• Episode 10: Secret of my Excess - Alternate Synopsis (Some Spoilage)

    An alternate synopsis of Episode 10 has been released by AT&T.  This episode sounds pretty amazing. 

    Synopsis can be found in the image, or after the break!

    Thanks to Jordan for the image

  • PMV: Lovers In Equestria / Aren't We All Running? / Believe In Yourself

    PMV time! Lots of crazyness this time around.

    1.) Lovers In Equestria (The Lives of Our Beloved Ponies)
    2.) [PMV] Aren't We All Running?
    3.) [MLP PMV] Believe In Yourself

  • Music: Twilight's Quandary / Beyond her Garden (DjPoniver) / Vinyl Scratch vs. Lyra

    So many music submissions in the last day or so! This time around, we have some Twilight Sparkle singing crazyness, and a few techno/electronic/dubstep/I can't categorize this genre in the last two slots. Enjoy!

    1.) Twilight's Quandary
    2.) Beyond Her Garden (DJPoniver Remix)
    3.) DH: Orchestro - Vinyl Scratch vs. Lyra, Octavia and the Filly Harmonic Orchestra

  • Comic: Scootafan / Special Request

    Click for Full!
    Scootaloo... Why u so creepy sometimes?

    And some Derpy below.

    Click for Full
  • Story: Heavenly Turmoil (Update Complete!)


    Author: TheManWithTwoNames
    Description: Princess Celestia struggles to distinguish reality from illusion as Discord begins to seep into her brain. But... isn't Discord still imprisoned in stone?
    Heavenly Turmoil Part 1
    Heavenly Turmoil Part 2
    Heavenly Turmoil Part 3

    Heavenly Turmoil Part 4

    Heavenly Turmoil Part 5
    Heavenly Turmoil Part 6
    Heavenly Turmoil Part 7
    Heavenly Turmoil Part 8 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Madness, Mind Games, Confusion, Tragedy, Revenge
  • Music: Nightmare Night (Glaze) - Orchestral Version / FlutterShy's Lullaby (Piano + Strings) / Winter Wrap Up in C Minor

    Lots of Piano this time around! Hope you guys are in the classical mood.

    1.) Nightmare Night (Glaze) - Orchestral Version - StormWolf
    2.) FlutterShy's Lullaby (Piano + Strings)
    3.) Winter Wrap Up in C Minor

  • Story: Tales of Harmony (Update Part 9, Side story part 12!)


    Author: Starwind Dood
    Description: Fan-fiction that will show you the harmony found in our hearts!

    The fate of Equestria will be decided not by the madness of battle, but by the harmony between each other...

    Twilight, a student from Canterlot, and her dragon companion, Spike, find themselves caught in a mission to find the elements of harmony to stop the the crazed mare, Nightmare Moon. Equestria is not a land of love and tolerance, but a land that has been ravaged by racial conflict, sudden earthquakes, and the shadows within a pony's heart. Only with friends can Twilight find the strength to stop Nightmare Moon.

    To save Equestria, Twilight will have to prevail against power-hungry ponies and those who would wish to stop the gathering of the elements of harmony. Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic. Are these strong enough to fight the wicked?
    Tales of Harmony Part 1
    Tales of Harmony Part 2
    Tales of Harmony Part 3
    Tales of Harmony Part 4
    Tales of Harmony Part 5
    Tales of Harmony Part 6
    Tales of Harmony Part 7
    Tales of Harmony Part 8
    Tales of Harmony Part 9
    Tales of Harmony Part 10
    Tales of Harmony Part 11
    Tales of Harmony Part 12 (New!)

    Tales of Cuties (Side Story)

    Tales of Harmony (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Ponies call out special attacks- TENBAKEN!
  • Untitled

  • Disqus Was fun... But Buggy.

    So I've spent all day modifying Disqus, finally getting it where I want to be.  I get some food, come back, and comments won't load on anything.

    For now at least, I'm just going to revert back to blogger.  I can't get Disqus to reinstall itself on EQD at all.  Maybe the service is down? Who knows.  We might try it again in the future.  At least I fixed the clone thing!

    To all the new twitter/facebook commenters, make a Google account! It totally integrates with blogger, and if we ever do bring disqus back, it works there too.
  • Story Updates November 27th (Evening)

    Story update time! Go read stuff while I do more Disqus fixing!

    After the break as always.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #259

    GATOR COUNTRY Edition. Have a whole boatload of art.

    Source 1
  • Comic: Dive to the Heart - Apple Bloom

    Click for Full
    I have to admit, when I saw Kindgom Hearts in my email, I was about to prep the moon canon. We don't have any luck at all with KH crossover submissions for the most part, even if I do love the games. 

    This on the other hand... do freakin want.  Apple Bloom keyblade master is now best pony, all years, every years.
  • Mare-Do-Well Poster Sales to Benefit Bronycon

    Bronycon is doing another poster sale, this time with something a bit more subtle for all you people that aren't open about the pony stuff. Have some copy paste:

  • Story: An Equestrian Fable (Update Part 3!)

