• Music: Christmas in Equestria / Everypony Goes Clubbing (Censored) / And here I thought laughter made you happy...

    We now have a new pony genre: Yaycore (Courtesy of Mic the Microphone). You can find that in the second one.

    We also have a really strange one in the third slot.  Strange enough to be worth a listen!

    And some Christmas music, just cause.

    1.) Christmas in Equestria
    2.) Riff Electric- Everypony Goes Clubbing (Censored)
    3.) And here I thought laughter made you happy...

  • Story: Interview With a Princess


    Author: Hoopy McGee
    Description: What if you could ask Princess Celestia any question you liked?
    Interview With a Princess

    Additional Tags: Wordy, Whimsical, Wish fulfillment, Alliteration, Celestia on a couch
  • Music: More Becoming Popular Remixes!

    I think we are about to hit a record for most remixed song of 2011. Daniel Ingram must have snuck some sort of subliminal "GO CREATE STUFF NOW" message in the background of it.

    1.) Making My Mark (Becoming Popular Remix)
    2.) NoizyBrony - Becoming Popular ("Better Than Yore' Mix)
    3.) Daniel Ingram - Becoming Popular (ArtAttack Remix) (ft. Lauren Goodnight)

  • Music: Beautiful Blue Wings / Twilight's Sparkle / Art Of The Dress

    See this music post right here? This is a really epic music post.  You should totally listen to all three of these.  Preferably with headphones on. 

    1.) Chain Algorithm - Beautiful Blue Wings
    2.) Twilight's Sparkle (original pony music)
    3.) Art Of The Dress (Archie.V Remix)

  • Ponyarchive Recieves a Cease & Desist

    A few hours ago someone from Ponyarchive sent us an email about a potential Cease and Desist on the site.  After some digging, it does appear to be legit.

    Now before you all freak out, take this in stride.  Their primary purpose was to host full downloads of the episodes.  These are something Hasbro releases usually a day later on their iTunes page.  The letter did include a request to take everything down (Including the Pinkie Pie image :p), but the actual torrents and Multi-upload links may have been the main reasoning behind it. 

    As more information on the extent of this pops up, we will continue to report on it.  For now though, it looks like iTunes is the best place to get the actual episode files without running into legal issues.  They did actually fix the color fading for season two, so it really isn't a bad alternative, and a good way to support the show for those of you that aren't into the toys / don't have The Hub.

    Note: People from Ponyarchive have stated that they will not be taking the site down.
  • Comic: Unexpected Drizzle / Captain Pip

    Dash is so awesomely lazy.  We also have a new comic from the Ask Captain Pipsqueak tumblr, which you should totally go check out

    Source/ Click for full
  • Story Updates December 14th (Evening)

    Story update time! I don't think progress has taken over the top image slot before, so grats Luna!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #275

    Fallout Equeestria's side stories sure do get some amazing art, and since the actual original is on it's final chapters, I figured we'd start this one off with some New Neighgas.

    Have some art!

    Source 1


    New banner by Quaraezha, and a wallpaper version here!
  • PMV: Magic Will Bring The Light / Ponycataz / Ponies of the Caribbean: Dead Mare's Chest

    Coolness, Comedy, and Carribbean. It's C time in the PMV queue!

    1.) Magic Will Bring The Light
    2.) Ponycataz (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
    3.) Ponies of the Caribbean: Dead Mare's Chest

  • Story: Fluttersertive

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Pen Palomino and Saddlesoap Opera
    Description: After a particularly rough day Fluttershy decides to try a new assertiveness training method, which goes awry.

    Additional Tags: Episode-like, self-help, Bullying, Prince Toolblood
  • Comic: Snatched Up / Carry on the Legacy Part 2

    That's a muffin on that there container.  I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions.

    We also have part two of the Starswirl the unbearded comic.  I have to admit, I really like this pony. 

    Source / Click here for Part 1
  • Story: First


    "Equal parts heart-wrenching and beautiful. The author has managed to portray Dash in a way I never thought possible." -Pre-reader #R107

    Author: Winston
    Description: Several years after the events of the TV series,
    Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash have a discussion about painful
    events in the past, what the future holds, and self-realization and
    the nature of destiny.

    Additional Tags: Friendship, Pain, Fear, Destiny, Introspection
  • Pony Card Creator + More Hearth Warming Eve

    Hasbro has upgraded their "Castle Creator" game to yet another version called "Card Creator".  This one has lots of random assets from Hearths Warming Eve in it, including the one above.  The best part? The filename is "DH_Definitely_Canon".  Hasbro is best team. 

    I'm going to drop the list of new .swf files after the break, along with images of the mane6.   Thanks to Whatshisgame for digging them all out!  And watch out for spoilers.

    Oh and, check the actual game out here.
  • Story Updates December 14th (Morning)

    Story update time! Charge!

    After the break.
  • Nightly Roundup #186 - REA

    These roundups are too time consuming! I'm going to join the REA! See you guys later. 
  • Music: Expensive Tastes

    I could see Fleur rollin with a theme like that.

    Also an Art of the Dress remix in the second one.

    1.) Derpy Hooves and Silva Hound - Expensive Tastes
    2.) A.O.T.D. Moombahpony Mix