• "My Little Pony: Harmony Eclipsed" Oldschool Style RPG Now fully Released

    Back in November of 2019 we posted about an in-development pony RPG called Harmony Eclipsed, following a style close to the oldschool Final Fantasy games of the 90's. It is now officially released, complete with a list of changes marking the release of it's final build:

    -No more placeholders 

    • No more empty cities without NPCs (Cloudsdale, Manehattan, etc.) 
    • Rebalanced combat formulas 
    • New mechanics in several boss battles 
    • An EXP scaling system 
    • An actual puzzle at the Hotel in Manehattan 
    • Luna has a Scan skill now


    There may be improved art assets added in the future, but for now the entire thing is mechanically done.

    You can find the game over on it's MLP Forums post!