• Summer Sun Celebration Pony Convention

    Another pony convention is scheduled for June of next year! Currently planning/money gathering is taking place to make it as epic as possible.  Have some copy paste after the break!

    Location: Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan*

    Contact: momokat911@yahoo.com or escue.kyle@gmail.com or Phoxxy232@gmail.com

    Date: June 23-24, 2012.

    Website (Optional): http://canterlot.net or http://forum.canterlot.net/

    Additional Information:

    The Summer Sun Celebration is a convention for the fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This is a convention for Bronies, by Bronies. We are planning for this to be held in the Lansing Center at Lansing, Michigan. We hope to have some special guests such as Daniel Ingram and Lauren Faust, and we have confirmed guests attending such as the Mane6 (makers of the highly-anticipated fan-made game Fighting is Magic) but that is merely pillow talk, as we have to talk with them over that. Other than that, the convention is basically for all of you.

    Alas, the convention can not be funded from our own pockets, as the expenses are a little daunting. All of this will cover the convention center renting pricing, along with menial expenses such as food, electricity, Internet access for convention attendees, booth setup, and many other things.

    Without the donations, this convention can NOT happen. We need your help, and any donation will bring us closer to our goal. The pony fandom has taken the world by storm; some celebrities are confirmed bronies. There’s products, along with other merchandise that can openly display your pride in this fandom. Why not make it official and take Michigan’s capitol by holding the first-ever brony convention (not just a meetup, like the ones in New York) there! Soon, we shall dominate the world!

    No, but really, this is just a convention. We need your help. Any help you can give us, would be absolutely awesome. Pinkie Pie herself would be impressed if this actually pulls through. We have hope! If it does go through, pre-registration will be up for the convention soon. You can discuss more about it here @http://forum.canterlot.net/

    Following us on Twitter as well for updates regarding the convention is a good idea as well @CanterlotDOTnet

    We hope you donate and attend The Summer Sun Celebration, so here’s a message from Pinkie Pie:

    Please note, all extra money we gain will be donated to charity organizations such as the Red Cross, Children's and Family Services, et cetera. So now, a message from Pinkie Pie:

    “It won't be the same without you so we hope you'll say yes! So please, oh please, RSVP and come and be our guest!”