• Open Brony Music (All Skill Levels Welcome) - #15


    Another week, another pile of open music! We've got some super high quality instrumentals this time around, plus lots of experimental stuff and new people. Go get it all below as always!

    [1] Source
    TCB - Close My Eyes, See The Things That I Will Never Be [Colour Bass/Drum & Bass] by Ponies At Dawn

    [2] Source
    Single Purpose & PSFMer - Gun Hooves [Drum & Bass] by Ponies At Dawn

    [3] Source
    H8_Seed & MicTheMic - Petrified [RUS] (Cover by The Dismode ft Marry) by The Dismode Musiс

    [4] Source
    Totalspark - Paradigm by OfficialTotalspark

    [5] Source
    Fancy (Pants) Flames Of Love (remix) by Dandelion Ass

    [6] Source
    -v2- Fluttershy - "He's a Minotaur" | Sparta Crusader Remix by 「Brave」

    [7] Source
    METALBRONY COVER || Frailty - Celica Soldream (Princewhateverer) by Celica Soldream

    [8] Source
    [Frenchcore] AnNy Tr3e feat Wubcake - You Are My Star (Acid Applejack Remix) by Acid Applejack official YT

    [9] Source
    [Orchestral] LBP - Ascension by LoneBronyProductions

    [10] Source
    [Piano] LBP - Gentle rays |Weekly Magic Vol 8| by LoneBronyProductions

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