adult Dinky overlord.

    Have some story updates!
  • Nightly Roundup #211

    Dr. Adorable is the best pony. 

    It's time for some NEWS!

  • The Hub's Valentines Mare-athon Poll Results

    The final tally is in! I think most of us would agree with this.  The top twenty definitely fit with my expectations (Aside from the lack of Boast Busters... poor Trixie... )

    We did get around ~2500 fake votes for The Mysterious Mare Do Well from 4chan , so it didn't actually make the cut. 

    I will fire it off to The Hub and see what they think!  The voting for the actual Valentines Day Mare-athon will take place on the 24th of January, so be sure to hit that up, as well as the event on the actual Hub Network channel on the 11th of February! 

    And the list for all you lazy people out there:

    1 Lesson Zero - Votes: 5160
    2 Luna Eclipsed - Votes: 3784
    3 Party of One - Votes: 2203
    4 Sonic Rainboom - Votes: 1629
    5 Winter Wrap Up - Votes: 1400
    6 May the Best Pet Win - Votes: 1200
    7 The Cutie Mark Chronicles - Votes: 1150
    8 Secret of My Excess - Votes: 1057   
    9 Hearth's Warming Eve - Votes: 1038
    10 Sweet and Elite - Votes: 1031
    11 Dragonshy - Votes: 846
    12 Feeling Pinkie Keen - Votes: 826
    13 The Return of Harmony Part 2 - Votes: 800
    14 Sisterhooves Social - Votes: 771
    15 The Return of Harmony Part 1 - Votes: 691
    16 The Best Night Ever - Votes: 624
    17 Suited for Success - Votes: 622
    18 Family Appreciation Day - Votes: 592
    19 Green Isn’t Your Color - Votes: 568
    20 Bridle Gossip - Votes: 467

    I'll be honest, I totally didn't vote for Trixie.  Twilight losing her mind was just too good!
  • Simple PMV: The Ponies Aren't Alright // Pony Wars: Every Star Wars Trailer Ponified // Pinkie Pie's Great Day

    It's just a big ol' pile of tired.

    1.) The Ponies Aren't Alright
    2.) Pony Wars: Every Star Wars Trailer Ponified
    3.) Pinkie Pie's Great Day