• 12 More Awesome Lyra and Bonbon Fanfics To Read!

    Fanfic time! We've got a bunch more for you to read, different from last year's selection if you want even more. As always, thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them all out for us.

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    Slice of Life




    And Now For Something Exactly the Same by Damaged [171k words]


    The fateful day has come and gone. Nightmare Moon returned to Equestria and was dealt with by Twilight Sparkle and her friends. The tale of Equestria is not told yet, however.

    Lyra Heartstrings is seeking a true purpose to her life, Sweetie Drops is seeking safety for the ponies of Equestria, Scootaloo seeks the sky itself, and the bat ponies of Thestralia are looking for friendship.


    Last-Minute Gifts by _Undefined_ [4k words]


    It’s Bon Bon’s first time in the marketplace as a vendor, selling candy on Hearts and Hooves Day. Rarity stops by to discuss the kinds of sales that she makes on the holiday.


    Starts with F, Ends with L by TooShyShy [4k words]


    Bon-Bon decides it's about time her and Lyra had a foal.

    Lyra is not too enthusiastic about the idea.









    Lyra Heartstrings and the Bench of Doom by PaulAsaran [10k words]


    An anonymous letter has been sent to Princess Twilight Sparkle with grim news: one of the benches in the local park has been booby trapped! Said trap will trigger whenever the next pony to sit on it stands up.

    Not a problem. No need to panic! All she has to do is get to the bench before anypony... sits... on it.

    Oh, bother.


    First a Bunch of Ugly Shape-Shifting Bugs Invade Canterlot and You Reveal You're Actually a Changeling. Then a Bugbear Attacks Ponyville and You Confess Your Real Name Isn't Even "Bon Bon"! Is There Anything Else I Should Know? by Super Trampoline [1k words]


    Bon Bon has been not entirely truthful over the years with her "Best Friend" Lyra, who finally she demands she come completely clean. Anything she's been holding in or just been embarrassed to say, she can confess in a completely non-judgmental setting. Bon Bon readily takes up her "Best Friend's" offer. Some of the secrets aired are mundane at best. But others? Well, you'll just have to read the story, won't you?










    Survivors (Contest Version) by Bicyclette [22k words]


    It was supposed to be an easy way back home. Jump into the quicksand pit, go through the portal to Equestria beneath it, get to Twilight's Castle's Basement, go through the Magic Mirror, and before she knew it, Sunset and all of her friends and everyone they rescued from that sinking cruise ship would find themselves on the manicured green lawns of Canterlot High.

    Instead, they wake up scattered around the quicksand pit, still on the desert tropical island they were trying to escape. Only there isn't a portal to Equestria anymore. And none of them can get a cell phone signal.

    And then Bon Bon's phone lights up.


    It turns out that Bon Bon was a secret agent for a secret spy organization this whole time. And they just told her that the world has ended, and no rescue is coming for them. Ever.


    Bad Blood by Craine [1k words]


    Sweetie Drops.

    Retired Special Agent.

    Working Pony and Loving Friend.

    Hated Mortal Enemy.

    She wants to live in peace. He has other plans.


    Missing Her by FlutterDash777 [19k words]


    Lyra's feelings for Bon Bon never changed, even after their break up. Bon Bon has moved on, but Lyra's heart still aches longingly for her. As Lyra deals with her heartbreak in all the wrong ways, she feels that Bon Bon will never be able to be a part of her life again. Her heart can't take the pains that she is enduring, so she is determined to win back Bon Bon's love. Lyra drags herself into an emotional whirlpool of pain, suffering, and love, and she has to face the consequences that she is knowingly getting herself into.









    Right in the Middle of Her Forehead by AugieDog [5k words]


    Princess Cadance has a problem only Agent Sweetie Drops can solve. But Agent Sweetie Drops—now known to almost everypony as Bon-Bon—would rather tear her own legs off than work for a princess again.


    Voidwalkers by Meep the Changeling [86k words]


    Thirty years ago, Princess Luna transported all of Ponyville into the Dream Realm to protect the city from invading daemons. Unfortunately she simply traded one disaster for another as the town became a haven for Nightmares, living dreams seeking but one thing; To find the person who dreamed them into existence, and make themselves real.

    As a knight in Luna's service, Lyra fought to protect everypony in town, but at a great cost. Her worst nightmare found her, and Lyra didn't escape its clutches. The strange magic at the Nightmare's disposal warped reality itself, making the impossible conditions of Lyra's nightmare into reality itself.

    After decades of exploration, archeology, study, and practice, Lyra has finally had a breakthrough. A specific arcane ritual that can forge a crystal made of the same magic wielded by Nightmares, one which may let her break the curse.


    The Bridesmaids by Zeck [40k words]


    We all know the story. Princess Cadance is ponynapped, Twilight Sparkle and the others battle the Changelings, Pinkie Pie uses the first Unicorn Gatling gun, and Equestria is saved.

    But what about the original bridesmaids? What about Lyra, Minuette, and Twinkleshine? Who saved them? Who came to their rescue down in the depths of the Canterlot caves? The Changelings know. Unfortunately, they had to find out the hard way. Lyra is Bon Bon's entire world, and she will do whatever it takes to get her back. And only one thing ticks Berry Punch off more than coming between her and her drinks, and that's coming between her and Minuette.

    Feel sorry for the Changelings. Very sorry.


    Lyra's Voyages 1: Small Beginnings. by Prince_Staghorn [7k words]


    Lyra is the founder of the Equestrian Cryptid Research Foundation, a group dedicated to proving the existence of obscure creatures, races, plants, and countries. So when miniature boats and trees begin washing up on Equestria's east coast, she is immediately summoned. Put on a rickety old vessel with no more than a grizzled old Pegasus and her pet capuchin Shift, Lyra sets out. but disaster strikes, and Lyra, Shift, and her bag are stranded on an island. she seeks help, but the inhabitants may present a small problem...