• 25 of the Best Fanfics to Read for Starlight Glimmer Day!

    Starlight Glimmer returns with more fanfics to read about her! How will she mind control her friends this time? Head on down below the break to read 25 of the best fics of her, and find more here if you want a completely different list from last year! And thanks to Whisper Key for scouting it all again.

    Now go read Glimm below.


    Slice of Life




    The Profanity Garden by J Carp


    Limestone has a situation, and she absolutely does not want to talk about it. But apparently no one informed Maud's stupid unicorn friend, because here they are, in the garden of swears, talking about it.


    Built From What Is Shattered by Sunlight Rays


    Hearth's Warming Eve has once again brought itself upon Ponyville, and Starlight finds herself wanting to participate in the local snowball fight event, although she does not have a partner to do it with.

    When Twilight introduces somepony she thinks will be a good match for her, Starlight is unsure whether she and her teammate will be good friends.

    However, Starlight soon discovers that broken snowballs have the power of creating something new and magical.


    Ceteris Paribus by FanOfMostEverything


    After hearing Twilight's favorite Hearth's Warming story, Starlight was inspired to join the celebration... but it's still mostly made of ponies she doesn't know, and musical numbers only do so much.

    Good thing there's a pony there who can empathize, and who's willing to listen. Maybe too willing...


    True Beauty by Bookish Delight


    Twilight Sparkle may have shown Starlight Glimmer the error of her ways, but Starlight is still new to the concept of true friendship.

    Fortunately, Twilight has true friends in high places. Rarity, for example, is always glad to lend a hoof when it comes to bringing out one's personal elegance.









    Unforgivable by DrakeyC


    For a year now Twilight has watched as her good friends Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer enjoyed a loving, tender romantic relationship. But when Starlight comes home one day cursing her girlfriend and declaring their relationship has ended, Twilight must rise to the occasion and try to help these two move past their disagreements and mend fences before their love is lost to the ages.

    But perhaps some wounds are too great to be healed with kind works and civil discussions.


    Starlight's Support Group For Reformed Villains by Rytex


    Capitalizing on her reformation from being a former terror to Equestria, Starlight decided to start a group to help reintegrate former villains in Equestria, as well as offer support for those having trouble adapting. Thus far, her group has grown to include Tirek, Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, Stygian, and Luna. Unfortunately, these meetings stay about as on-topic as Pinkie Pie on a sugar rush giving a speech about the best kind of dessert.

    This is the fifth meeting of the support group, and they find themselves with a new attendee: Fluttershy. Not to mention, it turns out that the former villains finding jobs or hobbies that suited their skills may not have had the best of consequences.

    Will Starlight be able to help them all become model citizens? What sort of devious terrors have these former villains unknowingly wrought upon Equestria despite their best of intentions? Will Starlight ever learn just what it was Fluttershy did last Thursday? One thing's for sure, she's gonna need a pay raise at the end of all of this.


    It Screams by Bandy


    Starlight Glimmer's first attempt at painting goes off the rails when her artistic process traps her friends and neighbors in an alternate dimension.


    Spell Check by SirNotAppearingInThisFic


    Everypony makes mistakes, so why not make a spell to correct them before they even happen? Starlight Glimmer had her Magnum Opus. All it had to do was survive testing.


    Spirits of the Season by mushroompone


    Starlight and Sunburst have one very important thing in common: neither one is exactly a fan of the holidays. Maybe it's the awkward family gatherings, or perhaps it's the relentless cheeriness-- whatever the reason, they've always done their best to avoid traditional holiday parties.

    This Hearth's Warming, they have decided to stake out a haunted house. It's just their luck they picked the one with festive ghosts.


    The Amulet Job by Rambling Writer


    Starlight has a problem. Twilight left on an ambassadorial mission to the zebras less than a week ago. Just this morning, a businesspony showed up on the doorstep of the Castle of Friendship and stole the Alicorn Amulet right out from under her nose.

    Rainbow Dash has a solution. Steal the Amulet back. How hard could it possibly be, right? Okay, so the Amulet's being kept in one of the most secure vaults in Equestria. And it's surrounded by guards and bystanders. And there's no one in Ponyville who has much experience in heists or robberies or law-breaking of any kind. Oh, and said businesspony is planning on selling the powerful artifact of dark magic on the black market, putting the whole thing on a time crunch. And they don't even have the blueprints to the place. But other than that, it'll be easy!

    Starlight has a problem. This is the closest thing to a solution she has.

    This can only end well.


    Tune In To The Holidays by applejackofalltrades


    Trixie shows Starlight her favourite holiday song. Starlight really doesn’t like it for some reason.


    Understudy by DrakeyC


    When the Pie family visits Maud for the holidays, their holiday plans are interrupted by a panicking Starlight Glimmer who finds her friends meant to put on the yearly Heart's Carol performance for the School of Friendship.

