• Newbie Artist Training Grounds XIV: Day 12


    Sometimes when you are trying something new or just trying your best to challenge yourself it's best to keep an optimistic attitude and try your very best to shoot for the best you can do! Shoot for the stars and eventually, you be able to catch one for your effort.

    As for today's haul, we managed to bring in 59 ponies which brings us up to 722 ponies in total! Keep on keeping on my pony friends, you've got this!

    Much like how you should be pushing yourself as hard as you can, it can be quite scary to do so. Sometimes it feels like you're exploring some lost ruins with no idea where you are, but with careful diligence, you can discover the secrets you seek. That's why for today's theme I'd like you to Draw a pony exploring a place lost to legend / Draw a pony off the beaten path.

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    Also, if you are late submitting and the submitter is closed, don't just throw your pic into the next day's submitter. Wait for a Makeup Day to submit!

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    Tutorial on First Day on How to Upload
    Art Tutorials
    Previous Prompt: Draw a pony reaching for the stars / Draw a pony stopping at nothing
    1 Stary Aspirations - ponerr

    Art image 1
    “The first pony to reach the stars…”
    3 - DoodleDonut

    Art image 3
    4 ATG2024 11 Luna nomming a star (mini animation) - Wissle

    Art image 4
    animated at source, if gif doesn't work here
    6 Catching Little Stars - Zeccy

    Art image 6
    Wanted to make a better background and lighting, but Im to slow and not good enogh for that yet :)
    7 To the Stars - In3DS

    Art image 7
    "Let's reach out for the skies, with wings we soar up high." - Rui En & Taufik Batisah.
    9 Earlier times to perform Sonic Rainboom - KevinHz19

    Art image 9
    Rainbow Dash trying to perform her Sonic Rainboom in earlier times and possibly fail in a moment. Don't worry, she'll get it at the Best Young Flyer competition event.
    11 You are the Superstar (NATG 2024 Day 11) - IronYoshi

    Art image 11
    All those Mario Party sessions have made him a bit too weary...
    12 Enter the Night - EmilyLsArt

    Art image 12
    Starring (no pun intended) Princess Luna in all her nightly glory! I may have found my awesome watercolor style during the process...
    15 To the moon! - Ragmo

    Art image 15
    I dont think Caveman Pony has thought about how they will get back to the ground. But for now he has his fun :) even though it seems to be a one-sided fun
    16 Although they look preety far! - Sleepless Eevee

    Art image 16
    I immediately thought of "Reach for the stars" from Sonic colors as soon as I saw the prompt.
    17 The Movement of the Stars - Star

    Art image 17
    Time and time, the stars align. They show what once was. What happened because of the movement of the stars. The cosmic dance of the quasars. yet here now again a remembrances of when it began. It hurts to think of what was, the cosmic dust that shows my flaws. Of what could have been if I was able to start again.
    19 NATG 2024 day 11 - A Pony Reaching for the Stars / Stopping at Nothing - C_||_R

    Art image 19
    Waanya, having stolen and corrupted a wizard's contemplative orb, and despite the common knowledge that Nightmare Moon was prophesised to fail, will make whatever deal with the stars it takes to try and thwart Princess Celestia's preparations.
    20 To the Stars! - Mintwhistle

    Art image 20
    In which Star Hopper (a pony from G1) rides on a UFO to the stars! (How is she breathing without proper space gear? Don't ask me.)
    21 Star Leap - EbbySharp

    Art image 21
    24 [SFM] Izzy got a star! - red4567

    Art image 24
    Cue the Super Mario Galaxy Star Get music!
    25 Time's up! - mafon

    Art image 25
    Twilight's gonna ace this test, and no one can stop her a.k.a. "One more hour it is" and "I'm not getting paid enough!" 
    26 Yovidablown - Lore/Docard

    Art image 26
    You know she gets better at it.
    27 Reaching for the stars - Faery Elise

    Art image 27
    29 Drops of Jupiter - phallen1

    Art image 29
    And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?
    30 Shane tries to catch Svengallop - Shane Park

