• UK PonyCon Seeking Collectors for "Pony Collection Tours"

    If you are one of those people collecting mass amounts of colorful horse merchandise, UK PonyCon wants you! They are collecting videos for a collection tour event, including from people that aren't able to attend the actual convention in October.

    Head on down below for the details!

    Press Release:

    “ UK PonyCon wants to see your collection! Whether you are attending our October in person convention here in Nottingham, or not! We are excited to offer your pony collection a space to possibly be showcased to a live audience of fellow Pony Fans! 

    Submissions are open all the way up to September the 30th. That’s lots of time to film a short 2-4 minute video for our ‘Pony Collection Tour’ event! 

    UK PonyCon prides itself on being a convention which welcomes and showcases every generation of the franchise - and this event is no different! Whether you are a Gen1, 2, 3, 4, or now Gen5 collector? We would love to see your ponies and hear why you love collecting them, where you started and what rare items you’ve obtained! 

    We also welcome collectors of customs, plushies, Equestria Girls or similar non-main generation ponies - Or anything else My Little Pony! Please pop along to our Google form here for more information on how to send us a awesome video! 

    If you would be interested in joining us for Europes longest running My Little Pony convention in 2022? You can find more information and links to purchase tickets on our website here: