• Ponyarchive Recieves a Cease & Desist

    A few hours ago someone from Ponyarchive sent us an email about a potential Cease and Desist on the site.  After some digging, it does appear to be legit.

    Now before you all freak out, take this in stride.  Their primary purpose was to host full downloads of the episodes.  These are something Hasbro releases usually a day later on their iTunes page.  The letter did include a request to take everything down (Including the Pinkie Pie image :p), but the actual torrents and Multi-upload links may have been the main reasoning behind it. 

    As more information on the extent of this pops up, we will continue to report on it.  For now though, it looks like iTunes is the best place to get the actual episode files without running into legal issues.  They did actually fix the color fading for season two, so it really isn't a bad alternative, and a good way to support the show for those of you that aren't into the toys / don't have The Hub.

    Note: People from Ponyarchive have stated that they will not be taking the site down.