• Featured Music: Rocketship

    Drummershy, Odyssey Eurobeat (Eurobeat Brony), and Kalibur team up for an awesome new melodic Drum and Bass track. I'll let the description they sent explain it since it has an interesting creation too:

    An epic mega-collab between friends spanning from very recent brony talent to essential brony music heavy hitters. We came together to make a track about not letting anyone talk you down and being yourself regardless of what anyone says in order to reach the best version of you. It all started with a small demo I made and vaulted back in 2018. In 2021 I brought it back to work with Kholat on. Then, I kept inviting more and more creative people to work on it. Then, it led to some insane ideas like recording live drums for the track and getting an awesome duet on the track. One thing led to another and it evolved into something I never thought I would be releasing.

    Check it out below!