    With only Pinkie spared, Starlight needs five new actors. Pinkie happens to have five family members visiting. It's perfect!...hopefully.


    Warning! Muffins Crossing! by shortskirtsandexplosions


    It's Starlight Glimmer's first week in Ponyville and she attempts to cross the street. Somepony really should have warned her...









    A Steep Learning Curve by ObabScribbler


    Starlight Glimmer has never been very good at the whole 'friendship' thing. Her track record speaks for itself about her poor decision making in the past and all the heartache that has come from her mistakes. She is determined to do better with Twilight Sparkle and her new friends in Ponyville.

    Except that Starlight is not very good at learning from her mistakes.


    Glow by Regidar


    They've forgiven Starlight Glimmer for her past. Despite everything that she had done, they forgave her. It is something wonderful, the power of forgiveness.

    It is a shame she can't forgive herself.


    The Canopy by Flashgen


    Starlight and Trixie, as part of their duties as staff of the School of Friendship, traveled outside Equestria for a recruitment drive. However, their trip to Mount Aris was waylaid by a problem with the railway. Still wanting to make good time, Starlight decided they should hoof it through the wilderness south of Equestria.

    Just south of the MacIntosh Hills, the two find a vast forest before them. With every step inside, the canopy above grows thicker and thicker. They may never see the sun again.









    A Ladder to the Sun by FoolAmongTheStars


    Starlight is good with magic, but she’s no scholar—not like Sunburst. One of her best friends and arguably the smartest, cleverest, most prepared pony she knows. Who grew up with books in the same way she grew up with magic running in her veins.

    The world is enjoying a new era of peace, but there’s still so much to do—new things to learn and try. Starlight thinks that there’s no harm in reading some of Sunburst’s books—to learn about the world in other ways instead of simply living in it.

    Reading the books he recommends turns into an interest for poetry, for she can’t help but feel moved by the ancient Equestrian sonnets. Her unexpected interest in the genre makes her try her hoof in writing some. And no, they’re not very good, but they are sincere if nothing else.

    And she would never, ever show Sunburst her poetry. Not when most of them are about him.


    Âme Câline by The Cloptimist


    Starlight cuddles Trixie as the sun comes up. That's it. That's the whole story.

    ...Well, mostly.


    Return Address by FoolAmongTheStars


    Sunburst never talked about his family, and Starlight never asked, but when she sees a letter from his father her curiosity was peaked—especially when it's confirmed that he was coming over for a visit, something that Sunburst is less than enthusiastic about.

    But the million-bit question is why, after all this time, is he suddenly concerned about his son's welfare? Is it because of simple fatherly concern, or does Sunspot have something more devious in mind?

    Either way, he's about to put Starlight and Sunburst to the test, let's see how much of his meddling can these two handle.

    Spoiler alert, not a lot.


    Starlit Romance by Test4Echo


    Now that Equestria is finally at peace, Starlight can begin to move forward with her life as the new headmare of the School of Friendship. Thankfully, she has Sunburst to help her out, at least most of the time. And she doesn't spend time secretly following him while he's going about his work. Absolutely not!

    As summer is in full swing, Sunburst has accepted an invitation from Cadance to help with some new problems with Flurry Heart. With the clock counting down before he returns to the Empire, Starlight "kindly asks" that the two of them go on a date. Absolutely nothing will go wrong. It's not like the two of them can turn anything into a disaster zone given enough time.


    Two Burning Stars Chasing The Day by FoolAmongTheStars


    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but it doesn't make you any less broken.

    Starlight Glimmer is that kind of girl: strong, but broken at the same time, her edges jagged and sharp enough to cut anyone that dares to get too close to her.

    But Sunburst can't help but be drawn to her, like a moth to a flame, trying to gather all her pieces and put her back together, even if he cuts his hands and bleeds in the process.


    Wishing Werelights by Ice Star


    Starlight Glimmer trips, is thrust into indentured servitude, and falls for a madmare... in that order.


    What Happens Under the Mistletoe by FoolAmongTheStars


    After wracking their brains for the perfect present, Sunburst and Starlight think that they found it, but that Hearth's Warming morning, they realize that the best gifts are those that don't fit in a box. For no present would be good enough for the smartest stallion and the most talented spell caster in the world.









    I miss you. Five ever. by Short-tale


    Maud tries to escape the pain and loneliness of loss. Nothing seems to help her. She looks to her friend Starlight for help.


    Jealousy by kamijeceleek


    Sunburst has a massive crush on Starlight that he's had since he was a foal. Trixie is aware of it and pushing him to confess while teasing him every step of the way. Meanwhile, Double Diamond comes to Ponyville to visit Starlight and Maud wonders about his intentions.