• Newbie Artist Training Grounds XIV: Day 22


    Now that is a blast from the past for me! Did anyone else here watch Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland? If you haven't, the whole thing is on YouTube and is worth a watch and I'm not just saying that because I grew up with it, heh.

    For today we managed to pull in 46 ponies which now brings us up to 1279 ponies in total for the NATG so far! Keep pushing on everyone, you've got this!

    While we dealt with the heavy topic of feeling defeated alongside ponies following their dreams, it is nice to know that even in your darkest moments there is usually a path out. It just takes a bit of searching to find it. So for you defeated feeling ponies out there I would like you to Draw a pony finding the light at the end of the tunnel / Draw a pony finding a glimmer of hope.

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    Remember, our compiler for the old prompt is up a few hours even after this post goes up with the new prompt so feel free to submit your submission to the previous day's submitter!

    Also, if you are late submitting and the submitter is closed, don't just throw your pic into the next day's submitter. Wait for a Makeup Day to submit!

    Attention Discord Users:
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    Check on after the break for today's gallery!
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    Previous Prompt: Draw a pony following their dreams / Draw a pony feeling defeated
    2 Sad feeling - Fleximus

    Art image 2
    She would have preferred to walk on a lego
    3 Handheld Dreams - Zeccy

    Art image 3
    How I hate to draw anything else than Ponies and then I add hands; HANDS of everything!
    4 - DoodleDonut

    Art image 4
    5 Powerful Password - EbbySharp

    Art image 5
    Check caps lock
    6 [SFM] Any last wishes? - red4567

    Art image 6
    It wouldn't be the first time a purple-colored villian got what they deserved.
    7 ATG2024 21 Berry Punch Defeated By Alcohol - Wissle

    Art image 7
    Berry drank too much, the alcohol won this time. Remember, kids: Drinking TOO MUCH is only cool when you are a cute pony mare.
    8 Following Dreams of a Mark - EmilyLsArt

    Art image 8
    Here's another Gusty picture...this time, she is following her dreams of a cutie mark (foreshadowed by the wind and leaves) since she doesn't have one yet at the time. I drew this pony three times so far LOL
    9 Yeh... - In3DS

    Art image 9
    11 Cutie Mark attempt fail and defeated - KevinHz19

    Art image 11
    Apple Boom upset and grumpy to feel defeated and failed for another Cutie Mark attempt. She did took it badly after bowling scene in The Cutie Pox Episode. Don't worry little one, your time to earn it will come in season 5.
    12 Future SailsBirb (NATG 2024 Day 21) - IronYoshi

    Art image 12
    Even when she was but a fledgling, IceBeak had a passion for making snowcones. When she got older, she made a living selling them!
    13 NATG XIV Day 21: Pecan's Past - AceBlazewing

    Art image 13
    I love when prompts give me the chance to expand on the lore and backstories of my OCs, even if they're bittersweet ones.
    14 Muffins for All!!! - Star

    Art image 14
    Derpy was tired of being a mailmare. So she decided to achieve her dreams of selling muffins to all creatures in equestria.
    15 NATG2024d21 - Following Dream, Feeling Despairs - C_||_R

    Art image 15
    light and darkness stuff is cliche, but it still can kind of looks pretty
    18 tragedy - Victoria

    Art image 18
    19 Defeated - Frown Factory

    Art image 19
    90 minutes
    20 I stay here! \o/ - Ragmo

    Art image 20
    Continuing from day 20 i was considering on making them fail and to let Caveman Pony strand in his original time (the past) - for the "feeling defeated" prompt. But I didnt want him to suffer :( and I dont know when the next prompt would come around that would fit on getting them back toghether. So... today didnt realy follow the prompt. Starlight was successfull at closing the time portal, and Caveman Pony will be with us for a long time. So have a "Draw a pony succeeding" prompt
    22 2024 ATG #21 MLP Fanart: RD's Dream - Blackblade360

    Art image 22
    Elloo, I finally turn in the recent prompt. I skipped the last one due to me having surgery to take out my wisdom teeth, don't worry I'm ok. Here's a drawing for Prompt #21, Draw a pony following their dreams / Draw a pony feeling defeated In this drawing, I drew Rainbow Dash as a Wonderbolt due to her dreams of becoming one, and in this case, it does come true.
    23 It's Hopeless... - Mintwhistle

    Art image 23
    Based on a screen from Kirby 64. "Where's Pipp and Misty?" It may have something to do with whatever led to this...
    25 Scootaloos chance - GoldenMidnight (or Angus)

    Art image 25
    How did she even get into the academy without being able to fly?
    27 The dream of Scoots - mafon

    Art image 27
    No, you can't adopt anyone as your sibling, but a pony can dream.
    28 Fight The Matriarchy 02 - Lore/Docard

    Art image 28
    This is actually my second try at this joke.
    30 Frustration - Oxfordinary

    Art image 30
    A bit meta today. I sometimes feel like I can’t draw as good as I like and feel “defeated.” Expressing this frustration through today’s prompt.
    33 Crumbling Down. - Bonie

    Art image 33
    Wanted to try something different. I dont usually draw like this but I like moody stuff every now and again. Love Pinkamena <3 all="" feel="" sometimes.="" span="" this="" way="" we="">
    34 Defeat is the New Victory - Termyotter

    Art image 34
    This is a both prompts post... Simply put, sometimes to need to fail at your dreams to find out what they really are.
    35 Grogar's Game - Trap Trouble - Khazard

    Art image 35
    Even the best adventurers fall to a trap now and then, and it's hard to not feel down when it happens. Course, it would help if somepony else didn't set it off, feels really bad when that happens. But hey, mistakes happen to the best of us, just gotta keep moving
    37 NATG Day 21 (1 of 2) - The Sheriff's Victory - peachyraccoonsart

    Art image 37
    The "Wild West" standoff concludes with a winner: the sheriff! Looks like the sheriff finally wear down the bandit/outlaw in a fight. Too bad the outlaw didn't get a chance to outwit the sheriff before it ends...
    38 Wet Rain (the dream mare) - Frith

    Art image 38
    What? What happened to "Draw a pony feeling right as rain / Draw a pony feeling under the weather"? That's what I worked on all day. I was looking forward to a gallery full of paint horses. 8^D Well, Spirit is following his dream(s) mare back to the freedom of which he dreams. 8^p *whinny*
    39 NATG Day 21 (2 of 2) - The Outlaw's Victory - peachyraccoonsart

    Art image 39
    The plot twist of the "Wild West" standoff concludes with a winner: the bandit/outlaw! Looks like the bandit/outlaw tire out the sheriff in the fight! A unfortunate loss, the sheriff can't even win against the bandit/outlaw this time! Next time, they will get an another chance to tire out the bandit/outlaw!
    41 No Need for Sleep - Novaintellus

    Art image 41
    Have I finally made it? I can see so far from here
    42 "Look Up" - Emerald Light

    Art image 42
    A quick one for today. Minecraft! "If you set a trap for others, you will get caught in it yourself. If you roll a boulder down on others, it will crush you instead." (Proverbs 26:27 NLT)
    43 Oh Waiter! - SOENJAY

    Art image 43
    Couldn't think of anything and ran out of time because the New Hampshire race took FOREVER just for a Christopher Bell win.
    44 Twilight's Tardy - SuperSonicRainboom

    Art image 44
    Nothing would make Twilight feel more defeated than being late to delivering a friendship lesson (Accidentally forgot to put the levitation aura around the book-calender thing oops..)
    45 Defeated Twilight - spicyricexxiv

    Art image 45
    "There were times where I’ve been pushed to the edge"

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