• The Kirin Arrive! Equestria at War Kiria Update (2.2 "Way of Fire")

    Way back in November, we posted all about the upcoming Kiria race for Equestria At War. It was a pretty extensive teaser if you want to go read it. The update has finally released, introducing everyone's fiery horses to the game for you to play or battle with.

    They have a trailer for it if you are curious! Check that out, the patch notes, and some storyline below.

    Story Blurb:

    For the past one hundred years, the Realm of Kiria has stagnated in undisturbed isolation, completely closed off from the outside world. Great cities have been emptied and the waterways that once connected the mighty nation lie unused as the Kirian people scratch out a poor existence on subsistence farms. Under the decrees of the Matriarch Superior collectively known as The Silence, the Realm forcefully closed itself off to debate, discussion, and innovation to control the fiery tempers of its people, tempers that if enraged transform them into monsters of fire and violence. A once mighty nation fell silent to prevent itself from being consumed by flames.

    But for the first time in a century, things are beginning to change. Following the unexpected visit of an Equestrian delegation, Matriarch Superior Rain Shine has revoked The Silence and now welcomes kirin to the capital of Vermilion to undo the damage wrought by generations of stagnation. For the first time in a hundred years, the kirin of the Realm have the chance to sing a new song—but with scores of different voices and ideas suddenly shouting to be heard above the others, can Kiria chart a course to move forward in harmonic symphony, or will the orchestra descend into a cacophony that leaves the Realm yearning for another century of silence?

    Patch Notes:
    🔥 “The Way of Fire” 2.2 🔥
    ✢ New focus trees and content for:
    - Realm of Kiria
    - Council of North Kiria (Not playable at game start)
    - Republic of Kiria (Not playable at game start)
    - Free Territory of Adelart (Sheriff path)
    ✢ Additions:
    - New loading screen.
    - New main menu theme.
    - Added five new awards for Kirian content.
    - The pony technology tree has received new earth pony technologies, with some changes to existing techs.
    - Added a new general for the Arcturian Order, the Zuid-Zebrikaansche Vrystaat, the Duchy of Rila, and Abyssinia.
    - Added generic griffon Republican general portraits.
    - New GFX has been added for late game landing craft, naval mines, degaussing and air mines.
    - Added magic cannon modules for tanks.
    - Placeholder wars have been implemented for the Zaikirian region.
    - Chromium is now more abundant in southern Zebrica.
    - Added a decision to declare war on the Everfree Forest, if every other nation besides the Dread League have been conquered.
    ✢ Changes:
    - Chital's content has been updated to acknowledge new Kirian content.
    - The Griffon Liberation Army is now consistently referred to as the Prywhenian Liberation Army.
    - Rebalanced militaries and industries of Karkadannistan, Maretonia and Aestlonia.
    - Wingbardy now has claims on Abyssinian states they own.
    - Militarist Colthage's war plans are no longer mutually exclusive.
    - Spellfire module for tanks now provides hard attack.
    - Asterion's Iron Will has received an updated portrait.
    - Aztlan Free State's Caballeron and Jungle Trek have received updated portraits.
    - Crystal Empire's Radiant Hope has received an updated portrait.
    - Chital's Vaalan Laukkanen has received an updated portrait.
    - Yakyakistan's Karsak Sükhbataar and Khan Koletiv have received updated portraits.
    - Disciple of the Night's Light Narrative has received an updated portrait.
    ✢ Fixes:
    - Fixed a CTD in Hippogriffia.
    - A Hippogriffian event will now correctly remove Chiropterra's cores.
    - The southeastern breakways in the Equestrian civil war will always annex each other now.
    - Militarist Colthage can no longer grant the same land to multiple warlords.
    - A Colthaginian civil war event will no longer trigger twice.
    - Hopefully fixed a decision where Wittenland asks for Barrad state ownership.
    - Chiropterra no longer receives the wrong focus tree after losing to another North Zebrican nation.
    - Corrected several availability issues with Chital's foci.
    - Smoothened various issues with Polar Bear content.
    - Fixed an issue with The Ascendancy's Herzland puppet release decision.
    - Fixed an issue where various nations had a blank motorised equipment icon.
    - Fixed an issue where a Colthage focus didn't check properly for Coltva.
    - Miscellaneous bugfixes and improvements.
    - Miscellaneous localisation fixes.