    [Grimdark] [Crossover] [Adventure]

    Author: Xeddrief
    Description: The Old Queen Celestia has passed away, and her younger sister Luna rises to the throne. After a mysterious expedition to unknown territory, she changes, becoming the tyrannical Queen Nightmare Moon. Twilight Sparkle, the daughter of Celestia and an aspiring mage, lives in the Castle, sheltered from the outside world which the Queen is bringing to ruin. But one day, a tragic choice forces her to leave, and her life changes forever. Rebellion looms. Equestria needs a Hero.

    An Equestrian Fable Part 1

    An Equestrian Fable Part 2
    An Equestrian Fable Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Long, Hollow Ponies, Scootaloo Chaser
  • Equestria Tales: Elements of Chaos - Video Demo

    This is seriously looking amazing right now.  Equestria Tales is a platforming/RPG currently in progress by a team of just five people.  This fandom is awesome.

    I'll shut up and let the video do the talking though.  Check it out after the break!

    And for updates on the game, hit up their website.

  • Comic: Sailing to Adventure / I believe I can Fly

    Click for Full
    On a completely unrelated note, I suddenly have a huge urge to bust out Windwaker.

    And below is actually part two to this comic, so hit that up first.  

    Click for Full
  • Story: Vinyl Scratch Is In Wub Wub Wub! (Update Part 5!)

    [Shipping][Sad] Oh god it's dubstep.

    Author: Thundraprocella
    Description: Fluttershy, always being the timid, quiet pony she is, never gets out much. During one fit of boredom, she reluctantly goes clubbing with her gang of friends, and enters the delusional world of rockin' bass and drunken party ponies. When she becomes scared out of her wits, the pony to come to her rescue, is a unicorn who is absolutely taken with fluttershies beauty and personality.
    Vinyl Scratch Is In Wub Wub Wub! (New Part 5!)

    Additional Tags: Flutterscratch, Love, Depression, Jealousy, Anger
  • Gendid's Artist of the Week: WillDrawForFood1

    Gendid has convinced me to break his Artist of the Week posts off from the Nightly Roundups! For those that haven't been following the series, each week a new artist is chosen for a full on interview.  We have a massive community of talented illustrators, so hopefully this helps everyone meet the face behind the pictures filling up drawfriends on a daily basis! 

    The full interview can be found after the break.

  • The Mysterious Mare Do Well: Followup

    For those that missed it last week, we will be doing a "followup" post for new episodes, dedicated to picking out all the cool stuff.  This week we had The Mysterious Mare Do Well, and of course, it was filled with all sorts of wacky references.

    Check it out after the break!
  • Manehattan TF2 Map

    MAAAANEhatten.  At least that's how Applejack says it right?  The group that keeps pumping out crazy pony cities in TF2 has released a new map designed around the bustling metroplis of Manehatten, complete with a DJ lounge, Auntie and Uncle Orange's abode, and toilets... yes toilets.

    Anyway, check the video out after the break!  Info on obtaining the map can be found in the description.

    They also updated their Luna map with some texture fixes. 
  • On Disqus and Load Times

    One thing bothering me about Disqus is load times.  It is a much more robust system, and does require a second or two to load.

    I am looking into a fix for that.  Sadly Google searches are only giving me outdated information, so I have to wait for Disqus support to respond.

    Disqus does have an export feature, so if we do switch back, hopefully I can snag all the comments.  If you  write something huge that you don't want to lose in comments, please keep a backup just in case. 

    Anyway, back to testing! Hopefully all these bugs will be fixed, and we can move forward with a much better comment system.

    One more thing: It looks like the front page comment tallies are actually being overridden.  They show up correct to start, then a half a second later are replaced with the incorrect number.  I think this may be something in blogger that needs to be axed.  I've emailed support about that, hopefully they can nail it for me.

    One more note:  The Disqus button above the comment box has your settings in it.  Some take a few minutes to update.  You can also go to the actual Disqus website and edit your settings there.
  • Nightly Roundup #169

    Whoever thought of giving Rainbow Dash sunglasses... is a genius.  I love the FiM team.

    Have some news. 
  • New Comment System!

    Blogger is really limited in comments, so we are giving the improved version of Disqus a shot!

    This is going to add a whole bunch of neat little features.
    • Comment with Twitter/facebook/pretty much whatever you want instead of Blogger. 
    • Sort by oldest/newest/whatever you prefer
    • Threaded comments and replies
    • Notifications
    • A bunch of other random stuff
    Obviously upgrading from something as simple as the blogger comment system is going to be a bit strange at first, but this gives everyone way more control over comments.

    Right now the last ~4 hours is still migrating over.  All old comments should already be updated!

    There are a lot of small tweaks that can be done from the Disqus dashboard, and as needs arise I will probably swap things around a bit.

    Anyway, give it a shot! This is way cooler than blogger's ghetto comment system ever was. 

    We tend to freak out pretty hard when change occurs here.  Give disqus some time.  It will have a few bugs, but overall the features far outweigh the learning curve.  Blogger's comment system was very limited.

    Note: NOSCRIPT USERS -  You must enable Disqus.  It is not built into blogger.

    Note 2: You can change the account you log in with by logging out and picking one at the top! 

    Note 3: Added pages instead of that "show more comments thing" cause its annoying and slow.

    Note 4: Apparently Mobile makes it look like I'm the only one commenting :x I'll email support about that  

    Note 5: Login is Required (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, anything on the list)  

    Note 6: There seems to be a synch bug with the comment numbers on the main page.  It updates in intervals.  I've emailed support about that.