• Artist Training Grounds: Mock War, Day 2 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

    Greetings, recruits! It's been a rough road to start, but I'm glad to see you're all still with me. Despite a large number of setbacks, we've  no fewer than 560(!!!?!!) armored entrants for today's marching orders. Considering you guys didn't have functional submission guidelines to go off of, that's quite the accomplishment. Well done, all of you. 

    For today, as I'm sure you all have noticed,  the submission script we had been using is no longer functional. We're currently seeking alternative solutions, but for now what we were planning on doing is taking your entries via e-mail. However! There's a problem with this. I have just moved into a new apartment. This apartment does not have internet service. I cannot possibly manage all of this on my phone, and the solution I used today is now no longer an option. And you guys are so full of pictures it hurts. So here's what I'm doing. I'm getting as many pictures up in tonight's gallery as possible. What I can't get to, I'll release in a sub-gallery tomorrow. I'm giving you Day 2's theme now, but DO NOT SUBMIT!!! You're getting bonus time to think of neat ways to do it. I will let you know when I can manage to run this event in a way that's fair to all of you. I let you down, and I'm sorry.

    Day 2: You're In the Army Now
    After taking some time to get adjusted to your new life, you finally feel ready to turn up for basic training. Like your bunkmate keeps saying, no point in marching off to war without knowing how to fight, right? The sun is shining painfully bright above you, as the drill instructor barks orders at pair of fencing unicorns. 
    "No. Guard up, damn you! Up! Riposte! Why aren't you...? Ugh. Just... just take five, everypony."
    Now, she turns to you, and the rest of the newbie class, gesturing to the foam swords sitting in front of you.
    "Pick those up and find a partner."
    It doesn't take long for you to learn you're not cut out for this. It's impossible to get a grip, and all you can manage to occasionally take a clumsy horizontal slash at your sparring partner. You're rewarded for your efforts with a disapproving thwack from the instructor's own foam blade.
    "Nmph. Yuh hbth to hrd rt lrrk thth!"
    "Thth! Lrrk thth!" She gestures wildly, but does nothing further to communicate her... uh... point. 
    "Whr mrshf..." Ptooi. "Why would anypony even make weapons like this in a country without hands?"
    High above on a tower balcony, Princess Celestia stifles a giggle.
     Assignment: Draw a pony in training
    Normally I ramble on here about stuff, but I'm afraid right now I just don't have the time for it. I did my best to leave comments like I used to "back in the day", but putting the gallery together by hoof hasn't left me very much in the way of opportunity. I apologize profusely. A quick note to those of you who are new and feeling bad because you don't like your image compared to some of the others: take heart. It's not about being amazing right from the get go, but working toward something bigger. Just because we don't all start from the same place doesn't mean we're not reaching for the same thing. You're all brave and wonderful for submitting. So with that said, here is the Day 1 Gallery:

    1) By Benevolent Brony

    2) By TheLunarArmy

    3) By White Pwny

    4) By D4SHTH3R4INB0W/Wispy Spirit

    5) By FiftySeven

    6) By Moricai

    7) By Paul

    8) By Ryan Korteway

    9) By Paul

    10) By Rickay

    11) By Big Mackintosh

    12) By DANDY8

    13) By Brony001

    14) By Rachel (I'm still in love with your colors)

    15) By Pcjoyce

    16) By kuser77

    17) By Silver Pie

    18) By Cedar13 (Wow, double bonus points! Gold star! =D)

    19) By DE Fluttershy (There sure is)

    20) By Cloverjump

    21) By Gin Fizz

    22) By PonE-Sharp

    23) By TheRecliner27

    24) By thepiguy

    25) By tangelotime

    26) By Sir tristan, knight of the round stable

    27) By Dana

    28) By Discord

    29) By VeoBandit (Remember the Children's Crusade? I'm sad now)

    30) By Brian Johnson

    31) By Leeches

    32) By Lardias Shepard

    33) By TurplePurtle

    34) By Aemios

    35) By Da Chi

    36) By Wax Tom Cruise

    37) By Derpster

    38) By Grace

    39) By Kentora (This is so cool)

    40) By Obscure

    41) By Saphin

    42) By lazzyX

    43) By Little Emerald

    44) By Mr. Hero

    45) By 123Hamster (The hens of war)

    46) By Ailynd

    47) By Aipom93

    48) By Alec

    49) By Alex Roanheim

    50) By Alexstrazsa (Hey you!)

