• Starlight Glimmer Discussion: Character Development, Episode Ideas, and More


    My Little Pony Discussion Author Calpain
    Artist: Sonnatora

    Starlight when she was introduced was an interesting character, certainly different from some of the villains we had seen before and when her finale came up with Twilight she came awfully close to actually winning in the end. After her reform, she remained quite a polarizing figure for a long time after and I even have to admit I didn't quite care for her at first.

    Like with many, she has grown on me over time, but for some, she still remains a point of contention in the show. So what are your thoughts? Has she grown on you over time or did you always like her? How did you think she developed as a character? What episodes would you have given her if the show had kept going?

    Talk about all of that and more in the comments!

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