• New One-Time Pony Theme Day This Month - Tempest and Friends Day Arrives August 28th!

    Artist: Rocket-Lawnchair

    Tempest Shadow hasn't had a lot of love in the theme day department, and she joins a bunch of other movie-specific characters that are completely unloved around here. Time to change that with a new one-time event celebrating all things warrior horse and any other movie or special characters that haven't been absorbed into any other theme day yet!

    Your mission is to create things based around Tempest or the various other underappreciated G4 characters that took part in official pony content outside the series. This includes the My Little Pony Movie, Rainbow Roadtrip, Best Gift Ever, and others. We will have compilations throughout the day showcasing the best of the best creations over the last few years for these guys, along with the usual Open Art posts and places where you can submit stuff for the event.

    To send things in, fire off an email with TEMPEST AND FRIENDS DAY as the subject followed by what it is, so TEMPEST AND FRIENDS DAY - OPEN ART for the open art post. Emails should be Submit@equestriadaily.com.

    Now go! Draw Tempest shadow, or Kerfuffle, or Barley Barrel, or whoever else! There are so many 1 timee characters that got almost no love, and we need to celebrate them. Submissions close for the day on August 28th at 1:00 AM!