    51) By Alina

    52) By Ando

    53) By awh-tokyo

    54) By Benevolent Brony

    55) By Benevolent Brony (how'd that smudge happen exactly?)

    56) By BetweenFriends (I like this kind of uniform! =D)

    57) By Bigbaddrag

    58) By BiohazardosDouglas

    59) By Birdco

    60) By blackealge642

    61) By BronyGamer

    62) By Brownmane

    63) By ChaosDX1

    64) By Colgate (She looks so sad and freaked out. I desire to hug her)

    65) By D0va132

    66) By D0va132

    67) By dasparkle

    68) By DawnAllies

    69) By DawnAllies

    70) By Derek W

    71) By derpy dash typhlosion

    72) By Devotedgirls (Snowflake is the perfect name for a hardened warrior)

    73) By Diego Havoc

    74) By D'koda

    75) By Elda-klol

    76) By Jen

    77) By Ennio 

    78) By Eva

    79) By exKira

    80) By Fancy Day

    81) By Firenze

    82) By Fox E

    83) By hat

    84) By HavikM66 (Would it be too much of a bother to trouble anypony for some Mail Armor of my own?)

    85) By Hilltopper (I also approve of this type of uniform)

    86) By Homely Bacon

    87) By Insomnia

    88) By James Corck

    89) By Jarred

    90) By Jay6

    91) By jilei ding (the horned helmet is awesome)

    92) By KattyPow

    93) By King T

    94) By King T

    95) By konnexi

    96) By koscian

    97) By Kristie

    98) By Kusser77

    99) By Kyzenex

    100) By Magrior

    101) By MarkusPP

    102) By Meevee115

    103) By mysecsha

    104) By Nelvakre (Well, she does have a bow...)

    105) By Nezbot

    106) By Nezbot (I adore the hell out of Rarity and Dashie in this)

    107) By Nezbot

    108) By NikkuWalkanov

    109) By Nny11

    110) By noisemaker111

    111) By Norque

    112) By Nowler

    113) By obmutescentdin

    114) By Onix

    115) By Paavi0

    116) By Pantzar

    117) By pinkieswirl

    118) By PixelSprite

    119) By Puppet

    120) By Raedrob

    121) By Redesine (I love every part of this)

    122) By Roxor128

    123) By SaddlesoapOpera

    124) By Samie

    125) By SamuelEAllen

    126) By Saunder

    127) By Sebbaa

    128) By Shadestars

    129) By shadowfalcon76

    130) By Shellie Sakanokashi

    131) By ShinZm

    132) By Silent Machina

    133) By Sketch56

    134) By SuperDSombrero

    135) By Swedecest

    136) By Thanqol

    137) By The Greek dollmaker

    138) By theoriginal93

    139) By Tiburo (Holy crap fabulosity)

    140) By tinehanimations

    141) By Tyler Shivers

    142) By Vabla

    143) By Vahnara (Medic!)

    144) By Vincent Fang (Saber pony?)

    145) By W4X

    146) By Wirefly

    147) By Wisami

    148) By Wishdream (yes ma'am!)

    149) By ZeroSSOX

    150) By ZeroSSOX

    151) By ZeroSSOX

    152) By Zubias

    153) By 1 1

    154) By 13Era

    155) By Aaron

    156) By aldo

    157) By ArcheonZ

    158) By Artimeseus

    159) Aurora Alchemi

    160) By Bionic21

    161) By Bloodkiaser923

    162) By bobdat

    163) By BrightChimeraDragon

    164) By Calmevir

    165) By CamiCube

    166) By Chalk Borders

    167) By chromedisguise

    168) By colonk

    169) By ctone

    170) By daisymare

    171) By Easteu (My Lady, I shall do whatever you desire *swoons*)

    172) By Eliwood10

    173) By Elkers

    174) By enigmaticelocution (Eeyup.)

    175) By EpicThomasC

    176) By Ethrx

    177) By FicFicPonyFic

    178) By Flak-k (I am seriously loving kick-flank Sparkler)

    179) By Frostclaw (The pattern on this is super neat)

    180) By Gallant Tempest

    181) By GillyRae

    182) By Gozer The Equestrian

    183) By Hewison

    184) By hinataiscute

    185) By horselover256

    186) By Immersa

    187) By Inenta

    188) By Joystik

    189) By Koeks-Bienchen (the single most intimidating candy cane ever)

    190) By Kyrhi

    191) By Luismonday2009 (I really expected more of these)

    192) By Lunar Apologist (next time I expect more Lunar!pony)

    193) By Lunebell

    194) By Machel

    195) By Mart

    196) By Midnight Shadow

    197) By MikeTheWeatherPony (Why no, sir! Not at all!)

