• New Update and Trailer for MareQuest Released!

    If you are an enthusiast of mares, or a mare aficionado, MareQuest has once again updated with even more glorious mare goodness for you to sink your hoof-loving teeth into. The game has come a long way since it's first iteration where you simply walked around and made friends with mares, and this patch adds new manes and tails, music, mare food, and many more things to make your journey into the soul of mare even more spectacular.

    Get the notes and a brand new trailer showcasing the game below. Embrace mare. Play MareQuest here.

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      PreAlpha: 0.0.5 (The Darkness Update)

      Last Updated 20-AUG-2022 @1200CST




      New Features:

      -Added new Mane/Tail Styles D and E

      -Revamped Menu Gui

      -Added lighting and day/night cycle

      -Shadow Horsies only spawn at nighttime

      -Time moves forward in the overworl

      -Torches and Safe Zones light up surrounding areas

      -Unicorn/alicorn horns light up at night

      -Moon alicorn horn greatly lights up at night

      -Shadow Horsie Eyes glow in the dark

      -Added Wicked Witch Limeade and Shadow Horsie Maze Quest/Minigame

      -Speak to Wicked Witch Limeade with at least 1 friend

      -Continuing quest with 1 friend will result in game over

      -Continuing quest with 2 or more friends will transport to Shadow Realm Maze

      -Once in the maze go near blocks to uncover them and get potential rewards:

      -Apples and Sugarcubes


      -Happy mares can be spoken to and rescued resulting in their friendship

      -Sad mares turn into shadow horsies which will chase you

      -Finding the small red portal will transport you back to the overworld

      -Added Shadow Realm song

      -Added End Game 1 Art

      -Upon getting a game over new artwork is displayed portraying your current mare and current best friend

      -Amazing Artwork done by an Anonymous friend. Huge thanks!

      -Added Farming and Crafting for Earth Mares

      -Earth Mares can hit down trees to gather wood by using "shift" near a tree

      -Earth mares have a hammer in the 5th ability box, click on it to open build menu

      -mouse movement and mouse click to place selected structures

      -Can plant Green apples, Red apples, and sugar cubes

      -Green apples -> green apple trees, can be harvested with "shift" key multiple times

      -Red apples -> apple trees, can be harvested with "shift" key multiple times

      -Sugarcubes -> sugarcane, can be harvested with "shift" key, grows faster but only one harvest

      -Can build torch for wood

      -Can build apple turrets for wood

      -Need to load with apple ammo by clicking on turret and selecting ammo type

      -1 apple = 5 apple seed shots

      -Added mare food

      -30 varieties of mare food

      -player will spawn with 3 random food per 6 personality category

      -Personality food categories corespond with color of mare's dialogue background

      -Press "tab" to see your food inventory

      -Happy mares can be gifted food by clicking "Gift" when speaking to them

      -Gifting their favorite food will result in the mare trading food, giving rewards, and friendship

      -Gifting liked food (in personality category) will result in rewards and friendship

      -Gifting other liked food will result in small reward

      -Gifting hated food will result in the mare becoming sad and unresponsive to you

      -Only way to get additional food is by gifting mares their favorite food

      -There are now 4 alicorn islands and portals

      -Green -> Yellow -> Blue -> Red

      -Can travel to previous islands

      -Added additional mare names and dialogue

      -Removed suggestive names and dialogue

      -Quests now ask "Yes and No" to use resources

      -Safe zones now have health and can break

      -Safe zones now have different colors

      -Moon Alicorn now spawns a portal rather than auto tp to Moon

      -Revamped Quit to Menu dialogue

      -Added volume control

      Bugs Fixed:

      -Fixed issue with unresponsive first friend in Hub (Islands)

      -Extra Mare friends don't roll over from quests

      -Tweaked Hordecore minigame to be more difficult

      -Fixed shadow horsie facing player direction issues

      -Pulled player key release check outside pause

      -Fixed issue with bounding box collisions for mares


      -Optimized JSON save/random save system

      -Created state machine for all AI and Player greatly optimizing draw events

      -Optimized background tileset for scaling

      -Revamped load system for islands

      Known Issues:

      -Touchpad GUI not currently working due to faulty GMS2 functions

      -Pegasi can fly out of the maze boundries

      -Leveling up in maze can cause glitches

      -Health/stamina bar may entend outside of GUI in certain circumstances

      -Stamina regen bar may only fill up half way in Hordecore minigame

      -You can fly through Poni Poni Dance Club Walls

      -Abilities may toggle on when changing rooms

      -Quest completion resulting in level up may break if your browser crashes before the level up screen is displayed. This will prevent future level ups as well
      -Quest completion resulting in level up may break if your browser crashes before the level up screen is displayed. This will prevent future level ups as well