• Featured Music: Vacationin'

    THE FUTURE IS HERE. Or at least it's trying its best to be! I'm going to roll the feature music dice on something a little unique today mainly because I think the technology is really cool, but also because it's a good tropical pop song overall.

    We have an entire track sung by a TalkNet. A speech synthesis model, kinda like 15.ai that you see pop up here these days in pony animations. For being a robot, it's a very well done representation of Fluttershy singing. While there is a bit of quality degradation in the voice just due to this being newer technology, EverydayDashie has done a great job of making it work anyway with the backtrack and overall composition of everything.

    Anyway I'll stop nerding out about our glorious AI future. Go get your digital Fluttershy tropical waifu below.