    198) By Mr. Bitey (I love the name)

    199) By mr.Paulsen

    200) By newtypenihon (Stand. Stand by that sword)

    201) By Noah

    202) By nyrocu

    203) By otherunicorn (your other image wouldn't upload for some reason. Sorry...)

    204) Pegasus Rescue Brigade

    205) By PluieTheWolf

    206) By PoldekPL

    207) By Ponymancer (we really need more bits and bridles on military uniforms. They're cute.)

    208) By PonySterling

    209) By Raagentreg (Digging the feather)

    210) By Rasrap Smurf (yeeeeesssss)

    211) By Rbug2006

    212) By runeslayer100

    213) By Sneakysam

    214) By ShoeboxWarrior

    215) By CG-Sphinx (Have we seen ponies with beards before?)

    216) By sirustalcelion

    217) By Sovwi

    218) By StingingGorilla

    219) By Team PWNY

    220) By Troutzorz

    221) By TwinQuasars

    222) By Twistbolt (So adorable)

    223) By Tylian (You sure are!)

    224) By wolfen14

    225) By WoW-200 (Ninja ponies rock)

    226)  Zora Yardan

    227) otherunicorn (Oh hey, I found it! =D)

    228) By 8bitbleep

    229) By AaronMK

    230) By Abby

    231) By adam5396

    232) By AlberioOrion (woo, a comic!)

    233) By Alex Krull

    234) By Alipes

    235) By aninja twitch

    236) By artsofallkinds

    237) By Aureliette

    238) By Author Tempus

    239) By BadMan171

    240) By Blingingjack

    241) By Chromadancer

    242) By Clemzelz

    243) By Cloudynights

    244) By d1sel

    245) By DreamhazeMaster

    246) By Evine (let this be a lesson in the dangers of overextension)

    247) By fajeh

    248) By FerrousOxideMolecule

    249) By FlyvBoy

    250) By GBbrony

    251) By GenericPonyName120 (next time please don't make me search deviantART to find your submission)

    252) By GentlemanlyMan

    253) By Glaive-Silver

    254) By GrubbusTheUnclean

    255) By H.P. Lovecolt

    256) By he11ix (I laughed at this for 15 minutes straight)

    257) By Huundee

    258) By IllustriousOtter

    259) By izzyhorselover (I love the armor design)

    260) By JiiKoo

    261) By Jimbo1023 (Sweetie <3)

    262) By Keboponda

    263) By Kinrah

    264) By Kiyo (Fluttershy is the best part of this)

    265) By kysomryal

    266) By kyttyee (Hello, nurse!)

    267) By littlelime (Battle Celly is best Celly)

    268) By LoneWolfMark

    269) By Loopylung (never apologize for being new to something)

    270) By lota (I want one)

    271) By Lupr (the detail work on this is staggering)

    272) By melynxe

    273) By Milante

    274) By MoonlightScribe

    275) By MrCartier

    276) By Nell

    277) By new gate

    278) By pageturner1988

    279) By Philith

    280) By PhysicallyPossible

    281) By Pix (It's kinda nice to see somepony actually following the event's narrative)

    282) By daisyksmith (I sympathize with you, little nursepony)

    283) By Dakishambada

    284) By Digitalchaos117

    285) By dinoburger

    286) By PonyKrieger

    287) By Prismastic Pretzel (Power Chords)

    288) By Prower

    289) By Ready to Scout

    290) By riordian

    291) By SciontheKitsune

    292) By SirDrakous

    294) By stardust

    295) By Starlight Quill

    296) By TetraPony

    297) By thaBIGDADDY5

    298) By The Grey Potter

    299) By Tosxychor

    300) By TractionPony

    301) By Undermine

    302) By Weirgeiss

    303) By xOnimaru777

    304) By You Shall Not Pass

    305) By You Shall Not Pass (That is definitely how you wear a helmet. Yes indeed.)

    306) By You Shall Not Pass (The fanciest of all possible pants)

    307) By The Laughing Horror

    This is all I have time to do before my laptop dies. I'll get to the rest as soon as I can. My sincerest apologies to the other 260 plus entrants...

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here