• Newbie Artist Training Grounds XIV: Day 13


    Sometimes the mysterious can be eerie, scary, and offputting, but oftentimes in our lives, they are things we must face head-on lest we let ourselves be haunted by them forever. It builds our character, trains our courage and lets us endure even more down the line.

    As we wrap up our mysteries for the day, we managed to bring in 50 ponies which now brings us up to 772 ponies altogether. Excellent work everyone!

     One thing you might find yourself experiencing as an artist is suddenly finding one of your creations going viral, launching you into the sights of so many who had never seen your work before. It can be a scary experience, but also exciting and thrilling! And as our ponies themselves didn't expect to become so popular back in 2010 I think they share the same sentiment as I ask you to Draw a pony experiencing their 15 minutes of fame / Draw a pony in the spotlight.

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    Art Tutorials
    Previous Prompt: Draw a exploring a lost place of legend / Draw a pony off the beaten path
    3 Ponymandias - In3DS

    Art image 3
    "My name is Celestia, Princess of Princesses! Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!"
    4 - DoodleDonut

    Art image 4
    6 The Entrance to Glaciana (NATG 2024 Day 12) - IronYoshi

    Art image 6
    Lilly and Icy have made it to Glaciana and are ready top explore this legendary lost city. But they still have to be careful, as the Ziphius is still on the prowl!
    8 Daring Do's exploration adventure - KevinHz19

    Art image 8
    We all now one Pegasus expert when it comes to exploring locations lost to legend. Or discovering artifact treasures. Daring Do out in her adventures.
    10 The Ones Who Once Were - Star

    Art image 10
    I often wonder if Zecora and Princess Celestia are/were friends. After all there cutie marks are similar.
    11 [SFM] Let's fly to the former castle! - red4567

    Art image 11
    They just don't make castles like they used to anymore.
    12 Chillaxing - Ragmo

    Art image 12
    Look at them :) they found a nice place in the forest. Had initially more stuff in mind... but the picture in my mind didnt want to stay and just went puff :(
    13 NATG XIV Day 12: Haunted (?) House - AceBlazewing

    Art image 13
    Relax, Cookie, this isn't a Scooby-Doo episode. Although, Castle Mane-ia certainly felt like one, lol.
    16 NATG 2024 day 12 - A Pony Off the Beaten PAth - C_||_R

    Art image 16
    After Jig and Cirrus died, Zuw never left the island it lived on again. And until she was awoken who-knows how long after, ???????????? never did either.
    17 Best Road Trip Ever Man - Lore/Docard

    Art image 17
    "Just don't forget the waterfall right when we leave the cave, man!" "What is this word you keep using... 'man'?" "I don't know, man... What were we talking about again?.."
    18 Exploration - Frown Factory

    Art image 18
    Daring Do, 125 minutes
    20 Into the Ruins... - ponerr

    Art image 20
    “So this is Canterlot…?”
    23 The Perfume Department - SOENJAY

    Art image 23
    We aren't even half way through this year's NATG and I've already drawn a car, song lyrics, a ponified real life celebrity, an alcohol reference, and Spongebob meme. All that's left is a video game reference. I'm going to run out of ideas.
    27 Pompeii - phallen1

    Art image 27
    But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?
    28 2024 ATG #12: MLP Fanart: Beaten Path - Blackblade360

    Art image 28
    Here's a drawing for Prompt #12, Draw a pony exploring a place lost to legend / Draw a pony off the beaten path In this fanart takes place in another universe of Equestria..or what the residents there think it’s Equestria…hint, look at the tags, might not work for Derpibooru... Twilight Sparkle and Applejack were just walking around, till Twilight fell into a cave. While exploring, she found what seems to be a very odd skeleton unlike anything that she has ever seen. The skull next to it has about 32 teeth, and has some medium size eyes unlike a regular pony skull. It also has a very small muzzle, according to twilight. There seems to be pieces of some ribcage, which is bigger than anypony that she has ever seen, alongside what seems to be an odd spinal cord. She also found an odd glowing object on a rock, and decided to take it as well for research, already knowing that taking anything from the ruins of old could lead to punishments…
    29 Forgotten town of friendship - Faery Elise

    Art image 29
    Sad what happened to Equestria between G4 and G5... This is our heroes from G5 discovering what happened to the legendary town of Ponyville.
    30 Discovering Archos - EmilyLsArt

    Art image 30
    My newly made MLP OC, Gleamentine (Gleam) discovers the lost city of Archos, named after the illuminating arch shape over the gates. It was once home of a rare pony tribe before they vanished without a trace. Now Gleam has come to the area to solve the mystery of the lost tribe...if she proves herself worthy first. Maybe I'll write a story based on this piece someday...
    32 Charred Flare explores the among us temple - SuperSonicRainboom

    Art image 32
    Just drew my OC exploring some silly among us temple originally I was thinking of him exploring a run down among us map like the airship and finding the among us potion but this was easier
    33 The Deserted Library - Novaintellus

    Art image 33
    The map, or what was left of it, says the library should be around here...
    36 Grogar's Game - Midnight Castle - Khazard

    Art image 36
    The party stumbles across an old castle, fabled to be once owned by a centaur who kidnapped ponies to corrupt with the powers of darkness. Seems it's been abandoned for decades thankfully
    38 "The Illustrated Grove" - Emerald Light

    Art image 38
    It's so cool how never-before explored lands can just spring up through art! I rushed this one a lot, but I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1 NIV)
    39 Real Treasure - Zeccy

    Art image 39
    No time, late. 6AM in the morning and still needs sleep!
    40 Finding your For-tune - Termyotter

    Art image 40
    Soooo, few references in here, particularly to the early days of G4 ponies. Was trying to think of a place name to explore and this just kinda came up. I doubt nothing good is in that cave...
    41 Breezie Enclaves - KiwiPLUR

    Art image 41
    "I knew it! I knew they were real!"
    43 The Bard’s Lost Poem - Optimistic Neighsayer

    Art image 43
    Guiding Light has found the artifact of a lifetime, oddly well preserved in a crumbling palace.
    45 NATG Day 12 - Exploring The Storm King's Dungeon - peachyraccoonsart

    Art image 45
    I thought it was a place... but a mystery dungeon sounds so mysterious. Especially one of The Storm King's lost places
    47 The Search for Skyros - Mintwhistle

    Art image 47
    A weird interpretation of Skyros, based on the tapestry from "The Lone Alicorn". Sunny is talking to one of the alicorns in said tapestry, Izzy and Misty are just chilling in the rainbow water, Hitch is watching Sparky, and Pipp and Zipp are just there. (Partly inspired by the celebration pictures from Kirby Star Allies; Sunny is smaller because this was intended to have a chibi-ish style, but that didn't really pan out. This took me hours to make... Alternate versions with different sets of characters will be at the source later, hopefully tomorrow.)
    48 Trixie's Powerful Discovery - GoldenMidnight (or Angus)

    Art image 48
    Trixie found something to finally beat twilight!
    49 Doing Something Different - spicyricexxiv

    Art image 49
    "Later on, we'll learn something new today"
    50 'splorin marks - Victoria

    Art image 50

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