    Art image 30
    During concert at the Sweet Apple Acres, Coloratura one of the friends with Applejack is singing along together in front of everypony. Suddenly, Svengallop as former Coloratura, Manager came back to steal original music before got away and Coloratura couldn't stop him. Instead, Shane borrows other pony's car to stop Svengallop by chasing him down. But, Shane attempts to stop Svengallop before Police barricade roads, Svengallop evading again...
    31 NATG XIV Day 11: Humble Beginnings - AceBlaewing

    Art image 31
    I feel like the journey to earn one's cutie mark is a pony's equivalent to reaching for the stars. At times, it feels confusing, difficult, maybe even impossible, but you don't want to give up, because you know that when you finally earn it, it'll all be worth it. Even if the way you earn it isn't grandiose or spectacular, it's still meaningful, because that mark represents who you are. =)
    34 2024 ATG #11: MLP Fanart: Luna in the Stars - Blackblade360

    Art image 34
    Title: 2024 ATG #11: MLP Fanart: Luna in the Stars Here’s a drawing for Prompt #11, Draw a pony reaching for the stars / Draw a pony willing to stop at nothing In this artwork I drew Princess Luna flying over the night sky. Each star represents each character that been in the same room or interacted with Luna. The one with the many lines is Rarity, and next to it is Sweetie Belle. The curly star represents Pinkie Pie The Star with the zig zag is Rainbow Dash, and next to it is Scootaloo The Star with a Apple like symbol is Applejack, and next to it is Applebloom The Star with the two sides going upward is Fluttershy then the final star is Twilight’s cutie mark, alongside another smaller star represents Spike Heres the Derpibooru version: https://derpibooru.org/images/3382234
    35 Stopped - Frith

    Art image 35
    Perhaps I should have stood an inert pony figurine on a blank page of my sketchbook, taken a picture et voila! A pony stopped at nothing. That's art! But this works too and drawing the pone from behind is hard, yo! The mane and tail hiding all the shaky details helps.
    37 "Fascination" - Emerald Light

    Art image 37
    Shoot for the stars, little one. I realized with this image that it is hard for me to draw stars XD. "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6 ESV)
    38 Sombra - DominicToblerone27

    Art image 38
    40 Rainbow Dash reaches for the stars - SuperSonicRainboom

    Art image 40
    I felt like I could've done something more unique for this prompt but I couldn't really think of anything, hopefully tomorrow sees better results
    44 Hayseed Kasem - SOENJAY

    Art image 44
    It's a bit lazy and a bit late, but it's here. Listening to re-runs of Top 40 on Sunday mornings always brings a smile to my face.
    47 Mater Magicae - Cahan

    Art image 47
    Astra benedictio, descende et tangere. Ego sum, qui mutare. Ego mater magicae.
    48 Into the Sky! - Novaintellus

    Art image 48
    Pray tell us what the Skunk Works team came up with this time
    49 Into the sky - PinkR

    Art image 49
    51 get rekt princess - Tor-bear

    Art image 51
    52 Talking past each other - SkulltanEve

    Art image 52
    On Nightmare Night, a brave filly with a special interest in space exploration asks Princess Luna a pointed question.
    53 Reaching for the Stars... - Oxfordinary

    Art image 53
    I wonder what Luna's mane would feel like? Don't think I'd want to risk my life to find out.
    54 - Zeta

    Art image 54
    55 Average Night at Trixies - GoldenMidnight (or Angus)

    Art image 55
    Spray paining didn’t work. Back to the drawing board.
    56 NATG Day 11 - Reaching for the Stars - peachyraccoonsart

    Art image 56
    Look! There is a star coming out in the sky!
    57 Friendship-Ex-Machina (Animation) - spicyricexxiv

    Art image 57
    “Met to make magic, kindled by the spark”
    59 Grogar's Game - Dark Ritual - Khazard

    Art image 59
    A dark wizard has been working on a fiendish ritual and nothing has dissuaded him. The party must go and stop it before it comes to fruition, failure is not an option. Both sides will stop at nothing, who will come out victorious?

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